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July layoffs

Rumored mid-July layoffs across CommScope with a focus on ARRIS video in the CommScope thread Anyone have more details?

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Layoffs in Horsham and San Diego

Other threads reporting ~ 200 hit in Video CPE in San Diego and Horsham. Reportedly getting the ARRIS layoff package (thankfully, as it is so much better than the CommScope package). Good luck to everyone hit! I think (and hope) you will land in a... —  read more 

The end of ARRIS

As senior ARRIS management continues to flee (including the SVP/GM of Video Systems) and CommScope guts employee benefits, all I can do is say "it was a good ride" and wish everyone luck finding the next gig. Only Director level or above... —  read more 

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This is not how we survive

Why does Arris leadership believe that we’ll be able to survive in the changing market with zero innovation and no product diversity? All products we are offering right now are more or else replicas of each other. There is nobody with vision in this... —  read more 

When is the Commscope day 1 ?

Hoping for some VPs/Senior Directors/Directors to get whacked after the acquisition, for a change ... That's a lot of deadmeat there to get rid of ... Screw you Mike Moss , Albert Elcock , and dozen useless Senior Directors under them ... Hope these... —  read more 

Directors/VPs and above never get fired

The strange thing about the layoffs is the VPs and above save each other , and they layoff the foot soldiers. There must be more directors and higher in Horsham then engineers I guess. Same thing in Suwanee . Lots of directors and senior directors ... —  read more 

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Severance info?

How is the severance package? If layoffs were to happen this is a good time rather than during a recession, when its hard to find a job This was asked in another thread but there were no answers, so I'm hoping pushing it to the top will help to get... —  read more 

Don't forget your friends

Even if there is no Layoff this year, you can feel them coming. It is tough for some people on the border of retirement age, but keep your resumes updated and always stay it touch with contacts. The best and easiest hires are from employee referrals... —  read more 

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Anything new on layoffs?

There were mentions that something big would happen at Arris this week, any updates on that? I'm not sure how I'd take it so soon after the last round, but I still think it's better to know ahead than just be suddenly hit with it over the head. I... —  read more 

Lay. Offs start in USA video BU

Yes lay offs have started in USA video business unit and are expected to hit Europe shortly. Followed by lay offs in the services decision. Arris is trying to increase its share price by firing engineers again. Sadly they are already cut to the bone... —  read more 

VPs in Horsham

So how are the VPs in Horsham doing? Certainly not creative stuff.. Let me guess -- doing their usual blathering and laying off technical folks?

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Happy new year

it is ironical that Arris stocks have dropped 15% over the year while the stock market booms. All the blame lies on the individual contributors and not the illustrious old-boys network. We were told that the most important thing is technical... —  read more 

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Thanksgiving wishes to Management

On the eve of the holiday, wish management (every level) at Arris and their families a Thanksgiving just as good as it will be for me and family: from a distraught sad parent formerly at Arris.

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3Q Results are Amazing

So the 3Q results are "amazing" and so the managers will keep their jobs till retirement... Yay!!

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New Arris layoffs incoming

I am hearing rumors that the latest bad quarterly results are all but certain to bring on more layoffs... Not sure if somebody leaked something, or people are just going by what has happened in these situations before... Any additional info would be... —  read more 

Arris San Diego - layoffs, be prepared

SITE is being hit by cuts, 3 weeks ago five guys were done (SW group Cablemodem), next is Video products, in particular a division known as IRD, these products have been in the market for ten or more years with zero innovation, rumor said that Picard... —  read more 

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Arris Horsham PA. Layoffs

Arris Horsham has laid off some upper management VP's and Directors. The absence of these positions will not make much of an impact on the facility or even be noticed. The positions were basically old school buddies from the General Instrument days... —  read more 

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New Arris layoffs?

My wife talked to the wife of a current Arris employee and her husband said there were more layoffs last week. Any more information?

Sweden layoffs

The synergy effect showed its face today in Sweden. After tremendous long time of knowing/telling nothing the management announced that 10% of Arris Sweden will be fired. Thank you synergy effect.! —  read more 

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Yes, there were a lot of us let go in 2004 by a "VP" who said we didn't have the qualifications needed for the job. What a joke! We were some of the first to work and help build the start up and we BUILT the teams and the company and the job... —  read more 

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The Expendables

Like many I’m soon to be heading on to pastures new, even if I survive the first culling of the working people in the company, the message is loud and clear walk away for this toxic company. I think the following song, sums up the general feeling…... —  read more 

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Test Automation Beaverton and Kirkland Layoffs

Test automation teams in Beaverton and Kirkland were wiped out completely. They invested in expensive hardware years ago but never devoted enough resources to make it effective. There have been situations more times than I can count where... —  read more 

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staff where briefed in Belfast today that cuts are a distinct possibility due to overlaps identified by senior management. These overlaps concern specific software products built in Belfast that are similar in purpose to what Arrris already have. No... —  read more 

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