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Lawsuits and Legal Troubles

Want to get a sense of how ADP is treating employees and clients? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the huge amount of current legal cases filed against ADP (~397)... take a look and page through the list, these are only ones posted... read more

ADP Focusing on Top 200 Clients Only

This was announced a few months ago. ADP is focusing on the dinosaurs like itself. If you aren't designated to specifically support these clients, be prepared to be escorted out of the building some day soon.

Employee apathy

Looks like we have a new condition at ADP - employee apathy. I've noticed that most people don't seem to care anymore about doing their best. They are just going through the motions every day. Very few people talk and joke around. People can't wait... read more

Management Lies Exposed

The tides will soon shift on ADP and catch up and drown the b--tards that have been riding the wave of lies, age discrimination, and unjust layoffs. Here is only one case in the hopper: More to be shown soon...

Have they ended?

I have not heard anything about recent layoffs in the past few weeks- should we assume they have ended for now? Are there assumptions that more will be laid off at the end of the FY? Has sales been impacted at all?

Severance Question (Stock and Benefits)

So it appears that with a severance package, any stock vesting that happens during the severance time frame will vest (Sept, 2019). I have two questions however- has anyone seen an extension of this vesting to a second/ third year in the past and has... read more

Not a company for a long term career

Plain and simple ADP is not a company you can have a long term career with anymore. Once you start making decent wages they let you go. I find it absurd that thousands of people lost their jobs with the company mainly because of cutting wages and yet... read more

More layoffs

I have been hearing for awhile that anyone in the VP, senior director, director role who did not have enough direct reports would be in the line of fire. NJ, will get hit, only a matter of time. This has nothing to do with underperforming. Good luck... read more

New jobs?

How hard is it to find a new job with comparable pay once you've been laid off? I'm hoping some of the people who were part of the previous layoff rounds wouldn't mind sharing their experiences. My husband was laid off last week and to be honest - we... read more

Updated Listing Of Roles Laid Off

Looking to start an updated listing of roles that have been confirmed as laid off or eliminated. Week of 5/6 there were VP/ Senior Director roles in sales operations and enablement. All were offered 30 days to find another role internally, or face... read more

29 years

I was there 29 years and got nothing. There is no guarantee you will get a severance. The whole reason for the downsizing and eliminating tenured associates is to cut costs... including severance. As advised, get your resume together and move on.

ADP Leadership Sellout

Want to know why the layoffs are occurring: ADP hired BCG (Boston Consulting Group) who is a company that specializes in brainwashing execs that "major restructuring" is needed or their business will go under. (Remember Carlos bought into this hook... read more

Fiscal Year End Layoffs

Almost every conversation on this site talks of consistent layoffs which will continue within the ADP organization for quite a while. Tenured individuals were a priority in order to eliminate as much of the pension fund and higher salaries as... read more

Some management layoffs this week

I've already heard of several middle managers being let go, and a VP, this week. I'm sure a realignment is next, the manager shuffle... Two were from Alpharetta, one was remote, all from National Accounts I thought this info needed to be on top, just... read more

Competitors hammering ADP

Talked to a friend in sales. Competitors are hammering ADP with the layoffs, offshoring and rest of the c-ap going on. Said that they lost some tenured people on their side - some voluntary and some not. Can you imagine trying to look a buyer in the... read more

End of year reduction?

Is anyone hearing the same rumors that there is a focus on finishing the current fiscal year, and then announcing a significant reduction at the end of June?

Companies don't have to give you ANY severance

Keep in mind that companies don't have to give you ANY severance. They can ask you to leave without anything besides any vacation, time worked, and maybe some bonus amount depending on when you leave the company. If you're sticking around for a... read more
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Big Acquisition?!?!?!?!

Anyone hear of a recent big acquisition ADP made but is being secretive about? I haven't seen it in announcements to associates or in recent town hall meeting but friends outside ADP ask about it? How do they know and we dont?

ADP Stock Grant- After Severance

Has anyone seen/ heard examples of an employee still getting their stock grant that vests in September, even if they were laid off prior to the Sept vesting date? Can stock vesting that fall within the 6 month severance still vest as part of the... read more

Is VP round next?

I heard that the "VP round" is next, though I am not sure I believe it. I was told that their are a number of VP's that were part of the process in eliminating the higher paid, higher skilled, longer term good employees that are themselves in the... read more

Six month maximum severance

2 weeks per year of service, max of six months. Paid out over your regular pay cycle, minus benefit/retirement deductions. Is this true? Is the cap really six months no matter how long you've been with the company? So a person who's been here for 13... read more

Life at an ADP Super-center

I was laid off from ADP from a non super center location. I would love to hear from the workers at the super centers. How do you like the open office environment? How is it working like a dog and not getting any bonuses? How is the pay? Are you... read more

HR is not on your side!

Amazing how some people are so nieve to think HR is there for the employees. Take it from someone who worked at adp for over 30 years and was in a mgmt position, HR is there to support mgmt PERIOD! If you don’t believe this try going to HR and see... read more

What happens to pension if adp sinks?

For layed off employees like myself, if/when adp sinks and goes under from all of these terrible decisions what happens to the pensions that tenured played off employees were due from adp? I've never gone through this before so have no idea. Am... read more

Retirees will not be hired as contractors

I have been told that to be hired as even a contractor after the 6 month dead time, a person who took the early retirement (I cannot call it voluntary, given the context) has to be approved by top management. Anyone else hearing this? I am also not... read more

This is only a short term solution

ADP senior leadership believes it can be more successful (considering only stock price) with less experienced, less skilled EEs that make less money. Cutting costs like that is known to raise stock prices in the short term. It remains to be seen if... read more

Even Ackman likes what ADP is doing

“Automatic Data Processing, Inc (“ADP”)ADP is a high-quality, defensive business which is in the early stages of a long-term transformation that should drive significant value creation as it closes the performance gap and achieves its structural... read more

Major mistakes yielding major disasters

You don't have to see the decision making or be a part of that process. You only have to see the disastrous results that has been produced from that decision making. Getting rid of top performing employees has been the result of the decision making... read more


Does anyone know how layoffs are determined? There’s more coming & the “poor performers” have already been let go.

Retirement Promises Not Kept

The condition of retirement for many employees at ADP was that ADP would provide medical coverage at the same group rate for 2 years. I recently learned that Aetna will not cover a former employee after employment during those 2 years if the employee... read more

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