Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Apple Inc.

Toxic culture

I have only been here for a little over half a year and I am very disappointed. I didn’t think the atmosphere would be this toxic. My question for long time employees, has there always been a lot of negative energy here?

3 years still no results

Racists can never collaborate to build something. They need to be grinded down and made to cooperate with others. Next year if apple can finally get that 5G soc, it will be far worse than q. Then the question will be , why did apple waste so many... —  read more 

Tim Apple leaks

Dear Team, It was great to connect with you at the global employee meeting on Friday. There was much to celebrate, from our remarkable new product line-up to our values driven work around climate change, racial equity, and privacy. It was a good... —  read more 

Apple vs Qualcomm

Hi everyone. I am working for Qualcomm now and thinking about finding new opportunities in Apple. Can you please give advice on pros and cons of such a move. I am a Senior Staff modem engineer BTW

Ex-intel mushroom management

Ex-intel managers are experts in obfuscating information, taking credit for their employee's hard work and blaming other teams for missed deadlines. These mushroom managers ran Intel into the ground. Now it's our turn to be fed b—s—. Most of them... —  read more 


It's obvious that Apple is desperate. Launching credit card services to try to grow revenue, while haven't done any innovation for years. They're trying to squeeze or acquire all their key technology suppliers. With Tim Cook as CEO, Apple runs the... —  read more 

A message from your CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook is begging the Senate to pass Sen. Mike Lee’s green card giveaway plan to reward multinational tech corporations after years of them importing foreign visa workers to take American jobs. On Thursday, Lee failed for the fourth time... —  read more 

Useless Intel Modem Hires

These old hires are gonna bring down the ship for the whole wireless division. Their incompetence is the reason behind Q's dominance. They helped sink Infineon, Intel modems division and they are now taken on by Apple.

It's strange...

...that MS got busted partly for their handling of internet explorer, but at least on windows there was never any restrictions on what 3rd party software was allowed and no obligation to pay Microsoft a 30% tax on sales. Meanwhile Apple has 50 pages... —  read more 

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Early 2018 layoffs at Apple

Layoffs in Cupertino will happen early in 2018 now that the overpriced and bloated iPhone X is a complete bust. Revenue operations and product management will be first on the layoff list for misunderstanding the market so badly Anybody knows more... —  read more 

More layoffs at Apple

I'm not in self-driving car division so I'm trying to figure if the latest announcement of layoffs refers to the previously announced ones (200 about a month ago) or is this something new? I don't like hearing about Apple layoffs anywhere - one of... —  read more 

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Apple Suicide

Will no one speak up even now? Is tech so hush hush that peoples work problems shall never be brought to the forefront? If a few colleagues come up with the reasons behind the tragic incident, then maybe atleast then the companies can perhaps take... —  read more 

What to expect from apple in 2019

This article provided a good insight into what we can expect from Apple in the year that's ahead of us.

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List of Apple Stores Closing

Does anyone have the list of stores closing. I've enclosed a list with all OPEN stores as of Aug 2015, but I am interested if anyone knew about any stores that might be closing soon. Here is the list with OPEN Apple Stores: Birmingham, The Summit; -... —  read more 

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