Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Topics regarding layoffs at AT&T

Mid Market Real Plan

What is the plan for Reorg? They are not backfilling any of the open roles. Are we truly getting reorged? IE bigger territories? With so many people off the books I assume so. My fear is they would give some of the modules to SPs. I would like real... — read more 

Earth City & San Antonio

How funny that they’re going to surplus some departments to take away pension from service reps and senior consultants and taking away commission earnings for leverage reps. They know plenty of reps will leave and not continue the work. Now if you go... — read more 

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MGO presence email

So sitting in the basically empty office on Teams calls like always and get this lovely Friday afternoon tu-d from leadership. “With your leadership, we’ve made great progress managing through this change for many and in creating thriving work... — read more 

Network Outage

Appears to be Voice and Data outage in Central Oklahoma Metro Area (Uverse related and/or fiber cut?), as of about 2:30pm Friday. AT&T reporting time of repair by tomorrow (Saturday morning 4:00am-6:00am). No phone, no internet, no TV.

El Segundo Office

Has there been any information about when the last few remaining T employees in Southern California (specifically the El Segundo office) will be forced to either move to Dallas/Atlanta or quit?

Here we go again

Apparently AT&T has just figured out they can use satellites for broadband now. If only they fully understood that when they had free reign with the other satellite company they owned.

Monitoring IP

My boss just told us they are now monitoring if you logged into company IP to crack down on people just swiping their badge and going home. He said for now it’s just if you logged in not how long you were logged in. Anyone else hear this?

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