Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

VERP Round 2? Any chance?

There well may have been intentions to have another round of early retirement. Did the overwhelming response from Round 1, COVID and the Great Resignation ki-l any chance of this? Could the next generation product help the chances?

Challenging to get people

ADP acknowledges hiring is tough due to the external market (higher pay, more wfh, better HR, trusting leadership and business support) but yet isn’t stepping up to fix the issue???? They merely give weak words of recognition as a bandaid solution... —  read more 

Glad to be out

So glad to have taken the early out some time ago. The annual fiscal-year blood-letting was life-draining, especially as it was around my birthday. I watched foreign-born, male, director-level managers berate very effective female colleagues. And... —  read more 

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Coping with stress

It wasn't always like this.. However, ever since this company decided to squeeze their employees to the max, I have been overworked for months.. Stress is astronomical..... For a company that cares so much about the health of its employees, perhaps... —  read more 

Rehire after severance

Does anyone know what the ADP policy is around re hiring a former ADP employee that was released due to a reduction in force (severance)? I’m not interested in comments related to…why would you even consider going back, so please stay on topic. —  read more 

Yikes! Buyer beware!!

I recently got an offer from ADP ...after doing my due diligence and talking to a bunch of folks that work there, I have decided to decline the offer. My reasons for the decision are as follows: Lower offer than competitors (was easily 10-20%... —  read more 

This has to stop!

Yesterday I made a mistake I would never have made before. Of course that mistakes will happen. How can a person not make a mistake while being so overwhelmed with work? I'm surprised there are no more mistakes. How much longer do they think the... —  read more 

How is that possible...

that the employee who was constantly criticized here until they finally laid him off is now in a company that has a better reputation than ADP, has higher pay, is more valued etc? I wonder if it’s because ADP undervalued him or is it because ADP... —  read more 

Think twice, cut once

People talk a lot about WFN cuts but no one seems to have info on how many people are cut. I hope that everyone who leaves here will find a job very soon, but I also hope that ADP does not regret its layoff policy, which seems to be anything but... —  read more 

Covid Chaos

Is ADP seriously using new hires as a scapegoat for recalling employees? New variants can cause chaos to business, but they can also endanger employees. Payroll is essential, but it is not essential to risk employees’ safety for those who can do... —  read more 

ADP Mobile app slowwwwwwwww

the app was slow before they added the covid check in and now your punch doesn’t take until you scroll past the covid part. Wonder how much ADP saves from missed punches that are added later and shortchange the employees!

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Covid Transparency

Now that more people have returned to office, will there be transparency about positive Covid cases amongst associates who have been in office and around other associates when diagnosed? Are there any thresholds in place such as, if we have ____ # of... —  read more 

Vaccination Proof

Having to prove you're vaccinated against a flu variant with you in the photo holding your flu vaccine certificate... but not having to show any proof of vaccination against the regular seasonal flu or any other virus that ki--s more people and has a... —  read more 


Hopefully a troll will report this post back. Over the past 16 months, employees worked from home successfully. They have restored a work/life balance by removing a commute from their day. The call back to the office, has fallen flat, and people... —  read more 

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