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Fresh layoffs in August

More layoffs continue in august after recent departs because of IBM. Entire team I am working was laid off nearly 30 resources and they have extended contract with cognizant for next 2 years. It’s like replacing client with vendor just they did with... —  read more 

The Real Problem with Anthem

I have seen many posts about Legato and IT layoffs while I can see and feel the frustration about that- that's something I think every company would try to do. The real issue with Anthem is that's it's drowning in it's own hierarchy. "Managers" only... —  read more 

I don't think we're done

If the numbers I'm hearing are correct, yesterday's round was not that large. Meaning that we are still looking at more layoffs, they will only be spaced over the following few weeks. I'm not sure if that has to do with WARN or whatever, but that's... —  read more 


Building 2 4th floor someone was around another person who has now tested positive for covid19. 4th floor Only sent home for the day.


Looking at Legato's job postings, are they (a company handling US data) seriously using Indian resources for Claims and US tax information? I thought IT outsourcing was bad enough. HOW has the media not reported on this?

Cares act for 401k

Has anyone else noticed that Anthem did not opt in to the cares act for our 401k? A lot of families have lost income but they are not opting in for the withdrawal or higher loan amount/time to repay. Yes I verified with Vanguard that Anthem did not... —  read more 

Am I in the cross hair?

I was asked to compile a detailed training document with all my work duties. For the past year I have been excluded from all projects and meetings. My manager barely have 1on1 with me. I just keep on doing the same old stuff every day. I asked my... —  read more 

Should I apply?

I am unemployed (last job did a bait and switch and ultimately let several of us go). I applied at Anthem and started researching them and saw this. How can they have jobs needing to be filled (claims) and still doing what appears to be a ton of... —  read more 

Lay Off FTE !!

Hello, Is Anthem laying Off even low level FTE’s or Only focusing on experienced employees like 10, 20 yr old in Anthem or higher level like mgr and DIR etc ? Any thoughts about it

Alleged Medicare Fraud


The island of Luzon, which is where Manila is in the Philippines, is under quarantine because of COVID 19. Companies are closed down. All work offshore, moved back onshore this morning, until further notice because the buildings are closed. Oh and... —  read more 

Employee Survey

Who are the people that said they're happy or satisfied working here on the employee engagement suvery? Seems shocking given this past year that the score actually went up. Are people just afraid to be honest? That had the potential to show... —  read more 

Layoffs to kick off 2020

Commercial benefit solutions, entire teams impacted. If you look on the legato careers section, there's hiring going on for benefit admin and Benefit coding work. So while entire onshore teams are laid off, entire teams are brought in through... —  read more 

Any regrets?

Folks who left - any of you regret it? I'm about to jump ship as well, but I'd lie if I said I wasn't worried. Anthem might not be the best place to work at, but it's certainly not the worst one either. So making the final decision is turning out to... —  read more 

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