Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Topics regarding layoffs at ADP


It makes me sick - I have a team that works 60-70 hrs per week, and I can’t get approval for a simple expense for a dinner out. Look at the opulence of MoM.

Leadership changes

Carols saying it was a privilege to be the CEO for the past eleven years makes me want to vomit. He put thousands of employees out of work during his poor leadership and ADP has been a dumpster fire ever since.

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Rumors buzzing in sales

Rumor has it that Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has been recommending big changes to the sales org. Changes were supposed to happen with new fiscal but have been pushed out until the start of Q2 leaving all the sales people hanging. The rumors are... —  read more 

COVID Exposure - RTO

Not sure if this will get read by the cronies at ADP (meaning Sr. Leadership) but here are my thoughts. Since RTO happened the cases of COVID continue to spike in the office. Many people have been A symptomatic and have caused illness to spread in... —  read more 

Leaving ADP.

Attempting to leave ADP is another terrible experience. Be aware your HSA, FSA, medical, dental benefits etc will be handled by Health Equity / WageWorks. A more inept and incompetent company with inept and incompetent employees would be difficult... —  read more 

What's the state of the union?

Curious as to what's going on and why the recent departures of so many senior leadership members in the past 2 years. With the changes in culture as well as the mass exodus across the board, it seems something is on the horizon.

Layoffs March 30

Hearing a bunch of GETS / GPT folks were impacted usual long tenured associates who directly contributed to this company's success AVOID this place at all COSTS!

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