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New York Suffolk county gca 105

So unfortunately a tech passed away that was illegally covering gca 105 from gca 104 boroughs. Rip. Anyway the only technician left in gca 105 ( who was illegally in the middle of the night reassigned there to avoid being laid off) lives in Staten... read more

UC/CC Split

EC considering split of UC and CC business for company auction. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I was an Avaya tech once.

I get it. Believe me. I was an Avaya tech once. You can't beat them so you either join them or find another job. Which is what I did. I was fed up with working with a bunch of folks who couldn't care less about the company, or the customers, or even... read more

Technicians need to know when its time to retire

What's mind boggling to me is that we have men who have been with this company over 40 years and are being offered 2 years salary to retire and don't, these technicians like thinker said sit in dedicated accounts and collect a hefty paycheck and have... read more

Offer letter not received

I gave interview for pune location. HR said I am selected but hiring is on hold. Is there something serious problem with the company. Should I choose to join Avaya or not?

Gps in company vehicles

Here is the rumor. Since we all know technicians do absolutely nothing all day the company is hiring an outside firm to go over company vehicle gps reports and location on company cell phones. Thus will enable the company legally to fire associates... read more

Layoff news?

Anything new on possible Avaya layoffs? Rumors are starting to circulate at the office once again but it's still mostly just guessing. Anybody knows more here?

Words of advice

Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. Just think why your beloved leader is leaving after all having such a good position already. He surely knows that disaster is on the way sooner or later. How do... read more

A lot of people leaving all of a sudden

We always have attrition, but what's been happening in the last several weeks if significantly above anything we've seen so far at our location. What could be the cause of it? The company is neither better nor worse than it has been in the past year... read more

Cwa 1104 union tape

The union message for Avaya Cwa 1104 has not been charged since January 20th 2017. How is this possible, what kind of Union do we have. No wonder Avaya does number 2 all over us we are weak and ripe for the taking. Its not my style to call in sick, i... read more


I heard big layoffs in GCA 104. Not just craft management too. Is this true?

Q2 Results

So Wall Street expected earnings of $.72 per share, we ended up LOSING $.12 per share.....wow. Now stocks are tanking and we are supposed to tell customers what?

Annual appraisal

Heard that annual appraisals in India will be bad this year? Please do update genuine percentage hike and location for sake of everyone else.

I'm leaving, but...

It has happened to me before to take a job and then find it was completely different deal from what I expected. I really don't want something like that to happen to me again. Any ideas on how to get a sense of work environment at a new place of work... read more

How is current job market outside Avaya India?

Can we get competitive salary in other companies? Is it worth to stay at Avaya after hearing auction news? I don't know it is good or bad for Avaya but for employees these kind of changes has always been disaster.

What happened to April layoffs?

So far nothing, at least nothing that I've heard off. Since it's nearly the end of the month, does that mean that rumor turned out to be exactly that - just a rumor? Or should I be worried about what might happen this week?

Not waiting any longer

I'm done waiting for Avaya to lay me off or fire me (something else they've started doing more frequently.) I'm leaving this place and never intend to look back. i can't tell you what relief I felt when I finally made this decision. My advice to... read more

Do you trust Avaya leadership?

I'm curious how many of us actually believe that the current leadership can turn Avaya around? Considering that their main response to dropping revenue has so far been layoffs, layoffs and more layoffs, I'm really not seeing a bright future for the... read more

New York

Do the rechnicians in New York still take OPEN time because there is absolutely no work and do they still make pick tickets to look busy even though there is no work, since Avaya is a public company and one in serious financial trouble i think its a... read more

And then this...


April layoffs at Avaya?

Is it true? Several people at the office seem convinced we'll be seeing more layoffs next month. I'm not sure where they got that info, so it'd be nice to know if they're right or just spreading unsubstantiated rumors. I'd really appreciate any info... read more

Why so much negativity?

Why Avaya Employees are not happy with their work? I see so much negativity across the floor at Pune office. Every other person I meet wants to get hold of any new opportunity outside Avaya as soon as possible. This is extremely bad culture.

DT position being created

I hear DT distrebuteon technicians are beeng hird again. I pull wire and was promoted to tech and hoenestly dont like calling tech help to program things i don't understand, pulling wire is easy and i like it betterer. I am so exciteed to pull wire... read more

High attrition???

I am curious to know why so many people in R&D are resigning....? I am seeing this trend in US and India as well.

Avaya Executive Compensation

Well my fellow Avayans if you needed reminding any further of how our inept leadership devoid of any talent / vision are destroying the company take a look at pages 7 & 8 of the amended 10-K report on our investor relations page... read more

Layoff in IT team

Four people fired in my IT server team from Pune location. How abt other BUs? I heard some layoffs in support services team as well.

Will there be any layoffs soon?

Very little layoffs chatter here. I have a feeling I'm getting lulled into a false sense of job security lately with Avaya. Usually this should be a good thing, but what can I say, I guess all the previous years with the company have made me somewhat... read more

How is Avaya doing currently?

Is it good to join Avaya in India now? I came across this blog while researching for Avaya. How much average hike an employee get every year? How is the management and HR policies. Any help would be really appreciated.

I'm out!

Finally made the decision to leave this place. Considering Avaya turned into a joke lately, I'm certain I made the right decision. So much nepotism, so much b---s--- politics to wade through... This company is sinking and it will take all of you down... read more

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