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Another Round of RIFS

Just got out of a team huddle and there were more layoffs in MAS Tech both homeshore and in office Final days in March at least they got the severance package.

Side splitting laughter....

Some people are just lying scum... what can I say. Apparently ADP‘s wonderful CEO is one of them. ADP, a leading global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions, has been named by FORTUNE® magazine as one... —  read more 

Telesales Turnover Surge

Huge jump in senior leader changes in Telesales. The leader of all of Telesales left in Sept to work for Ceridian after 20 years with ADP. Both Major Accounts DVP’s left Telesales roles in the past year each with over 20 years with ADP. Now there... —  read more 

Poor Leadership

Poor, poor leadership. Don't lose your faith in good leadership. It does exist!... even though not recently at ADP. You might just be a good leader and see what the issues are that you can be better at working for other companies. ADP wants this and... —  read more 

Exempt now changed to hourly

I was just told today that I am switching from being an exempt employee to an hourly employee eligible for overtime. Been with the company 18 years and now I have to punch in/out each day like I’m 16 again. I was told there isn’t much of a... —  read more 

Here's a fun (public) fact about Carlos

His total compensation from ADP in 2018 was over $12 million While his official salary is just over $1 million, Rodriguez has various other incentives in his contract that brings his current compensation package to a bit over $12 million. This... —  read more 

Q1 Earnings Call- October 30th

Do we expect C Rod and his new CFO to announce the bleeding has stemmed and the layoffs have ceased? Not a chance. Stay tuned for this call on 10/30. I’m guessing the recent slide in stock is indicative of what we are about to hear.

Year End

I had 2 recruiters reach out to me today asking me to contact them back for a great opportunity to implement for ADP during Year End. When I got laid off last year my coworkers and I were thrilled to never have to do another Year End for ADP. Has ADP... —  read more 

How many VP's are getting laid off?

It seems obvious to me, that Carlos needs to trim the VP and SVP ranks by at least a half. That would save on higher wage, pensioned employees, that really are offering no value. How about it Carlos? Fix the real fat.

Yes, there is a problem with ADP's management

Employees go in and out of this company like through a revolving door and management is powerless to stop that. Employees are expected to "get with the program" but the company only offers low wages and little incentive for workers to try to... —  read more 

Non Compete Concerns?

With all of the layoffs that continue to happen- is anyone concerned about the 1 year non compete agreements that might prevent you from staying in the HCM industry? Has ADP actually enforced the non-competes? I am sure no one wants to end up in a... —  read more 

COS Department is down sizing and lay off in 2020

COS department at ADP is down sizing in 2020 and will be laying off . The severance package will be one week for each year you working at ADP. ADP is losing BIG clients in 2020. ADP COS department s— will work long hours on payroll day and ADP will... —  read more 

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Limp and Flaccid ADP Management!

I have to say this: ADP's management at almost all levels is just downright limp and ineffective. The only solution they have is to fire good employees to cover up their own tiny performance. ADP has turned into a one-ups-man-ship of trying to not... —  read more 

What's in YOUR Bag?

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." -John F. Kennedy Keep your eyes on the PRIZE. The PRIZE is different for everyone. Assuring your prize is not the "booby prize"... —  read more 

ADP Stock is sinking, Carlos!

in just a mere few days, from $174 down to $159 with no signs of slowing? Seriously, crank up some more layoffs and lies to pump this dog up!

Telesales leadership exit

I just heard the SVP of Telesales, after 20 years with the firm, resigned today from ADP and is going to Ceridian. Sign of bigger things?

What do employees get?

Is there a good severance package? Any retirement benefits? Or is it just a kick out the door?

US no more?

What is the target year for all US roles to be outsourced globally (India and other more economical countries)? Anyone in the loop on these conversations, to chime in? My finite guess would be end of 2020 with the recent expedited steps to... —  read more 

Next Round of Layoffs...

Just heard more rumblings of more layoffs coming end of September. Good gawd this management is piss poor here at ADP. They need to layoff every one of the VP's and higher!

ADP sells DC1 and DC2

ADP has sold DC1 and DC2 to Landmark Dividend, they will be taking ownership on November 1 and complete takeover of both facilities on February 1, 2019. Maintenance will be done by BSC-FM, they will not retain any of the maintenance staff currently... —  read more 

San Dimas closing?

A move to the La Palma facility may be likely. Building lease expires 2020. Could be part of plan to further reduce workforce (at client expense). Drive is so bad enough people will quit and eliminate need for more layoffs! San Dimas security and... —  read more 

Forbes Article Paints Rosy Picture

Just read this article from Forbes. It sure doesn’t sound like the business is hurting.

Pensioned Employees

I’m a bit confused about those who are saying that employees who are getting the pension are being targeted for lay off. My understanding is that the pension was eliminated for new hires after 2015. That leaves a LOT of employees who are still... —  read more 

Living through the change

Finding more layoffs around me of higher executive positions in management and above in the department I work in. Quite a few new hires and transfers in lately and having sounded the alarm last year when all of this news broke that we'd be needing... —  read more 

We are not going anywhere

its funny how ADP stock closed at a record high today with all the doom and gloom about losing experienced talent. ADP isn't going anywhere, and the CEO has increased shareholder value by over 350% in 8 years. Most employees own shares of ADP stock... —  read more 

ADP is not doomed

I am a current associate living through all the changes. While I agree that the current culture is not the same as when I started 25 years ago, that’s not necessarily a bad thing from a 30,000 foot view. As a long-tenured associate I certainly... —  read more 

Continued Layoffs and Bad Managment

Straight from earnings report yesterday: "As part of its ongoing transformation strategy, in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019 ADP implemented... —  read more 

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