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Appolo Layoffs 2020

How likely is that there will be Appolo Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

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About Apollo's reputation..

The first video was made in 2010. And it's only gotten worse. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcq7zwhpdzfnNhfpebf6SduNi34jSA5_n

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FAEL: UoPX's ugly step sister

FAEL or is it FAIL? https://desciclopedia.org/wiki/Faculdade_Educacional_da_Lapa https://www.vantaeducation.com/about-us/our-history/ —  read more 

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Apollo Education and Apollo Global Management

At what point does Apollo Global Management say that they can take the losses from Apollo Education? Certainly APO can take losses, but why should they? What can they salvage from Apollo Education? Is there any value left--enough to make a profit?... —  read more 

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Keeping quiet won't work

Not answering phone calls or emails won't work much longer. This culture of silence is a story in itself. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/university-phoenix-collapse-kept-from-public-scrutiny-dahn-shaulis/ —  read more 

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One of more than 50 "Assets Under Management"

Apollo Education and University of Phoenix are an afterthought in the eyes of Apollo Global Management. They are one of more than 50 "assets under management." If the profit/loss numbers people have leaked out are true, how long will Apollo Global... —  read more 

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What's a Vanta?

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Appolo Layoffs 2019

Have you heard anything about potential Appolo Layoffs in 2019?

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When will the campuses be closed?

When will the teachouts be complete at the following schools? Tucson Arizona, Oakland, San Bernadino, San Marcos, Costa Mesa, and Woodland Hills California, Colorado Springs and Lone Tree Colorado , Central, North, South and West Florida, Atlanta... —  read more 

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What's your opinion about Vistria?

Anyone have an opinion about Vistria? Has anyone seen the impact of Tony M. or Marty N.?

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Appolo Layoffs 2018

Whenever you think there will be no layoffs they change the approach. Now all people are talking about job cuts in Phoenix.

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Apollo Executive Finds Work at Adtalem (formerly DeVry)

"Mehul Patel has been named group president, professional education, for Adtalem effective Sept. 5, Most recently, Patel was president of Apollo Global, the international education conglomerate within Apollo Education Group, Inc."... —  read more 

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Apollo Merger?

The deadline for the Apollo Global Management "merger" with Apollo Education Group was supposed to be February 1st. Is the public notice going to be made at the last moment?

ED offering new deal

Will Apollo Global take this new deal offered by ED? http://www.wsj.com/articles/education-department-amends-terms-of-approval-for-apollo-education-privatization-1482330125 —  read more 



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