Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Fire them all

APA Corp has the most inept corporate leadership around. Listening to C-Man, SR and DP bumble their way through another earnings call makes me want to pu-e. Listened to PXD, DVN and others report and the difference is breathtaking. The BOD directors... —  read more 

The priority is to leave

It is not surprising that many more people are dedicated to looking for a new job, rather than actually investing effort in their job here. Honestly, how much effort do you put in to get the work done? I'd assume that most of us do only the bare... —  read more 

Suriname on the news

“TotalEnergies and Apache’s hesitancy is understandable when it is considered that it will take around $10 billion to develop Block 58 and capitalize on the considerable oil potential the block holds.” At

People still leaving

Lots of people are disappearing. All ages and titles. Many are just waiting until after Feb or hoping for a buyout. It’s quite a shame. If we sell much more we will only need 300 people in Houston.

Lots of pretenders

All these years, for as long as I've been working here, I don't think there have ever been more pretenders here than now. Maybe I'm wrong? On the one hand, there are those who are overloaded with work, have experience and are almost not valued at... —  read more 


This is just a speculation: do you think there is a chance that they will take LTIP? Someone mentioned the example of taking away LTIP for anyone below manager title and I sincerely hope that won't happen. I don’t believe it could happen.

Distribution of work

The distribution of work is rather strange at the Apache. While some never get to relax, others do almost nothing. I have nothing against them, but I have noticed that the distribution of work has never been more unfair. By what principle are some... —  read more 

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