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Clients UNHAPPY with inexperienced Associates

It didn't take long to hear clients concerns with the virtual "blank stare" approach of many in the new workforce (centers). Experienced clients KNOW when they have an inexperienced/unknowledgable associate dealing with them. And, they are not happy... read more

Focus on Future

ADP might want to think of ways to make improve the morale with its current workforce. A lot of negative comments on this website about working at the company. Clients do not want to deal with unhappy employees.

ADP Restructuting

Ever since ADP started to restructure 15 years ago that also became the mission statement re-structure , that is why ADP has such incompetent management, no one works up the ladder any more managers come off the street unqualified, or an id--t doing... read more

Completely useless managers

Anybody noticed how useless managers at ADP are? I can't claim that for all of them, but the ones I came in contact with certainly are. It's like they are only there specifically to work the numbers and when something goes wrong calm the clients... read more

ADP pension ability to roll out of plan?

I had read before I left ADP that pension values less than $5,000 would be distributed to the associate upon departure. Amounts greater than $5,000 appear to be stuck in the plan until you reach a certain age, or at least that is what the plan... read more

I’m not waiting to get RIFed at ADP

ADP seems to be in a state of constant and never-ending restructuring. As a 3 year employee, I’ve decided not to wait to become a victim of those shifts and started applying for a new job at other companies. Already been to a few interviews... read more

Responsibility to know your employee rights

Anytime an offer is made, the offer should be requested in writing, in full, before agreeing. How would you know the terms to agree to? I'm seeing a lot of ADPers getting screwed because they will not take responsibility to demand "in writing"... read more
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No new ideas

I agree this trying to eliminate remote workers is such a joke but it goes right along with all the other fads I’ve seen over the many years I was with ADP. It’s all based on who’s in charge at the moment and all of their bright ideas about how to... read more

ADP Benefits are not good

I am just amazed how c-appy ADP's benefits were ... and this from a company who is all about Human Resources. Before I joined ADP, I took a good hard look at Glassdoor, and saw how many people were complaining about the benefits. So, I went into ADP... read more

Health Insurance when leaving ADP

I just left ADP. I got the COBRA information from WageWorks, and it looks like the last day of my insurance was my final day of my employment with ADP. I thought that, when you leave a company, the health insurance expires on the last day of the... read more


Does anyone have any info on the RPO side of the business? I know we have had some downsizing and some folks who took ERP but will there layoffs? Any info would be VERY appreciated.
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ADP Jacksonville Satellite Office - Closing?

Does anyone know if ADP is closing their satellite office in Jacksonville, Florida? I understood that ADP was closing all the smaller data centers and consolidating into 4 locations. Will ADP Jacksonville be consolidated to Maitland at some point?

No Experience

Why would a payroll company hire someone with a background in culinary arts and place them in a manager position ? #shortdress

Remote workers

Homeshored workers should be concerned of being let go without notice. This has happened to several employees already over the last several years.

Remote work from home employees targeted next

I just heard from a senior vice president I have known for a very long time that remote employees who are still their are going to be finally all forced to return to building or be terminated. That seems a pretty drastic measure given how much... read more

Hurry Carlos! Hurry! ....

ADP is down over 4 1/2 dollars a share today. Time to fire at least another 25,000 employees right Carlos? You dumb bast*rd.

Living the American Dream

Carlos Rodriguez is proud of his immigrant roots and the story of how his parents fled Cuba in the 1960s and settled in Miami, Florida. Rodriguez was three-years-old back then, but he worked hard and was the first member of his family to go to... read more

ADP war on Admins

ADP is evidently going to get rid of most of its admins in the near future. Around 70 people lost their jobs in January in the first RIF and more went with the ERPs. Not a stable job to have there, and the longer you have been there and the older you... read more

ADP is a Crazy Company

ADP rates as one of the wackiest companies that I have ever worked for. And not in a good way. In their quest to eliminate well paid employees, this company is voluntarily throwing out its knowledge base by eliminating their talent. Absolutely... read more

Elk Grove Village Lay Off Rumor

I’ve been hearing rumors about associates being laid off at the Elk Grove Location In Illinois. There are also rumors that they are fixing the building to sell. I hear this is happening because the cost of the building is too high and our salaries... read more

Learn from others

Go to

This morning has a report on companies that have ' 7 wide moat stocks to avoid'.... Companies that are way overpriced. ADP is number #1 on the list....more than 53% over fair value and it will only get worse.

Serious Problems at ADP

Employee morale is very low and turnover is high as new workers that are hired in to replace eliminated experienced workers are finding it very difficult to come up to speed without the guidance of those veteran workers who are no longer there, and... read more
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Another VERP

Second wave of VERP is three weeks away. Let's see how great ADP will be after that, of course the last round is March. A lot of business knowledge is leaving, you can't get that back from the folks that you are trying to hire today.

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