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5 people from my department in San Diego got let go. 2 were close to retirement and all got very generous severance.

2016 Prospects? Who knows?

I think there will be no cuts, it seems that telcos are on the rise, more and more data is being used. Overall, if we are patient things might turn out to be good for us. Arris is not immune to layoffs and things can change very quickly, but I really... read more

Arris to lay off PACE employees?

How realistic is this, do you think it will happen, and if yes, when this would be happening? There are many rumors on this topic, and many PACE folks are simply worried about prospects, so, I can tell you that the concerns are real and people are... read more

Many on home side are leaving

Many on home side are leaving. Atleast 5 from our grp in last 1 month.its time to look else where
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there will be more

there will be more. In my 15 years here i have learned there are always more coming. Esp. when they say there's no more coming. As someone else said, the best & highest paid should be most worried
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More layoffs planned for the fall

More layoffs planned for the fall. Arris needs to loose over 400 million in salaries. They have a huge debt to pay back and the profit coming in won't cut it. Arris borrowed too much and now the employees are going to pay. Look for another 500 people... read more

PK4, ur wrong

PK4, ur wrong. MotoHome was a great buy. Why do u think google could not unload them for the longest time at rock bottom price? LOL.
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Big, big layoff

Big, big layoff. Huge list of people over all sites. 45 people in SD. They are chopping people with most experience and higher salaries. Whole groups are gone... depressing. Looks like Arris wants to kill all Moto Home products. Why did they buy... read more
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