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Farewell, DTV

This revisionist history narrative I keep seeing that DTV was somehow a bastion of a company with no financial, personnel or other issues prior to being acquired is hilarious at best. I also see this same nonsense from legacy-Bell South... —  read more 

AT&T merger with Verizon

I have it on good authority. It will be pushed through any anti-trust oversight at DOJ by secret commitment to Barr to sell CNN to Fox News for $100. All AT&T employees will be surpluses. Leave now.

Brilliant Idea!

Let’s all wait till next Friday and see who gets cut. All of us they axe... let’s go into the App Store/Google Play store ect... and rate the HBOmax app 1 star or less, which it deserves, because it’s trash. Watch it tank and really give those C... —  read more 


AT&T is facing their most difficult outlook in history, it’s somewhat surprising that AT&T would essentially gamble its financial future on DirecTV and Time Warner. At this point, T stock is carrying roughly the same amount of debt as the entire... —  read more 

In-Home Experts / Legal Issue of Home Soliciting

Any idea how at&t is skirting the legal means of this new practice. The Reps are told they are not to say they are there to sell and their "in" initially is to say they are there to help them with their directv. In reality, they are really there to... —  read more 

It's Randall's last day as CEO.....

and good riddance to you, you miserable pr1ckk. You steered this ship right into the iceberg with your overpriced buy of DirecTV. Soon the company will be dumping it for pennies on the dollar we paid for it. You should be paying $274k/month... —  read more 

Why No MVO?

What is the reasoning for not having an MVO? It costs the same, you get ride of more older workers, etc.

National Business Question

So two months ago I turned down an offer to move to Fiber team as they were only going to bring me on as a sales executive 1. Considering my CSE II salary vs fiber I passed on it. Now with all the rumors going around ( Solution Providers are going to... —  read more 

It's not voluntary

Seniority doesn't matter, numbers don't matter, if they want you gone, you're going. Was told today that none of the level 1, 2, OR 3 managers were consulted about techs being affected. They were provided a list generated by ATT legal & some other... —  read more 

Preference out for IBEW 21

Don’t need the email...enough guys have called about my job being on the preference form!!! WOOHOO!! I’m out of here!!

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AT&T Raises Prices for AT&T TV and DirecTV

AT&T has quietly initiated cross-tier price increases for its new IP-based pay TV platform, AT&T TV, as well as its legacy satellite TV brand, DirecTV. The base “Entertainment” package for AT&T TV will see its first-year promotional price shoot up... —  read more 

Outsiders Needed

We need executive management at the very top to be an outsider. Continuing to promote each other within the executive pool is bringing the same culture and process. Literally giving you a pig and slapping different lipstick on them AND saying this is... —  read more 


There was a video for the Video team (within Arroyo > Welday) that brought up an interesting point. Apparently, NPS is a big deal for the suits, and they're wringing their hands because the DTV customer NPS scores have gone down from 13 to... —  read more 

Surplus Dates

Note that due to large number of surpluses across the whole company, different teams/orgs will get noticed on different dates, starting at the earliest on 7/10 through mid August, possibly into september as well.

Unethical behavior

Anyone with a conscience can understand why NPS is low. AT&T's public plan is to get rid of 'value' customers and only focus on 'high quality' customers. AT&T is using data mining and artificial intelligence for the past few years to analyze exactly... —  read more 

Is It possible that is looking for a buyer

Do you think, with all contracts in place AT&T could by any chance selling the wireline of business/legacy products. I could be wrong but from what hearing from the Town halls is more 50% will work from home, saving money for AT&T ON REAL ESTATE... —  read more 

District9 head reduction

affecting 23 work groups total number of employees 1,684. Number of employees needs to be reduced by 291 percentage of employees reduced by 17% date needed to be off the books july 24th. IT HAS BEGUN.

CHOW ORG Surplus Email July 10th

We just wrapped up a call with our sales manager and director who both confirmed that the people impacted would receive an email Friday July 10th and be off Payroll within 14 days. They also informed us that our job title “could” change effective... —  read more 

Cut the dividend already!

Finally, somebody to point out something that should be blatantly obvious to everybody. With its 7% dividend and its $209 billion market cap, AT&T (NYSE:T) is widely considered a blue-chip investment. However, General Electric (NYSE:GE) investors... —  read more 

Branded Face Coverings - Thought I'd seen it all

Thought I'd seen it all, then I was greeted with this. Branded face coverings Beginning next month, you'll be able to purchase AT&T branded face coverings. Our new company policy requires us to wear face coverings at work. And while standard face... —  read more 

Does anyone remember Randall....

Do you remember a town hall before the Warner acquisition when Randall was asked by a "lowly" employee about the wisdom of taking on so much debt to acquire a media company? He smirked and waved it off, saying, he "would never bet the farm" on an... —  read more 

Life after the T

I get on this site about once a week. I read everything about the Surpluses within the company. I was Surplused myself last year. So, I figured I would leave my insight for anyone who wants to hear it. If you do not, then that is okay. But, hear was... —  read more 

Pension Lump sum

So back in October shortly before being laid off i ran different pension scenarios with each reflecting same last day on payroll, Oct 19 and 3 diff pension start dates, commencing at age 63, 64 and 65. I printed it out and made note of the respective... —  read more 

Youtube TV

Price increase to 64.95? Are they trying to make ATT TV relevant?

Is it really that hard to find a job right now?

I see a lot of people panicking over being laid off right now, but I don't see where the problem is. There are currently plenty of available positions - and not just in my field, I looked around. If you are capable and can back up your knowledge... —  read more 

IBEW 21 SIPP Takers

Does anyone know how many techs took the SIPP offer. I keep hearing they got more than the 176 they were looking for, not sure if it’s true

If you survive layoffs, then what?

Will you be able to transfer? Get a promotion? Will T open new jobs?? Or maybe beware of “another round” like Chris Brown?? These are questions one must ponder if they choose to remain on the payroll. Individuals must carefully look at their... —  read more 

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