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ADP Benevolence

ADP has branded itself as a "benevolent company" to other companies/competitors. They grow talent-train, certify and promote associated-just to offer them (talent they have invested in), to other companies, with open arms through layoffs and forcing... read more


I was one of the employees who took the the pension package. However, I did not decide when to leave. I applied for employment benefits and was not bale to receive it because they stated it was voluntary. I have heard that same of the employees did... read more

ADP Ranks in Top 100 Worst Places to Work

Poor Leadership Toxic Environment Threatening Management No real training New employees are not qualified Highly Unethical Corrupt Human Resources Low Wages Cattle Mentality Management Poor Products

Predictions Delayed

Many have predicted how, when and which groups are in upcoming transitions/layoffs at ADP. When their predictions don't pan out or seem delayed, they resort to personal attacks against those within the suspected groups. It's really cut-throat... read more

Carlos Rodriguez Sells Even More Stock

Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ:ADP) CEO Carlos A. Rodriguez sold 24,791 shares of Automatic Data Processing stock in a transaction dated Wednesday, January 9th. The shares were sold at an average price of $131.47, for a total value of... read more

Interesting Advice

Everything is never ONLY Black & White. Look for the GREY AREAS, and there's a lot to SEE.

So much for "adding value"

Unfortunately, ADP is myopic across business units and from what I have seen it is difficult to transfer across to different ones. The greater the value one can bring to ADP, the more expensive that person is. The value to ADP is to hire someone... read more
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Severance or sunflare please make it end

When you are at your desk wishing a sunflare would knock out the entire power grid just so you wont have to do this awful job another day or another minute you know its bad.

Overstaffed or Over it!?

Just informed that HWSE is overstaffed?! How can that be when we lay-off every year (for years in a row) and do not back fill? Some HWSE clients have been moved to the COE...a COE that is not trained on service engine, most didn’t even have access to... read more

Time for Carlos to man up and step down

Carlos Rodriquez has been in his position far longer than he should have been. Under his direction, the company has lost thousands of highly qualified and proven employees in exchange for far less talented, yet cheaper, foreign labor and inexperience... read more

What are we looking at in 2019?

Any chances we'll see some improvements at ADP next year? Or at least an indication of something better in the future? I know there's a very slight chance of that with the same leadership at the helm that put us into the position we are in right now... read more

Voluntarily Left ADP

After 15 years, I decided to leave ADP. I was a remote EE, had a pension, and my salary was fair. Normally, those are good things, but at today's ADP those are 3 strikes against me. My area has not been touched by layoffs yet, but some people are now... read more

year end

how cool is it to be off Christmas Eve!!!! First time in 30 years!!

This isn't just CEO's fault

You don't pull off mass layoffs, on the scale of what ADP is doing, without many complicit people. It isn't all Carlos. Just like Enron had numerous complicit people in their cover up, I do believe ADP is and has been intentionally misleading in... read more

Time to FIRE Carlos Rodriquez as CEO!

So when Carlos tried to spin the stock performance under his watch since he took over as CEO, it was a sham. If you look just in the past 2.5 weeks the stock has dropped significantly. Today, for example, almost everything is up, but ADP is s---ing... read more

Stock splits don't do anything

Stock splits don't do anything. If the company is worth $60b before a stock split, it will be worth $60b after a stock split. You'll have twice as many shares each worth half of what they were worth. The limitation of buying stock through the 401k... read more

Year End for Every Department

Its year end across ADPs many BU's. To think layoffs will happen only in a single BU is crazy. After year end, each BU could suffer change or restructuring if the powers that be see fit. Like we keep saying no one is safe if ADP makes the decision to... read more

ADP should not be your Hero

Why put ADP in a 'rescue me' position? Pull up your bootstraps and rescue yourself. ADP is a company in business to make money. Sometimes it requires disappointing employees--on all levels of employment. No one-no matter how wonderful you believe you... read more

You deserve better!

The fact is ADP is a terrible environment in which to work now days. They "promoted" incompetence who have no real abilities except to lie, cheat, and manipulate for their continued existence. Anyone choosing to spend their time employed by ADP is... read more

ADP is the new Enron

With crooked Carlos at the helm, it seems ADP has become the new face of corporate corruption and greed. Anyone here actually take the time to dig under the covers with the shady CFO "stepping down" but how slow in actually happening. Don't kid... read more

Communication at ADP is bad

Communication at ADP has not been good for quite a while now. The rules are constantly changing and the same rules don’t apply to everyone. Case in point this company change in direction. To eliminate home shoring has not been properly communicated... read more

None of it matters in the end

ADP has become a company where hard work does not matter anymore. It’s all about who you know and the people who want to play the political games are the only ones who get ahead. So go ahead and bust your asses but just know none of it matters in the... read more

Love or Leave It

If you are in constant fear or concern of losing a job it may be time to leave. Who wants to be fearful everyday or subject to office gossips about what is, may be, or wont come to pass? Everyone can GO at anytime unvoluntarily. Love it and stay to... read more

Getting rid of remote employees

It is true that the company is shifting towards removing homeshored employees no matter their tenure or ability to do their job. I agree that it is easier to remove those believed to be underperforming but the management teams have stated that upper... read more

Going through change is not always a good thing

I agree that all companies go through change but the changes for ADP have not all been good under Carlos' watch. He systematically removed the ability for new employees to receive pension, purchase ADP stock through the 401(k) program, and somehow... read more

ADP Year End

For those that are no longer at heart goes out to those left behind..


How long does it take to receive your lump sum of 401k when you are let go?

GM vs ADP in ee downsize

All the news about GM laying off 15,00 .. does anyone know how many ADP has had between ERP and layoffs in 2018?


Making Congress look like an efficient and functional organization by comparison.


How can you tell people just ahead of holidays they need to look for a new job starting next year? This is the new low, even for ADP.

Clients are Unhappy with ADP Service Levels

There is no use beating around the bush. Clients are very unhappy with the service that they are getting from ADP associates and it is getting worse. Experienced associates are being overwhelmed with work that is left behind by laid off, fired, and... read more

hate to say it...but

All of the doom and gloom here about how ADP is headed in the wrong direction but customer satisfaction is way up according to the last stats. So if you're saying everything is wrong and should go back to the old ways is it just safer to say that you... read more

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