Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

where’s apple’s 5g modem

When is apple’s much anticipated 5g modem going to be ready? They took our (Intel) fully formed and very performant 4g modem and all the resources, but have not yet finished the 5g design. Meanwhile Huawei/Hisilicon steal the thunder.

Time to update your resume

Time to update your resume and start applying. Better to find a job while you have your current job then wait till you get layoff. Even if the pay is lesser then current pay, at least you will have a steady flow of income still coming in.

Overcoming a PIP

If you are protected class a woman, minority, disability, veteran, lgbtq, whistleblower, age 40 or over you tell them you are being discriminated against and you don't appreciate the harassment. You send your manager, hr rep, and let it rip If... —  read more 

Still looking good

Apple is the only tech giant that still hasn’t announced layoffs — these charts may explain why Many of the biggest technology companies are laying off staff as fears of a recession rises. But the job cuts come after a few years of voracious... —  read more 

A bite from the Apple...

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