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It's strange...

...that MS got busted partly for their handling of internet explorer, but at least on windows there was never any restrictions on what 3rd party software was allowed and no obligation to pay Microsoft a 30% tax on sales. Meanwhile Apple has 50 pages... read more


It's obvious that Apple is desperate. Launching credit card services to try to grow revenue, while haven't done any innovation for years. They're trying to squeeze or acquire all their key technology suppliers. With Tim Cook as CEO, Apple runs the... read more

More layoffs at Apple

I'm not in self-driving car division so I'm trying to figure if the latest announcement of layoffs refers to the previously announced ones (200 about a month ago) or is this something new? I don't like hearing about Apple layoffs anywhere - one of... read more

Apple Project Titan (200 job cuts)

Project Titan (autonomous vehicle group) is about to lay off over 200 people. Some have been offered positions in other groups but ultimately 200 will be leaving the company - some work will be moved to the ML/AI groups, but this is if for Project... read more

Inflection Point?

Is apple reaching an inflection point in the employment growth. Usually this is the start and you know what comes next.
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What to expect from apple in 2019

This article provided a good insight into what we can expect from Apple in the year that's ahead of us.

Apple layoffs in Japan

After deciding to shift production of some sensors for Apple iPhones to a Chinese plant, Sharp Corp reportedly fired thousands of foreign workers in central Japan... read more
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Can Apple set up a wireless location in NJ?

With so many (big) telecoms laying off in NJ, Apple should think about setting up a location in NJ if it wants experienced people from wireless R&D.
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Who else thinks we'll be looking at layoffs at Apple soon?

With stock going down and trade war intensifying, anybody else afraid that the result will end up being layoffs at Apple? That's the easiest way to recuperate for any losses caused by China duties. I love my job, so this uncertainty is really keeping... read more
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Apple layoffs, 52 employees affected

Apple is closing Atlantic City Store, with all of the employees being laid off. Other jobs were offered to the fifty-two affected employees, but the question is where those jobs are and if it's really realistic for them to accept them. That sounds... read more

Apple engineering work env

How is it in austin? I hear lots of stories of backstabbing, mandatory work hours, etc. is pay really that good for engineers to put up with this sh--?
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Early 2018 layoffs at Apple

Layoffs in Cupertino will happen early in 2018 now that the overpriced and bloated iPhone X is a complete bust. Revenue operations and product management will be first on the layoff list for misunderstanding the market so badly Anybody knows more... read more

Lukewarm iPhoneX sales, layoffs imminent

Sales and projections of the latest iPhone is much lower than projected . Apple stock fell over $4 in the stock market today. There is no alternative product to replace the lost projected revenue so layoffs are highly likely to keep absurd profits... read more

Layoffs 2018

Lots of whispering in hallways lately since iPhone 8 is not meeting sales projections. Cost cutting is the only answer and human labor is the largest component .

Apple Layoffs 2018

I'd like to see if someone can give us more info or details about job cuts in Cupertino.

Happy New iphone Day Eve

It's almost here....the new iPhone.... I almost have enough saved up to get one....I just need to sell two or three more pints of plasma....

Work culture at Apple

Hello, I have an offer from An Apple hardware team, and am wondering how the work culture is. I have heard some horror stories about work life balance, is it really true? Also how is the pay package? I need to relocate my family to Bay Area in order... read more

Lost jobs to China

There are so many IT layoff this year, how are we all going to find another job especially with China now even producing fab chips/asics. I know everyone thinks India/Indian's are a big threat and taking over our jobs. Yes, I agree to some point but... read more

Apple Suicide

Will no one speak up even now? Is tech so hush hush that peoples work problems shall never be brought to the forefront? If a few colleagues come up with the reasons behind the tragic incident, then maybe atleast then the companies can perhaps take... read more

Job Cuts Update

Japan lay-offs at Apple underway - China corporate teams are on edge due to travel and hiring freeze. Many teams are looking to drop people and are rushing to prove value, which is hard in the bloated HR departments under Stephanie Fair (head of HR... read more
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Apple Hiring Freeze Rumors

If you are expecting to receive an offer soon, be patient. Rumors about hiring freeze are not correct and people are joining every day...

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