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Aon - the Insensitive firm

If you want to know how totally calloused and focused ONLY on expenses this firm has become, look no further than lower Manhattan. Aon just moved from 199 Water Street to new offices at One Liberty Plaza. Look that up. It is just across the street... —  read more 

Even more Aon PLC layoffs than previously announced

I guess 4,800 that was originally announced was not enough, now the number has gone up by nearly 13 percent to 5,400. Just when we thought we can relax, because over 4k were already laid off, they throw this at us. When will it be enough? When will... —  read more 

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Aon layoffs

I worked for Univers and got acquired in 2016 by Aon. 6 months later acquired by Blackstone. then 2 weeks ago I was given a severance package. My manager assured me it was not about performance just that the company wanted to get "lean". If this is... —  read more 

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Aon Layoffs 2018

Let's share info and rumors we hear? Do you know about any Job cuts later this year in London.

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Up to 3,000 employees let go

3000 employees were invited last night to a meeting this morning to be told they are being let go. They will receive email informing them of their exact last day. I was told they are getting severance.

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70 Laid off

70+ folks are affected by the cuts - this is in Charlotte's University City - pretty bad and will get worse... Aon Hewitt is closing a sales division in its North Charlotte office this spring that will result in 76 employees losing their jobs. Aon is... —  read more 

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Aon Layoffs 2017

Hey all - hello - a quick layoff question on rumors and factual info we have - Are we going to cut any resources this year in London.

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AON is doing well in 2016, no job cuts

Is 2016 going to be a very good year? The retail brokerage is pretty good, I used to work there and things are improving all the time - just hang in there and there will be jo job cuts. I know that in the UK things can be improved, but you cannot... —  read more 

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Aon Hewitt Layoffs

More cuts are coming. It's not good, and it's going to be even worse. Source: A former unit of Aon Hewitt that focused on benefits administration and HR outsourcing has... —  read more 

San Juan - Puerto Rico layoffs

They started with the layoffs in our offices at San Juan Puerto Rico this last Friday. They seem to be firing people with warnings and bad performance.

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Aon Layoffs 2020

What are your thoughts about potential Aon Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

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How many people work at Aon?

This should be a straightforward info, how many people work here? Also, how about the office at London?

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April layoffs at AON

60+ people got laid off from Alight Solutions this week. Blackstone is doing it's work. This is not the only post (I read this at @ScLYBbo-Inwm ) that mentions layoffs that happened last week, but I haven't heard anything about it outside this board... —  read more 

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Lincolnshire office

You’ll be fine if you're lucky you get to be a remote employee. Otherwise, your happiness will be depending on the office you are allocated to. Not every office has proper resources. At the Lincolnshire office, the desks are outdated and chairs are... —  read more 

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