Topics regarding layoffs at Apollo Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apollo Group Inc.

Career Services For Life TM? Really?

How much help are students and alumni getting?

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"Massive College Scams Taxpayers Out Of Student Loans With Fake Enrollment Paperwork, Whistleblowers Say"

"Onetime employees of the University of Phoenix say the for-profit company conducted a potentially multi-billion dollar fraud on taxpayers by deliberately submitting false records to the federal government to enroll unqualified students and cash in... —  read more 

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Keeping quiet won't work

Not answering phone calls or emails won't work much longer. This culture of silence is a story in itself.

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When will the campuses be closed?

When will the teachouts be complete at the following schools? Tucson Arizona, Oakland, San Bernadino, San Marcos, Costa Mesa, and Woodland Hills California, Colorado Springs and Lone Tree Colorado , Central, North, South and West Florida, Atlanta... —  read more 

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