Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Interviewing at ADP

I’m going into a final interview round at ADP HQ and just learned about the layoffs. I have to say it’s making me rethink wanting to work there. I’m currently at another company that has had rounds of layoffs and don’t want to jump ship for something... — read more 

It’s nearly layoff season

Do we know anything yet about the next major round? I’m mostly wondering if it’ll be in April or May since I doubt it’ll happen any later than that. Not only is that the usual layoff time but with all the cuts happening in all industries, I’d be... — read more 


It makes me sick - I have a team that works 60-70 hrs per week, and I can’t get approval for a simple expense for a dinner out. Look at the opulence of MoM.

Leadership changes

Carols saying it was a privilege to be the CEO for the past eleven years makes me want to vomit. He put thousands of employees out of work during his poor leadership and ADP has been a dumpster fire ever since.

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