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Just because you can sue, doesn't mean you should

Today anyone can sue for anything. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. To sue ADP for age discrimination would be a huge waste of money and time because you won’t win. All of these layoffs are carefully planned and thought out. Each... read more

Roll call of layoffs

I feel like we need roll call. Were you laid off, quit or fired, what area, how many other people were affected? I’ll start.... I was notified of being laid off in January, as a business consultant in Sales, 80 other consultants were laid off. I went... read more

From a former employee

I was laid off from ADP this year and I am so much happier now that I no longer work in that depressing place. My words of advice to others - there is life after ADP. I am more relaxed now and I think that upper management will realize at year end... read more

New Bonus Plan?

What does everyone think of the new bonus plan? 5% of your salary for the whole company starting next year? Sounds pretty good to me. Maybe the ERP and layoffs along with the recent Trump tax cuts have freed up some money that is going to be... read more

ADP had to cut costs

ADP had to cut costs, and employee compensation is the biggest expense. There isn't a company out there that isn't always trying to find the most effective way to perform the necessary functions at the lowest possible cost. Part of that is replacing... read more

More layoffs this week?

Do we know if there will be more? I hope I'm stressing over nothing, but with these small and isolated rounds...

As Innovators, ADP Management Has Failed

There seems to be some talk on this site that ADP is getting rid of its experienced workers so that "innovators" could be brought in - people who will introduce new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things. However, this logic is flawed. When... read more

How many were actually laid off?

Do we have any idea how many people were actually laid off last week? There are so many comments in several threads of people mentioning layoffs in various groups, that I'm starting to think this must have been one of the larger rounds that for some... read more

Hate To Say It...BUT

A good many of the folks who were forced into early retirement have been with the company for many years and in some cases decades. Which is good, however, in my time there I've found that a lot of the old timers tend to hold onto antiquated... read more

Read new hire comments

ADP managers and the HR department should take time and do a employee survey. Seems like they have a lot of unhappy new employees that are stressed out and underpaid. This is what happens when a company cuts the work force and pays low wages to new... read more

Thank you ERP!

Had to Logon over the weekend, and needed to be logged in before 3AM to monitor some changes. Good Luck finding someone in the NEW Workforce to fill the void. In the end it is NOT my problem when exiting in a couple months. Thank you ERP!
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Can ADP survive with just Millennials?

Considering that ADP seems on a warpath to get rid of everybody over fifty at the company (actually, I think the age has been pushed down even further, but let's say fifty for now) is it even feasible for the company to survive with just Millennials... read more

No more early retirement offers

Way way back in the day, I’m going to say June 2001 or June 2002 there was a voluntary lay off offered. Then the following June a flat out Lay off. Then the big OEI (organizational effeciency initiative I believe is what it stood for) and SO many... read more

ADP in a nutshell

Of the 40 plus people I know offered the retirement deal only 2 people didn't take it. It's my understanding the planned for about 30 percent of those offered the package to accept it. It's way higher! Many of these people whom are leaving did so... read more

Unbelievable incompetence

It took ADP management 18 months to figure out that cheap labor couldn't do the jobs that experienced and dedicated associates were doing? Unbelievable incompetence! They should have known this in advance. That is what they are paid their high... read more

6/1 layoff wave

It should be interesting to see who says what about ADP after the people who are leaving today find out about this page. honestly, it's pretty crazy to see so many people being fired or forced out but I suppose this is all part of the fallout of... read more

This week's layoffs notices

A handful of people in the learning organization were given notice yesterday that they're let go as of 6/29. No word of ending home-shore arrangements from leaders. I know they're moving away from home-shoring (no new hires are home-shored), and I'm... read more

Purpose of layoffs was to save on labor cost

If you are an employee of any kind at ADP long before the strategic locations came to be, then you are a highly paid employee. Because the wages that ADP pays at these new locations is very low. That was the purpose of the layoffs - to save on labor... read more

Completion of the layoffs

It is almost the end of the fiscal year when they wanted all of the locations and home shored employees that were not in the super centers gone - how far are they with their plan? Have most or all of the small offices been given dates of their... read more

From the former Associate

Too many of you, or perhaps its the same person who responds to all of these posts, are looking at this through a narrow lens of the impact to you personally. ADP needs to fix their products, not protect a bunch of associates who are paid extremely... read more

ADP COBOL associates are the key......

Doing a Google search (ADP layoffs)...I just found this blog! I took the ER very early when offered and so did most of us in mainframe programming. We are mostly over 55 with many years with ADP (I started in 1992) The BAD news---- ADP Upper... read more

We are ADP

Going down in flames...enjoy...

Let's not forget past ADP associates....

What ADP is doing and has become is a crime but let's not forget the ADP associates who were let go 2011-2017 time frame. I know (1) in 2011, (3) in 2012, (3) in (2014), (1) in 2017 all in my former group at the Roseland 1ADP one has... read more
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Managers with no experience

Why does ADP layoff thousands of long time employees with years of experience, and make bad decisions of hiring people for manager positions with a background in culinary arts? I bet the skirt was riding high for that dumb a-- idea.

What kind of leader is Carlos?

The problem is, he isn't. The only thing he has done is lead the company into ruins. Don't believe me? How can hundreds of comments be wrong? Read them. Ask any current or former employee what they have witnessed for themselves. Here are a few of the... read more

ADP manager traits - a list

Here is a list of traits that make a great manager at ADP: •soulless •ninja with corporate jargon •like being a cog in a money machine that only cares about its stock price •crushing employees hopes and dreams •love PowerPoint presentations •great at... read more

How many accepted the early retirement offer?

Not sure if we will find out how many retirement packages were accepted but they said in the 8K filing that they needed at least 3500, if under that there will be additional cuts for sure. Do we have any indications on how many people accepted the... read more

If you work at ADP do not go to HR for anything

You can make a report about your direct manager and the HR rep who happens to click on your case will go to the manager without even talking with you to see what going on. I had a manager laugh as the manager read me the email HR sent to talk to me... read more

ADP is going down in FLAMES

They just decided that Technical Services will now have PHP handle ALLTechnical calls (cluster f&^K) and US reps will take ALL reporting calls and go back to charging clients for reports like the old reportsmith days.

Corporate ninja

My office was long since closed. My team is a ONEADP silo. My original team is all gone but myself. The axe swings wildly and Senior Management is apparently seeing the fruits of their RIF. Anyhow. This used to be a career destination. But now has... read more

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