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Slimeball ADP

Go take a look at Wikipedia ... ADP has paid them off to not have truth be told about him and control the media.

Layoffs coming to sales?

VPs in MAS (and maybe other BUs?) have been dropping like flies since the start of the year and communication from upper management is nonexistent. Why have all these VPs been leaving? Some people have had 3 bosses this year without a single intro... —  read more 

We all must be wrong

The CEO and Stock should not be mentioned on this site as it rubs one little ego the wrong way. That person is so in love with ADP and thinks hurting 20,000 employees and all of their family members is all ok as long is it has not affected him or... —  read more 

Lousy CEO

4 years of straight layoffs by this lousy CEO. The plan IS NOT working. The company is in shambles worse than ever, even with all the fake accounting practices. The stock is down. The employee morale is beyond bad. The clients are p-ss-d. And... —  read more 

Employee Lives Matter

#ELM ADP execs need to learn a lesson. Employee Lives Matter. Those that built this company and got pushed out after 15, 20, 30 years have been essentially hurt severely for the joy of a few. No longer is that going to be tolerated. #ELM

CEO has Napoleon Complex

It is quite clear this CEO has no idea what he is doing but is desperate to attempt to be relevant. His shortcomings are many but among them is his lack of understanding of the business and what made it run and it lacking so badly now to the point... —  read more 


With the rough year and poor stock performance wondering if there's any communication as to weather they'll be bonus payouts this year. Maybe for the top layer only ? stock options ? Can't believe performance targets were hit.

Remaining tenured workers

I do thank fellow remaining tenured workers for keeping their heads up. What is tenured at ADP? These days it could be considered 5 years but I'm not talking about them. I am talking about 5 plus. 10 plus. 20 plus years. These people are not only... —  read more 

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