Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Officially had enough!

Today was the last straw. I can't take this dreadful environment any longer. Telling my f-t f'n manager to stick it up his f-t f'n @$$. This place is such a horrible experience. Terrible management, ridiculous ideas and planning, and horrible... —  read more 

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Layoff Scheme

Internal memos circulating between execs to accelerate more layoffs. The document suggested things are working to pump up the stock price and to wring even more money out of the employee base.

ADP No Longer Relevant

Clearly, ADP is definitely NOT an employer of (good) choice. It is not a place anyone desires to want to work for due to how badly they treat employees, both current and past. Applicants are reporting of poor treatment even during any interviews... —  read more 

It finally happened.

I was recently fired after they used me to get through year end. They claim I had low performance but I guess it was good enough to keep me thru the busy season... The surveys and my positive client feedback meant nothing. The department is... —  read more 


Not long ago many here we complaining about the stock price because you were holding bags. With the prices what they are now hopefully you've sold so we no longer have to see you complain about it.

More ADP Spin

Think ADP isn't paying for "press"? The management has done everything in their power to cover up their mass layoffs and failures to try and control the narrative. They continue to pay off site to give them favorable press, or so called "awards"... —  read more 

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Think you’re safe?

I am very sorry that one entire team was eliminated even though they thought they were safe, but the moral of the story is that you should never think you are safe. At one time layoff was also given to one of my colleagues who thought he was an... —  read more 


My worst fears were confirmed as my entire team was eliminated on an all call. Don't think it won't happen to you, we were told for months we were "safe," layoffs were in other parts of the company. Save yourself and look elsewhere sooner than... —  read more 

ADP Jobs Disappoint at 117K

What a sham. ADP "reports" other companies #'s but won't report their own layoffs. Typical scumbag CEO maneuver. Funny thing is, ADP is too stupid to realize every time they put out their c-appy National Employee Report that their own ADP stock... —  read more 

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This is old news

I worked for ADP for more than 20 years. Fear based management was always used. They didn't seem to care that this tactic would drive many people away, and not only the best. The attitude was "if you can't stand the heat, then get the he**... —  read more 

CFO Question

If a CFO can be shown as manipulating the books, should they be jailed or should their behavior be ignored as long as the authorities are unaware? How should other "executives" deal with that scenario?

Fear management?

It was only after I left here that I realized how bad the atmosphere was in ADP. ADP is definitely best seen and endured from a distance. I guess people gradually get used to that management of fear and then they don’t even realize how much they... —  read more 

Inside Sales Layoffs?

Anyone hear anything? Forecasts are nightmarish and leadership (SEs) are getting really stressed out. Work from home lowering productivity is becoming increasingly blamed but the fact is the opportunity is not out there. I haven't heard of... —  read more 

ADP New Employee Plan

cheap inexpensive budget lousy mediocre pitiful average base common nasty pitiable subpar substandard uncostly economic inferior lame low-class low-cost low-grade low-price low-priced poor-quality second-rate third-rate low poor bargain discounted... —  read more 

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