Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Be prepared for layoffs

Any kind of a loss is usually met with cuts because the leadership knows that's the easiest way to get the numbers up once again. It's lazy and unimaginative, but it's what's going to happen. Sadly, those who do the most work will be shown the door... —  read more 

Next round of layoffs

Not trying to spread panic, just checking to see if anyone happens to have any insight when the next round of layoffs might happen. I'm trying my best to get out of here before Ascension starts making new cuts again. Trying to survive layoffs is no... —  read more 

Always be prepared

When people say I should always be prepared for layoffs, how exactly should I be prepared? If you are talking about mental preparation - no matter how mentally prepared someone is to hear that their name is on the layoff list, it will not be... —  read more 

Famous Last Words

“The transformation of Ascension Technologies will better enable us to meet and exceed both our consumer and clinician expectations,” [Perry Papagoi Papuhaj] wrote in a blog post. “The scope of our transformation has required structural changes in... —  read more 

TikTok Famous Make Erica Wehrmeister famous. She is the president of the Central Region of St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis. This is why Ascension is in the place that it is in. Just look at this stellar leadership right here... —  read more 


Ascension once again dropped the ball and did not foresee the enormous amount of volume before taking on a task which resulted in employees leaving and thousands of patients and associates without their medications The lack of due diligence and... —  read more 

Who cares...

To many directors with little to no hands on experience will not be able to fix the mess. If a company shows no care or concern towards it's employees then why should employees care about the organization. My thoughts exactly. Obviously, this... —  read more 

Is this true?

Close, but it's worse than a layoff. MSPs aren't doing nearly as well as Sr Leadership thought. So instead of a layoff, they are going to get rid of one SME and re-bid it. So glad I left when I did. Can anyone confirm that this is true?

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