Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anthem Inc.

Offshore with PHI

Who does this?!!!! Why are they trusting INDIA to handle PHI? I hope they get the biggest breach….after I leave soon. She just paid a hefty settlement for a breach. Just look at the customer reviews. They’ll keep customer service here so it seems... —  read more 

Anthem CIO Resigns

Anthem CIO ,Timothy Skeen , quit Friday Nov 8th - internal communication passed on the information. This development seems to be on the "down-low" - no search engine results yielded anywhere on outside internet - perhaps Anthem has worked with... —  read more 

Hiring Freeze?

Is Anthem currently having a hiring freeze, or will they be implementing a hiring freeze and when? Thanks in advance, I was apart of a RIF And am currently interviewing for new positions. Any advice suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I'm not worried

At this point, being laid off could be considered a favor. I haven't been happy here for a long time. Everything that was once good about this place has changed to the point of unrecognizable. Now we have a toxic work environment that punishes hard... —  read more 


Anthems latest scheme is laying off huge waves of employees after a toxic director brought the whole care management support area to its knees. They brought in a hatchet man as a contractor which turned immediately into a full time job, given to him... —  read more 

So tired

The worst thing for me is that I know that all these efforts go unnoticed, because no one cares that you are a hard worker. Every day I am totally exhausted because the amount of work I need to do cannot be done by one person. If I changed things and... —  read more 

Don't get stuck

I know people who were laid off months ago and are still unemployed because they are looking for a job that resembles what they used to do here as much as possible. I think many will keep waiting unless they broaden their horizons and start looking... —  read more 

Waiting for my turn

Been working at Anthem for over 5 years. I was relieved of all my responsibilities and put in a job where I do nothing. I know this is not sustainable. I have started to look for jobs and upgrading my skills. I know it will be any day so I am... —  read more 


So how many have gotten the jab? Do you think pressure will come for associates to get vaccine since we lead in healthcare? I think so. I don’t want vaccine. I am aware I am in the minority and I know my time here will end if they demand a vaccine to... —  read more 

Isn't it strange, Joe Swedish signs a deal with IBM gets a spot on the Board, Gail is taking it to the next level, wonder what IBM has promised

Joe Swedish gets paid 330K a year to meet 4 times a year. Look at all of those board members they sold their companies down the road to IBM and then they get a job. I know its part of the still sucks for the employees left behind to pick... —  read more 

Experiences after layoff?

I'm happy I got laid off. I thought I would never say that, but since I got laid off here, I’ve never been happier. Great relief. No more stress, no more overload, there is no more toxic manager who is always ready to ruin someone's day. I didn't... —  read more 

Who will be the target?

No one seems to have more detailed insights on who the target groups will be and how many people will be affected? I am prepared, but I am still tormented by all the anxiety created by uncertainty. The feeling of uncertainty is worse to me than the... —  read more 

Anthem found a loophole

Not to mention Anthem also created their own outsource company in India. I wouldn’t be surprised if even clients that require their claims to be processed on shore will be processed in India in the near future. If Anthem owns their own off shore... —  read more 

Volunteer RIF?

Hey Folks, So, let me ask has anyone been waiting waiting to be Rif'ed but it hasn't happened yet? Well that's me. 38 years at Anthem. I want to retire anyway by EOY, a severance package ahead of time doesnt sound like a bad thing. Has anyone done... —  read more 


Hi I just heard about a RIF in the risk adjustment coding department. Says the RIF was to save money and it was outsourced. Any word on this?

Being blackballed?

Ok. So has anyone heard any instances of someone being blackballed with Anthem? I’ve been here 8 years. I’ve had nothing but good reviews. I’ve been on 1 team the entire time. I’ve taken 2 sick days in 8 years. I’m reliable. I don’t complain. Anyway... —  read more 

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