Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

What a disaster

ADP is a mess. This place is so dysfunctional now. Every day seems to be an unbelievable, ridiculously run, id–t set of decisions. Clients are screaming. I can't take any more of this. We would have gotten better management by going to the... —  read more 

Where is the leadership?

It is my view that ADP seems to be lacking executives with any true leadership skills. I know there have been a massive amount of layoffs that have happened at ADP in the past few years and more are planned. That surely is not leadership but an... —  read more 

Serious Question...

I think ADP is trying to fix stuff, regardless of methods, or decisions on people, but what is a legitimate question: Why is the stock falling when the markets continue to rally to all time highs? For example, today Dow is up over 500 and ADP is... —  read more 

2021 Predictions

As the new year draws closer, I have a few predictions for the new year for ADP. I base these on a number of factors but time will tell how they play out. 1) As ADP has already filed for more/continuing layoffs, more hardships will emerge and the... —  read more 

Entire team eliminated

During a pandemic, with no warning. Outsourced our work to cheaper high school level call center just like that. ADP expects unwavering loyalty but has no loyalty to those who are productive and loyal and knowledgable. Sick

get over it..

so many angry people on here. It is not the ADP we grew up in..... i took the verp , by no means was wanting to leave , but could see the writing on the wall. I loved my time at ADP , 25+ years, loved my manager and my coworkers. There is no need... —  read more 

Goals achievement - FAIL

So much has been invested and the results are nowhere to be seen. *ADP has spent tens of millions of dollars over the last 5 years with labs and secret think tank locations, all trying to make our products best in class. Why have we not achieved... —  read more 

More Transformation to come

Earnings report shows $128 million in Transformation costs for Fiscal 20’ and is projecting another $50 million for 21’. Betting that $ 50 million won’t be reached by letting go 2 - 3 executives. More worker bees are going to take the hit. Call it... —  read more 

ADP Stock Falling Again

It just never ends with ADP. Stock is in another free fall. I guess the transformation initiatives backfired! Now the STOCK IS FALLING LIKE A ROCK AND the company has an employee base that doesn't have the necessary skills to run the business AND... —  read more 

Carlos is a small man

When you can't lead and have true vision and help people, you fire people to fake profitability. This CEO has shown his lack of ability to lead. His plan has and continues to fail as evidenced by the declining revenue, the shrinking client base... —  read more 

Slimeball ADP

Go take a look at Wikipedia ... ADP has paid them off to not have truth be told about him and control the media.

Layoffs coming to sales?

VPs in MAS (and maybe other BUs?) have been dropping like flies since the start of the year and communication from upper management is nonexistent. Why have all these VPs been leaving? Some people have had 3 bosses this year without a single intro... —  read more 

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