Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Useless management

T management is far more concerned about making themselves look good to other management types than doing anything to help the teams they're supposed to be leading. I think we could safely get rid of about 50 percent of the lower, middle, and upper... —  read more 

Is Direct TV still hurting AT&T?

Just read an article that Direct TV has lost in the neighborhood of 1 million customers over the last year. Part of a move away from the major TV providers. Since AT&T no longer reports that metric publcly it's an estimate (fairly accurate imo). ... —  read more 

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NB Red July

Get ready National Business. July has been dubbed Red July and the Stankey budget reducers are in the water. Biggest hit will be mobility and fiber. They are going to a dual seller under JVB. This will be announced next week in Dallas with all AVP’s. —  read more 

Keep working as long as you can.

The economy is going south. Dow was down 1164 points today, glad I have a great well paying job at T. I hope I can get another 10 years in before I retire. May as well keep raking in the cash all while the economy implodes around us!

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I can’t say this enough

The constant whine on this board amuses me. You guys take this nonsense too seriously. It’s a paycheck with benefits ! Milk the company dry! Get paid , get as much OT as you can and go home and enjoy life with your family! Quit worrying about... —  read more 

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** Class Action Lawsuit **

Retail class action lawsuit San Diego contact your union steward if you've experienced gaslighting, stress, mental manipulation, discrimination of a protected class by RSM and ARSM. it's very likely you have a case. Union steward will forward you to... —  read more 

No clear direction

Even in the previous company where I worked, a clear vision was missing. A company can exist for a long time without a vision, but without a clear direction from the management the company will eventually go into a downward spiral. Perhaps ATT has... —  read more 

Sales Channels Beware

Senior leadership just came and departed from Dallas. Big cuts ahead from any sales channel. The massive expansion will mean a massive reduction. Some teams ballooned 8x and will return to original headcount based off of these meetings. If you org... —  read more 

Pension Lump Sum

I anticipate seeing my lump sum drop 20% when segment rates reset in November. I’ve already hit “modified rule of 75” and was planning on leaving in next 3-4 years. Just curious if many will leave this year in order to lock-in the high lump sum. ... —  read more 

Conversations with Corey

Corey thinks people still come to AT&T for a lifetime career and can move up from front line to executive. Those days are long gone Near the end, the other guy talks about behaviors that lead to leaders... —  read more 

Help me figure this out

So, a highly productive employee of ten years who did several jobs at once (they've had to hire two people so far to replace him and they're still not doing everything he did on his own) was laid off a few months ago. Meanwhile, last week, one of the... —  read more 

Unattainable quotas

It's funny when your boss tries to convince you that quotas are not unattainable, but that we employees are lazy and do not try hard enough. Whom are they kidding? I've finally submitted my resignation and can't wait to find out if my... —  read more 

Call me a boomer

Had to repost this…. It can be a Rap song, or Country. Try to rap it… ++++ Here it goes: Retired from AT&T for 6 years. 37 years in. Retired at 55. Tomorrow AT&T is going to reimburse me $427 for my health insurance. I've ATVS. An 18' Crestliner... —  read more 

Area managers att retail

They are pushing this new gimmick (tile)where if your a bottom performer in the store the rsc gets 3 coachings a week and multiple which can lead to termination. We are sick and tired of area or retail managers trying to scare reps out of a job... —  read more 

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