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HR is not on your side!

Amazing how some people are so nieve to think HR is there for the employees. Take it from someone who worked at adp for over 30 years and was in a mgmt position, HR is there to support mgmt PERIOD! If you don’t believe this try going to HR and see... read more
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What happens to pension if adp sinks?

For layed off employees like myself, if/when adp sinks and goes under from all of these terrible decisions what happens to the pensions that tenured played off employees were due from adp? I've never gone through this before so have no idea. Am... read more

Retirees will not be hired as contractors

I have been told that to be hired as even a contractor after the 6 month dead time, a person who took the early retirement (I cannot call it voluntary, given the context) has to be approved by top management. Anyone else hearing this? I am also not... read more

This is only a short term solution

ADP senior leadership believes it can be more successful (considering only stock price) with less experienced, less skilled EEs that make less money. Cutting costs like that is known to raise stock prices in the short term. It remains to be seen if... read more

Even Ackman likes what ADP is doing

“Automatic Data Processing, Inc (“ADP”)ADP is a high-quality, defensive business which is in the early stages of a long-term transformation that should drive significant value creation as it closes the performance gap and achieves its structural... read more

Major mistakes yielding major disasters

You don't have to see the decision making or be a part of that process. You only have to see the disastrous results that has been produced from that decision making. Getting rid of top performing employees has been the result of the decision making... read more


Does anyone know how layoffs are determined? There’s more coming & the “poor performers” have already been let go.

Retirement Promises Not Kept

The condition of retirement for many employees at ADP was that ADP would provide medical coverage at the same group rate for 2 years. I recently learned that Aetna will not cover a former employee after employment during those 2 years if the employee... read more

American Greed at its finest

All of this started in 2017 when William Ackman from Pershing Square attempted a hostile takeover. ADP is paying 50% of what they paid employees 5 years ago, and are not only destroying the culture of the company and its standing with clients, but... read more

New branding

I’m still at ADP for now. I like my boss and my job. But this company is getting weirder all the time. Does anyone else hate the new branding? I can’t believe they paid someone money for that. It’s so ugly.

More layoffs today?

I see several people posted they had layoffs at their locations yesterday - but it all seems to be in single digits, which is somewhat unusual. Was this just one of the smaller rounds or can we expect more today or sometime before the end of the... read more

Voluntary Separation?

With ADP apparently laying off, I wonder if you could voluntarily separate and still get severance? I have heard of other companies doing that when they are downsizing their workforce. I am currently homeshored and it seems like we are on the... read more

KARMA=Dissatisfied Clients And Employees

Sometimes, it’s all you can say. At some point, it is no longer just business. There are unforeseen consequences and repurcussions which they never consider. That’s unfortunate, until KARMA hits, and they have no other choice but to remember names... read more

Declined VERP, then got laid off

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of an employee who turned down the retirement offer, only to lose their job due to office closure or any other headcount reduction strategy?

Do we know total numbers?

Do we know how many people received their notifications yesterday? Judging by posts here, it was not a small round. Also, have there been any more notifications today? Friday is usually not a day for layoffs, but I wouldn't be surprised if ADP... read more

Last round of VERP

Last round of VERP associates leave on Friday March 1st. Want to wish them all the best in their next chapter of their lives. Good Luck to everyone. Change is good.

ADP experience roadblock to other companies

Curious if others have found that their ADP experience has been a road block to finding jobs in non payroll companies. Seems like the outdated systems and methodologies don’t transfer well to other business models. ADP talks about moving away from... read more

Empty handed when Let Go

I read a lot about being laid off or let go with nothing, but no one has ever confirmed, that I have read. If that was you or your situation, please share the reason—fired, disciplinary, performance issues, absenteeism, homeshored or just ADP’s WILL... read more

Reporting early retirement manager or others

Has anyone else contemplated reporting a manager who accepted the VERP package? The terms of this contract were to work in an ethical manner and for the good of the company until the last day. If one we to be a whistle blower does anyone have any... read more

True Keeping Cheaper Workers?

If they're keeping cheap labor and piling on more work for less pay, who wouldn't be ready to go when they have a chance? It's a compliment to be paid to leave nowadays. Don't fight it. Welcome it. I did.

Do they really offer a pay raise?

Is it true that ADP offers a pay raise to more recent employees when they announce they are leaving the company? This was mentioned by several folks in another thread and it would be nice to know if it's really true. Not that I'd want to test it out... read more

Severance Packages

I know there isn't a "standard" severance package at ADP, but what are some experiences of those who have been laid off? How long were you at ADP and what did you ultimately get for severance? How many weeks, etc?

Any regrets?

I'm thinking about leaving on my own, but I'm having trouble deciding to make that final step and give in my resignation. I was curious, people who worked at ADP and left on your own - do you have any regrets? I know there are at least a few who... read more


Carlos is a lousy CEO. He laid off thousands of his employees to replace them with cheap labor killing the American dream of trying to earn a decent wage in this country.

January End. Where are layoff notices?

Maybe they have been handled secretly but I thought a poster said layoff notices would be given in January for March layoffs. Where they at? Oh wait. Still a few more Jan days. Never mind.

Doing more with less

The amount of overtime associates are having to put in is shameful. They never call it mandatory but if you don't do the overtime you fall behind and get asked a lot of questions as to why something didn't get done. Do more with less is only forcing... read more

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Has anybody who was laid off in June last year got your W-2 in mail yet?

ADP Benevolence

ADP has branded itself as a "benevolent company" to other companies/competitors. They grow talent-train, certify and promote associated-just to offer them (talent they have invested in), to other companies, with open arms through layoffs and forcing... read more


I was one of the employees who took the the pension package. However, I did not decide when to leave. I applied for employment benefits and was not bale to receive it because they stated it was voluntary. I have heard that same of the employees did... read more

ADP Ranks in Top 100 Worst Places to Work

Poor Leadership Toxic Environment Threatening Management No real training New employees are not qualified Highly Unethical Corrupt Human Resources Low Wages Cattle Mentality Management Poor Products

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