Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Covid Transparency

Now that more people have returned to office, will there be transparency about positive Covid cases amongst associates who have been in office and around other associates when diagnosed? Are there any thresholds in place such as, if we have ____ # of... —  read more 

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Vaccination Proof

Having to prove you're vaccinated against a flu variant with you in the photo holding your flu vaccine certificate... but not having to show any proof of vaccination against the regular seasonal flu or any other virus that ki--s more people and has a... —  read more 


Hopefully a troll will report this post back. Over the past 16 months, employees worked from home successfully. They have restored a work/life balance by removing a commute from their day. The call back to the office, has fallen flat, and people... —  read more 

An Awful Company on the Decline

I worked for ADP for almost 30 years and have seen it decline to its current sorry state. I really didn't think this company could sink this low and it is just awful to work here. Just look at the majority of the posts here that correctly point... —  read more 

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Push back to office

After decades working from home, ADP started pushing people back in offices in recent years. Then COViD sent everyone home and my hope was that ADP would reconsider their โ€œin officeโ€ strategy. Nope. The transition back to offices will start soon. The... —  read more 

Stock direction

So the stock is down today, but that aside, what will the quarterly #'s reveal tomorrow? Any bets on the direction of the stock? Ha ha – could be a shock to a lot of folks!

Deleted Posts

Seems that this site is continuing to censor posts to push a specific ADP agenda. Sure makes you wonder if they are being influenced (ie paid off) by ADP to not share factual posts that indeed expose ADP's poor treatment of certain people.

ADP Lawsuits

Ever search for ADP lawsuits? A ton of stop pops up. I get a kick out of this one: The "so-called Nextgen Payroll" product... —  read more 

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Layoff Scheme

Internal memos circulating between execs to accelerate more layoffs. The document suggested things are working to pump up the stock price and to wring even more money out of the employee base.

ADP No Longer Relevant

Clearly, ADP is definitely NOT an employer of (good) choice. It is not a place anyone desires to want to work for due to how badly they treat employees, both current and past. Applicants are reporting of poor treatment even during any interviews... —  read more 

It finally happened.

I was recently fired after they used me to get through year end. They claim I had low performance but I guess it was good enough to keep me thru the busy season... The surveys and my positive client feedback meant nothing. The department is... —  read more 


Not long ago many here we complaining about the stock price because you were holding bags. With the prices what they are now hopefully you've sold so we no longer have to see you complain about it.

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