Topics regarding layoffs at Appian

Topics regarding layoffs at Appian

More layoffs

There was another "reorganization" today in the marketing division where they let go several people, including all but one member of the website department. Were other departments affects as well? Leadership continues to flatly deny that these are... —  read more 

It feels like more

I know some are saying that 96 people were laid off, but it feels like more for some reason. Where did the number come from? Was there a notice from the management that I missed? I admit, yesterday wasn't a good day for me so it's possible. It... —  read more 

Rumors of layoffs

I've heard rumors of impending widespread layoffs (Sales, Consulting, Marketing, CS, BD) trickling down from leadership, citing the need to tighten up the org and trim any underperforming or obsolete groups that no longer fit the strategy, to keep... —  read more 

Criteria they used

I feel for everyone who is affected. What frustrates me the most is the non-transparency of the management. What was the criteria used when deciding which employees will be laid off? Some say that the main target were those who have not been here... —  read more 

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