Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

Still looking good

Apple is the only tech giant that still hasn’t announced layoffs — these charts may explain why Many of the biggest technology companies are laying off staff as fears of a recession rises. But the job cuts come after a few years of voracious... —  read more 

A bite from the Apple...

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Hiring Freeze

"...(A)nonymous sources tell Business Insider that Apple has reportedly "paused almost all hiring," potentially through late 2023. The iPhone giant had already slowed hiring, with CEO Tim Cook acknowledging spending and hiring had become more... —  read more 

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"Superstar" employees

Superstar employees should be those who are the best at their job and who in many ways are role models for others. However, here I have to put up with a few of them with superstar status who do not deserve that status at all. Are you sick of them... —  read more 

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What is wrong with this place?

This used to be my dream job but lately this has become a company that constantly puts their employees into a situation they don't want to be in. I started looking for a way out. Apple is rapidly changing, for the worse. Just my opinion.

Towson, Maryland

Apple retail employees at the Towson, Maryland store (the unionized location) were given bargaining surveys to fill out late last week. These are to guide the union in how they will negotiate with Apple. So far, no changes at store have been... —  read more 

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Risks of hiring freeze I understand the need for a hiring freeze, but I also think it's too risky a move as well. Anyone else?

This is step one

First, there is a slowdown in hiring (already announced). Then it's a hiring freeze in certain departments/groups. Then it's layoffs. Just look at what's been happening with Twitter and Meta, for example. I don't think it'll be as bad, but I do think... —  read more 

Toxic culture

I have only been here for a little over half a year and I am very disappointed. I didn’t think the atmosphere would be this toxic. My question for long time employees, has there always been a lot of negative energy here?

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