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This morning has a report on companies that have ' 7 wide moat stocks to avoid'.... Companies that are way overpriced. ADP is number #1 on the list....more than 53% over fair value and it will only get worse.

Serious Problems at ADP

Employee morale is very low and turnover is high as new workers that are hired in to replace eliminated experienced workers are finding it very difficult to come up to speed without the guidance of those veteran workers who are no longer there, and... read more
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Another VERP

Second wave of VERP is three weeks away. Let's see how great ADP will be after that, of course the last round is March. A lot of business knowledge is leaving, you can't get that back from the folks that you are trying to hire today.

Severe Challenges at ADP

In eliminating most of their experienced employees, ADP has lost much of its knowledge base. Unfortunately, the new employees haven't come up to speed and this is showing in dissatisfied clients whose problems are not resolved in a timely manner... read more
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Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at ADP

ADP has replaced many veteran employees that have worked at this company for 10, 20, or more years. The reason was that the company felt its employees were overcompensated and wanted to save on labor costs. ADP hired new employees to replace the... read more

I find it interesting...

I was laid off earlier this year from ADP. In the last 2 weeks I have had 3 - yes I said that right, 3 recruiters reaching out to me to see if I want to do contract work for their client ADP through March of next year. Guess who could give a $hit?... read more

New Way Incentive Plan - BS

More dumb trinkets again I they stopped doing this and would be giving us real $ or gift cards that we could really use not water bottles and ADP jackets who wants to wear those GTFOH!

MAS - TS Reporting

Calls are starting to spike in the 100's you think! You just let 20 experienced reps go. THE F--!

Latest on severance?

What's the latest on severance? Has it been reduced like it was rumored or is it still the usual?

One time merit increase

What do you all think about the email that came out today about the additional increase? I’m not a financial person but why is it stressed it’s a one time deal? Is that so people don’t look for it every year? And why is it going to be a separate item... read more

Several things need to be kept in perspective

The newbies don't realize that associates used to be able to buy ADP stock through the 401(k) program and that was taken away several years ago so that only those who received a share or two from their 5 or 10 year anniversaries had the ability to... read more


Lots of Negativity

From the sound of it here there is a TON of negativity spewing forth from a lot of folks who were fired or retired on their own. They claim to be tenured and knowledgeable however if the negativity here was spread through their influence in the... read more


You may be low paid and underqualified but that does not automatically mean that you are stupid. The problem is that the work that is expected from new employees is too much for too little pay. It takes years for a new employee to become productive... read more

Will it stop?

So stressed to keep hearing about more and more people being let go. Those of that are passionate about our job - it’s hard when you hear another one was let go or another wave hit.


The news as of August 1 is that ADP has acquired a $3 billion company named Celergo. What gives? Does this mean that ADP will drop its current products and incorporate Celergo with its highly paid employees, getting completely rid of their own low... read more

When will homeshored folks be laid off?

I am a homeshored employee at adp and every time there is talk of another layoff I get all hopeful thinking maybe now it will finally happen and I will be free but I am sadly still here working for this effed up company.I am looking for other places... read more

Friday Aug 3

Does anyone have a number for how many early retirees given the August 3 date?

Oh no!

ADP stock is down over three dollars a share today (07/30). This is unacceptable. Hurry Carlos, don't waste any time. Make sure you lay off another 30,000 .... you scumbag waste of life.

International ERP?

Hi, anyone heard any rumours of the ERP being rolled out globally? Just interested to know as it seems to be the USA at the moment but there are CoE’s being set up in other locations outside the USA, which I assume will have a similar impact.
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ADP El Paso

Hate the lying and disrespect. Why is this shady company allowed to treat employees this way. Is this what is referred to as MAGA? No consideration for the people that work here just hire staff then layoff in 3 months what an evil way to do business!... read more

These are replacements, not layoffs

The layoffs will only end when all of the experienced, veteran, "high-priced" employees are replaced by cheap workers who will work at the new hubs. Remember, these are not real layoffs, they are "replacements". The work is still there, it is just... read more

Will this ever end?

There are rumors circulating once again about more layoffs and I'm starting to wonder if this will ever end. People work so hard to get where they are what for? So they can be dismissed without a second thought, like they never existed? This company... read more

More layoffs at ADP

I heard 67 associates in benefits were laid off this week. The knowledgeable ones of course. Has anybody heard more about this? Can we expect to see more layoffs this week, if this is true? I'm so tired of these small rounds that seem like they never... read more

Just because you can sue, doesn't mean you should

Today anyone can sue for anything. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. To sue ADP for age discrimination would be a huge waste of money and time because you won’t win. All of these layoffs are carefully planned and thought out. Each... read more

Roll call of layoffs

I feel like we need roll call. Were you laid off, quit or fired, what area, how many other people were affected? I’ll start.... I was notified of being laid off in January, as a business consultant in Sales, 80 other consultants were laid off. I went... read more

From a former employee

I was laid off from ADP this year and I am so much happier now that I no longer work in that depressing place. My words of advice to others - there is life after ADP. I am more relaxed now and I think that upper management will realize at year end... read more

New Bonus Plan?

What does everyone think of the new bonus plan? 5% of your salary for the whole company starting next year? Sounds pretty good to me. Maybe the ERP and layoffs along with the recent Trump tax cuts have freed up some money that is going to be... read more

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