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Will the layoffs ever stop?

Does anyone have any idea if the bleeding from the job cuts will slow down at all ? Nothing but bad news week after week with people losing their jobs.

ADP MAS Core Implementation- ???

What has been the process of announcing layoffs in other cities? Locally, we are seeing a lot of unaddressed changes and vague answers in Dallas. Meeting scheduled "in office" for all MAS Core implementation in our office next week. Leadership... read more

ADP plan has been in place for awhile

The plan to close all but a few offices was announced a few years ago. The part that was not clear at that time was the homeshored positions would also be discontinued.

Last week's cuts

More buildings and cuts just happened again this week. Several locations closed as of May. Can we get some more info on this, please? Which locations? Who was cut?

March layoffs at ADP

Are we looking at any more layoffs this month? There was some talk at the office for the past few days, but nothing concrete was mentioned? I was hoping somebody here might know what's really going on and what we are looking at in the way of incoming... read more

The Sales Business Model over Service of the Customers...

Saber Metrics and Decision Makers who have no clue about the Business is going to haunt the company and it's position. The Sales Business Model over Service of the Customers that keep the lights on will fail when they mathematically run out of people... read more
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Clueless Management

I spent 25 years there until the kicked me out for being old and making too much money - The new generation of management is clueless. It used to be about the client, you know they people that bay the bills. Now it's about the process even if it... read more

Censorship or a Visit From the Thought Police

It seems that some people here are not happy with others who dare to say anything bad about ADP. So let's be good little boys and girls and only post good things about ADP. Think good thoughts, take a deep breath, and only then post here. Remember... read more

Fanning The Flames Of Fear

I've noticed quite a theme here. It's that mostly the people who are commenting are bashing ADP and want to see the company fail because they have an ax to grind. I suspect a lot of former disgruntled employees are flocking here to stoke fears and... read more

Employee Survey

Many comments on this site bash on the CEO. How do the current employees rank him as a leader?

ADP offers Early Retirement??

Human Resources software company Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP) said Thursday that it has offered roughly 6% of its workforce the opportunity to retire early to reduce payroll expenses. The company made the offer to about 3,500 employees age 55... read more

New Filing Spells Out Next Round of Layoffs @ ADP

March 14, 2018 (Queue Exit Music) 2018-02-01 - SEC 10-Q Filing Note 5. Service Alignment Initiative On July 28, 2016, the Company announced a Service Alignment Initiative that is intended to simplify the Company's service organization by aligning the... read more

Consider drug screening Homeshored employees

I firmly believe since ADP is looking to cut cost they should drug test all current homeshored workers. Everyone is trying to fight and keep thier jobs and the company has some homeshored employees who are openly talking about smoking weed and doing... read more


If you like working for an organization where your position is constantly being threatened, then this is the place for you. Workers are no longer valued for their unwavering loyalty, tenure, work ethic or knowledge. At ADP, you are just a number. No... read more

No job is safe

Anyone who thinks they are not subject to being laid off with the company is living in dream land. Unless you are working at one of the new offices you are out of luck sooner or later.

Last week's layoffs at ADP

There were layoffs at an SC location Tuesday. Anybody knows more about this? I haven't heard anything about layoffs for last week, but then again, I haven't been paying too much attention. Anybody knows if this is true? If it is which departments got... read more

Business consultant layoffs

ADP just informed all business consultants that they are to move to allentown Pennsylvania at their centralized location, or find a new job within 30 days. Best of luck to these people.

The Big Story

I worked for ADP for many years and was let go through a layoff which was aimed at reducing overhead and costs. I led a fairly large initiative and once it was just about complete, I received a push out of the door as a thank you. Note that the cuts... read more

Employee Relations Consultant

I noticed that ADP is hiring an "Employee Relations Consultant" at the Norfolk, Virginia office. This consultant will be helping to investigate client and management complaints against employees. This sounds like ADP feels that there is significant... read more

ADP is destined to fail

ADP has and will continue to throw away tenured talented people with many years of experience and vast knowledge because they care more about tax allowances that lower wage states will allow them and paying lower wages now instead of delivering... read more

So much for the American dream

What a disgraceful company ADP is being led none other than the biggest bozo of 2017 Carlos Rodriguez . Let's chop and lay off all these American workers because the main reason is there making too much money while the CEO of the company makes... read more

Homeshored workers

To all the people who were offered a chance to work from home after their office closed you can be assured that your position is only temporary and you will eventually be laid off like the rest of the employees who already have lost their jobs. There... read more

Layoffs, Layoffs, and More Layoffs at ADP

With the continual layoffs going on at ADP, why should established and experienced ADP workers continue to work hard when they are going to be booted out no matter how hard they work? It would be better to concentrate on finding a job somewhere else... read more

Automatic Data Processing Layoffs 2018

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, workl, add value and make your best effort, knock it out of the parkā€¦ I know that people are concerned but there is pretty much nothing major you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in Roseland.

All of the layoffs are hurting the clients

All of the layoffs are hurting the clients big time! I see layoffs happening in groups that can't even keep up with the workload they have. Meaning clients do not get the service they pay for. Any jobs that are re filled are done so with people... read more

A tough decision....(and neither are good)

Just looking for a bit of insight here if anyone has any thoughts on the matter. As a shareholder of ADP (and also a former employee) I received my proxy cards the other day. One to vote keeping the ADP board in tact as it is which the company is... read more

Replacing employees achieves nothing

It is time for some fresh blood and new eyes. But at the top management level and NOT at the employee level. It takes YEARS for new employees to become productive. Getting new workers with no real experience is not creating a new perspective, but... read more
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Management has failed

Employees can indeed try to succeed at their challenging jobs through sheer willpower and perseverance. They can work and learn after hours and on weekends to try to become productive. But the fact remains is that it is ADP management's... read more

Unethical handling of coding mistakes

I would like to add that strange as it seems, employees making mistakes helps ADP management to both save money and to make money. First, the mistakes can be kept track of and used against employees during review time, resulting in less (or no) merit... read more

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