Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Topics regarding layoffs at ADP

Rumors buzzing in sales

Rumor has it that Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has been recommending big changes to the sales org. Changes were supposed to happen with new fiscal but have been pushed out until the start of Q2 leaving all the sales people hanging. The rumors are... —  read more 

COVID Exposure - RTO

Not sure if this will get read by the cronies at ADP (meaning Sr. Leadership) but here are my thoughts. Since RTO happened the cases of COVID continue to spike in the office. Many people have been A symptomatic and have caused illness to spread in... —  read more 

Leaving ADP.

Attempting to leave ADP is another terrible experience. Be aware your HSA, FSA, medical, dental benefits etc will be handled by Health Equity / WageWorks. A more inept and incompetent company with inept and incompetent employees would be difficult... —  read more 

Rumor about severance pay

I've been very worried lately because a colleague told me about rumors that severance pay is likely to be reduced. Has anyone else heard anything about it? That would be really humiliating. If that rumor is true, I won't have any dilemma whether to... —  read more 

Expectations are growing

I assume that most of us here meet our share of unrealistic expectations from this company every day, so there is no need to describe it in detail. I understand that leadership wants to squeeze employees out as much as possible, but they don’t... —  read more 

VERP Round 2? Any chance?

There well may have been intentions to have another round of early retirement. Did the overwhelming response from Round 1, COVID and the Great Resignation ki-l any chance of this? Could the next generation product help the chances?

Hiring but nobody is hired?

I heard rumors that ADP is hiring but nobody's getting hired. Some positions are reportedly open, however, they are not being filled, ie no one is getting employed. Is this really happening? It wouldn’t surprise me because we’re very, very... —  read more 

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