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Accommodating parents of children

If schools remain closed, will ADP allow parents of young children to working from home indefinitely? Hoping this will not be held against these employees as a reason to get rid of them.

To all the wonderful people being let go

Every single month for the last few years at ADP, I have gone to E-mail or to contact someone via Skype/WebEx and every month a wonderful person is gone/laid off. It’s never ending and sickening. To the unlucky, extremely knowledgeable, smart... —  read more 

Magalli and her wanting supercenter

Magalli is having cross training among COS, H&W and TAM so all 3 departments can take any and all calls. Still will expect accuracy and providing correct information. THIS is not going to work. Too many different applications and processes involved... —  read more 

ADP Losses are Increasing

Now isn't that a head scratcher! Eliminate the good and knowledgeable employees, and keep the low paid underachievers and wonder why things aren't working?

Retrain the CEO

It is time for the CEO of ADP to "retrain" and find something new. How about leading by example Carlos for once in your life?

Stock on a Slide

Carlos Rodriquez's leadership has driven this stock down. The "Transformation" initiatives have completely gutted the company of effective people. All that is left is devastated employees and clients. Sell while you can!

Unexplained Niceness from Leads and Manager

Has anyone else noticed how managers and leads are being much nicer in email and chats? Basically anything in writing? I have noticed this not only in my group but others. I find it odd and very out of place. Maybe they are jockeying for positions... —  read more 

Non-Exempt Status

I was notified today my role was being changed from exempt to non-exempt. I've been with ADP over 20 years and have always been a salaried employee. Did this happen to anyone else and what are your thoughts?

2020 Vision is Flawed

It seems that ADP's "2020 Vision" to eliminate the experienced backbone of the company in an effort to cut costs of the higher paid employees is not working well. The stock is hobbling along like a limp goat. The plan has angered clients, angered... —  read more 

Are the RIFF’s done?

I’ll have anxiety all day worrying if we think there are more coming! And when is the next one planned for?

How many total were let go?

I've heard that the majority of those who were furloughed received notifications they were now officially laid off - is this true? How many people is that?

Next round of layoffs

Rumor has it tomorrow 6/30/2020 will be some substantial layoffs. It's the end of the fiscal year and it is in keeping with Carlos' statement to expect more in the June/July time-frame.

Legitimate Question...

How much cheaper of a CEO could/should ADP put at the helm? It sure seems like the current CEO's effectiveness is not very good and his compensation is extremely high: the exact "reasoning" for laying off 15,000-20,000 employees. What is truly... —  read more 

No raise

I have been waiting for the announcement that due to COVID19, no raises. It came. So busting your a$$ all year, and no merit, or bonus.

Why all the hate?

I've been checking on this board since Feb after I heard rumors of the Q3 RIF and I've got to say there are some big negative nancies here. I get it, not everyone is going to be happy with the comp they work for, that's natural. But the level of... —  read more 

ADP Hiring Freeze?

I went through the hiring process with ADP right before graduating from college in May. They gave me a verbal offer and, even in an email, said that they were going to extend me an official offer the second that they could. Does anyone have any... —  read more 

Low Employee Moral

I can't hardly believe how bad the overall employee moral is now at ADP. It is such a dismal and horrible environment. The executives have created a terrible working environment for people. They have laid off all the best employees with the... —  read more 

Take a loan then donate a million?

Didn't Carlos just take yet another loan? Then he said that he was told it might have been a bad idea to give each associate $1,000...(that was just a ”i gave you something- don't complain that I am letting people go and hour workload doubled”)... —  read more 

CEO destroys his own legacy and reputation

The mass ongoing, never ending layoffs at ADP are sealing the bad legacy for the CEO. Bad judgement and greed have completely destroyed respect by most and trust of any decent leadership abilities. Rumors today of more rounds of layoffs coming... —  read more 

BenefitMall Book of Business for Payroll

Does anyone know how many BenefitMall clients are coming to ADP and is there a possibility that the influx of clients will help to reduce any further layoffs of ADP employees?

ADP still a company to avoid working for

ADP has turned into a sweat shop. It has taken a great company with highly knowledgeable people and pushed them out to save money. They have hired instead inexperienced employees and are expecting them to work much longer hours than they pay for... —  read more 

ADP is still a GREAT company to work for! #winning

ADP has a long successful track record! The Human Capital Management Leader will continue to be successful! It's a wonderful company with a bright future! This is just a blip on the screen and ADP will continue to keep #winning!

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ADP Furloughs Email 5/18/2020

We just received a email that 500 associates will be impacted. Though they say Furlough for up to 3 months, if not longer. They (ADP) will continue to pay for employee insurance up to 6 months.

ADP looking to Layoff

It seems ADP has announced upcoming layoffs. It will be insensitive in such dire times for employees

Take vacation

ADP employees received an email from Sreeni Kutam (Chief HR Officer) encouraging them to take more vacation time the next month or two because vacation balances had gone up since Covid-19. Is this simply to "fix" the balance sheet as indicated or is... —  read more 


Will working from home be the new norm or do you expect associates to be back in office soon?

NextGen products

Anyone have any details on the three top NextGen products? Are they on track? Are there issues? Are they using the SMEs from the legacy systems too help?

Any news on the pension?

Anyone heard anything new about the pension? Specifically if they'll require people to roll them to other qualified accounts?

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