Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apache Corp.


This is just a speculation: do you think there is a chance that they will take LTIP? Someone mentioned the example of taking away LTIP for anyone below manager title and I sincerely hope that won't happen. I don’t believe it could happen.

Distribution of work

The distribution of work is rather strange at the Apache. While some never get to relax, others do almost nothing. I have nothing against them, but I have noticed that the distribution of work has never been more unfair. By what principle are some... —  read more 

Higher oil price

I really thought that the rise in oil prices would reflect on the overall atmosphere here and that it would be much better than when the price plummeted to historic lows during pandemic. But how much has the atmosphere at Apache really improved?... —  read more 

Job hunting

I have been looking for a new job for almost five months now. I could have gone to a company that is no better than this, but that wouldn't make much sense. I hope this search doesn't take much longer, I’m getting a little depressed when I hear... —  read more 

Trusting the manager

The fact that I can no longer trust my manager is terrible demotivating for me. Whenever he says something optimistic, I know it won't be like that. It is impossible to trust someone who is promising more than he can deliver. Is there anyone here who... —  read more 

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