Topics regarding layoffs at Ascena Retail Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Ascena Retail Group Inc.

Full list?

Has anybody managed to find a full list of closing stores? Most of the online sources are focused on their specific city/area, so it's just partial listings all around.

Left In The Dark

Listen it's a challenging environment right now and I wouldn't necessarily fault the business if they declare bankruptcy but there needs to be some sort of communication made to the employees. We've all seen the news, we can guess at what's coming... —  read more 

Earnings call recap:

We didn't learn or change a thing from a year ago except we used up all our cash on hand. The loses incurred wasn't our fault, our customers just aren't smart enough to buy our products at the time we put them out 3 seasons ahead. Leaving us with... —  read more 

More Furloughs

More furloughs announced effective between May 15 and May 29 across company. Virtually all higher paid positions are still with the Company while most who actually do the work are being let go. If this was to conserve cash, they would unload VPs... —  read more 

Any SSM Advice

I have been offered a job as a SSM for one of there stores . But after reading some reviews seems like company is not really a good company to work for Just looking for anyone who can give me the pros and cons .

Laid off

After several years of top tier performance ascena let me go. The decision to eliminate my job made zero sense and I felt like I was thrown away like a piece of rotten trash. Hmmmm. They only have 300m in the bank and 1.6b in debt. The Ann Taylor... —  read more 

Ascena is in crisis

This focus on talent is ridiculous they pay minimum wage get 6 hrs a week and treated horribly. A company on building up woman have adapted the mean girl attitude. It’s simple get stylish clothes that can be mixed and matched . Actually have the... —  read more 

DressBarn closing

Ascena is terrible....Associates hear on the news that the store is closing...still waiting for some type of formal notice from company ....worked there for 2 that they are closing offered an assoc. Manager position to help them as... —  read more 

Dressbarn Layoffs

1000s of people will lose jobs. Ascena is closing all Dressbarn locations, people are losing their jobs. There is about 600 stores that will close, so do your math. Pick a number of layoffs, 5, 7, 10 per store. If you do not believe me check this out... —  read more 

Fire Sale coming

Catherines Lane Bryant Justice are being offered to be sold in a similar offering as Maurices, with Ascena keeping 20-49% ownership. Positions will be eliminated and underperforming stores will be closed to make the offerings more attractive, (less... —  read more 

Overextended ascena

The issue starts at the top. Jaffe is too busy trying to please Wall Street and not building the company. He visits his buddy Jim Cramer all the time. He is what he is, and acquisitions person who is extremely poor at running this company anywhere... —  read more 

Sweat shop

It is a sweat shop!!! We are forced to work the jobs of three each because of lack of hours given to stores... we are forced to do major floor moves ... that include lifting far and beyond what the job calls for... forced to be the handy man's we are... —  read more 

We need to acquire Ann Taylor

I think the Ann Taylor acquisition would benefit ascena if they looked at the things that Ann Taylor does well and try to get some of the Ann Taylor customers to purchase the other brands such as Justice for their daughters and granddaughters. The... —  read more 

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