Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Where to go?

I'd be happy to leave as some are suggesting but where can I go? I've been sending out my resume left and right for the past six months and I haven't even been able to land an interview yet. Where are these companies that are hiring? I can't find any... —  read more 


To all my current and past Apache colleagues I hope 2021 is brighter and more prosperous for you than 2020. I also hope that Apache is bought or JC and his multiple layers of nepotised henchmen are canned. Here is to hope!

Stick a Fork In Us? Total seems to be cooling on our quaint little South American... —  read more 


John Christmann, 2015 - 2019: Cumulative compensation: $72,500,000 Average annual compensation: $14,500,000 Apache, 2015 - 2019: Total shareholder returns: -54% Average annual free cash flow: -$442,600,000 Average return on capital... —  read more 


The latest video from JC and "Thunder Dome" MM is riddled with holes. They speak of employees wanting a "hybrid work model" but no one I talk to wants to go back to the office in any capacity. Seriously, who wants to go back to spending an hour and a... —  read more 

Appreciation to Project Descend and incompetent leadership, I have found a new home! For those still looking, keep your head up!

This is going to sound odd for some of you, but I want to say thank you to the Project Ascend Team and incompetent leadership throughout the company. If I was not laid off, I would have stayed on the sinking ship and went down without a life jacket... —  read more 

Let us back in

I realize I don't speak for everybody, but I would be the first to step back into the office if they would let me. I'll sign a waiver, I'll do whatever I have to do for the company to not feel liable for my safety. Working from home is a kind of... —  read more 

Layoff survivor Anxiety

I was wondering if it’s only me feeling this way. Yes, I’m grateful I have a job. Surviving countless layoffs at Apa stresses me out. It’s that constant fear, sinking morale, overworking picking what others were doing, teams destroyed, less sense of... —  read more 

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