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Coronavirus invades executive ranks

There is still hope for those employees who lost so much at the hands of the top executives at ADP. We can cross our fingers that they are taken out by whatever fate is in store, even if that is coronavirus.

No ADP More Layoffs!

"No More ADP Layoffs. Ha Ha, April fools!" ... was overheard being said one exec to another today. What an awful despicable company. No wonder so many clients are leaving and the stock is falling.

ADP Still Hiring Despite the Coronavirus

ADP is still hiring despite the coronavirus. I guess with the large amount of employee turnover there they have to keep hiring as employees leave to keep staffing up.

CEO K--ls ADP's Future

Carlos Rodriquez, CEO of ADP, almost single-handly has set the future of ADP for a questionable and almost certainly very long recovery, if even possible. Under his "leadership" the stock has declined 40% in just 30 days! (imagine 3 months... —  read more 

Work From Home Irony

Anyone else think it’s hysterical that ADP has been trying to eliminate remote associates but is now forced to make everyone work from home due to the virus? It’s cracking me up for sure.

$1000 bonus!!

Announced earlier today...all US employees receive a $1000 stipend on the 1st pay in April. I'll take it!

Am I okay here?

Graduated in 2019 and got a position in May at ADP as a dev. It seems obvious to me that we will have a recession soon and first ones in are normally the first ones out. Everyone's reassuring me that it'll all be okay but it doesn't seem to be... —  read more 

Is pension funded to weather current storm?

Since the one-time huge surplus in the pension, built through ADP stock appreciation, was mostly exhausted with the VERP payments, is there any way to assess how well funded the remaining pension is right now? And is it still heavily invested in ADP... —  read more 

ADP Supercenters

In light of the coronavirus and the highly inexperienced lazy millenial workforce that this company has been replacing the talent with solely for money and age discrimination reasons, it seems like the ADP Supercenters are turning out to be one of... —  read more 

More and More Layoffs Ahead!

Straight from the SEC 10-Q filings on January 31, 2020... they state they are continuing "transformation initiatives" (aka layoffs) for the foreseeable future. Now this lie from the CEO is funny and I guess the stock price now pretty much proves... —  read more 

Losing one of the good guys

ADP is losing one of their good guys. Roland Cloutier, Chief Security Officer, is leaving to take over as Chief Security Information Officer at TikTok

Pension sessions

Anyone attend one of the Pension sessions that HR planned? Wondering how it went !!

Bye bye TP?

Wonder if he’s leaving on his own or was pushed out.

This actually happened

Somebody posted this yesterday but there was an issue with the link and it took me a while to open it. Not sure if that's why it's gone, but here it is again because it's too good not to be on here. It took me a while to accept this was a real thing... —  read more 

ADP Stock

Keep your eyes on ADP stock. Due to coronavirus? Down due to the coronavirus? Or is it something else. Only time will tell.

Town Hall

Thank you to all of the associates for generating 68,000 w2 pay slips - now we are going to lay you off. We need to double down????? Smh How does he do it? How does he, and the others, talk with a straight face? How do they sleep at night? ... —  read more 

Let's talk severance!

We know the layoffs are (unfortunately) happening but for those of you that have been laid off can you tell us how long you were here and what severance you were offered?

Teletime, another ADP disaster

Is Teletime home grown or a company ADP bought? It hasn’t worked for a week. First the notice said to report missing punches then it said only have manager add missed punches. Now there are multiple punches for each day. The app doesn’t work most... —  read more 

ADP Pension Elimination

Carlos here are a few high paid, pensioned, long term, over 40/50 employees you need to target: Debbie Dyson Sreeni Kutam Matthew Levin Maria Black John Ayala Michael Bonarti Don McQuire Dermot O'Brien Tom Perotti Doug Politi Stuart... —  read more 

Are you kidding me with this?

Each time someone was called in, HR went to that desk to get the employee's personal stuff. The employee didn't even get to go back to their desk. Very sad and what a way to show appreciation for the way these people busted their chops to complete... —  read more 

Pension plan freeze June 30

No additional benefits will be earned after that date. Still earn interest while that $ is in the plan. Now the 401k match will be dollar to dollar. But ADP recognizes the role that we play in its success. Uh huh. Got some land in FL u want to sell... —  read more 

Post recent layoffs here

Looking to get an idea of the latest layoffs in 2020. Please share the location, home shored or not. Job category or title and when was the layoff?

Golf Clap for the Execs!

Just looking at the stock today (down 6.50), it seems the execs at ADP have missed the mark! Perhaps the grand 2020 vision is complete blindness! Well done! Maybe the millennial's can save the stock! Ha Ha

Another Round of RIFS

Just got out of a team huddle and there were more layoffs in MAS Tech both homeshore and in office Final days in March at least they got the severance package.

Side splitting laughter....

Some people are just lying scum... what can I say. Apparently ADP‘s wonderful CEO is one of them. ADP, a leading global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions, has been named by FORTUNE® magazine as one... —  read more 

Telesales Turnover Surge

Huge jump in senior leader changes in Telesales. The leader of all of Telesales left in Sept to work for Ceridian after 20 years with ADP. Both Major Accounts DVP’s left Telesales roles in the past year each with over 20 years with ADP. Now there... —  read more 

Poor Leadership

Poor, poor leadership. Don't lose your faith in good leadership. It does exist!... even though not recently at ADP. You might just be a good leader and see what the issues are that you can be better at working for other companies. ADP wants this and... —  read more 

Exempt now changed to hourly

I was just told today that I am switching from being an exempt employee to an hourly employee eligible for overtime. Been with the company 18 years and now I have to punch in/out each day like I’m 16 again. I was told there isn’t much of a... —  read more 

Here's a fun (public) fact about Carlos

His total compensation from ADP in 2018 was over $12 million While his official salary is just over $1 million, Rodriguez has various other incentives in his contract that brings his current compensation package to a bit over $12 million. This... —  read more 

Q1 Earnings Call- October 30th

Do we expect C Rod and his new CFO to announce the bleeding has stemmed and the layoffs have ceased? Not a chance. Stay tuned for this call on 10/30. I’m guessing the recent slide in stock is indicative of what we are about to hear.

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