Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

Apple vs Qualcomm

Hi everyone. I am working for Qualcomm now and thinking about finding new opportunities in Apple. Can you please give advice on pros and cons of such a move. I am a Senior Staff modem engineer BTW


Is POLY headed to bankruptcy? Current trends seem to point that as a possibility. How much of a golden parachute is Joe getting for running company into the ground? Will the Board hold themselves accountable? Really sad! Screwed Investor —  read more 

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Useless Intel Modem Hires

These old hires are gonna bring down the ship for the whole wireless division. Their incompetence is the reason behind Q's dominance. They helped sink Infineon, Intel modems division and they are now taken on by Apple.

A message from your CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook is begging the Senate to pass Sen. Mike Lee’s green card giveaway plan to reward multinational tech corporations after years of them importing foreign visa workers to take American jobs. On Thursday, Lee failed for the fourth time... —  read more 

It's strange...

...that MS got busted partly for their handling of internet explorer, but at least on windows there was never any restrictions on what 3rd party software was allowed and no obligation to pay Microsoft a 30% tax on sales. Meanwhile Apple has 50 pages... —  read more 

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It's obvious that Apple is desperate. Launching credit card services to try to grow revenue, while haven't done any innovation for years. They're trying to squeeze or acquire all their key technology suppliers. With Tim Cook as CEO, Apple runs the... —  read more 

More layoffs at Apple

I'm not in self-driving car division so I'm trying to figure if the latest announcement of layoffs refers to the previously announced ones (200 about a month ago) or is this something new? I don't like hearing about Apple layoffs anywhere - one of... —  read more 

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Inflection Point?

Is apple reaching an inflection point in the employment growth. Usually this is the start and you know what comes next.

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What to expect from apple in 2019

This article provided a good insight into what we can expect from Apple in the year that's ahead of us.

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Early 2018 layoffs at Apple

Layoffs in Cupertino will happen early in 2018 now that the overpriced and bloated iPhone X is a complete bust. Revenue operations and product management will be first on the layoff list for misunderstanding the market so badly Anybody knows more... —  read more 

Layoffs 2018

Lots of whispering in hallways lately since iPhone 8 is not meeting sales projections. Cost cutting is the only answer and human labor is the largest component .

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