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No direction

It's really annoying to see how many same mistakes are being repeated at Avaya that pushed us into Chapter 11 in the first place. Upper management is running things with no real direction. They make decisions as if they have no idea what is it that... read more

Any news on possible December layoffs?

Been hearing from several different sources that December layoffs might not be just a rumor, but nobody was able to provide any details on it - how many will be laid off, where, what departments... I was hoping somebody here could have some more info... read more

Forget about improving at Avaya

One would think, considering that Avaya is emerging as a reinvented company, that it would need to attract new talent and retain the one it has, but it seems that the management is doing exactly the opposite. I mean, who in their right mind would... read more

Avaya Cloud has a new leader

In an official statement, the company confirmed that Gaurav Passi is joining Avaya as president of its cloud business division. The new president of Avaya Cloud has over a decade of experience as an executive in cloud-related companies and judging by... read more

Mismanagement and Partiality Pune

The Pune Sr. Managers and Directors are very c-ap. They would occupy a cabin and rest in peace. They would also provide comfortable seating to the near and dear ones. No set criteria for allocating manager cubicle. Respect senior employees and... read more

Avaya to be AT&T again

AT&T eyeing for Avaya again. After merger AT&T will have highest stake in Avaya but it will keep it as a separate independent entity.

Monster Layoffs in December

It's gonna be a catastrophic event. HUGE Layoffs will occur in December followed by organizational changes and site consolidation announcements. Keep watching this space for the updates.


Zang was supposed to be wheel-of-fortune for Avaya. What happened????

Avaya techs layoffs

Funny how things come full circle, especially in the Northeast. I can say first hand from experience those techs do not deserve a package at all. Bunch of cowards. Words of wisdom to the new management, MA and CT techs can’t be trusted, trust me when... read more

More Avaya layoffs

15% headcount reduction coming Found this in another thread, any chance we can get some more info on this? Where did this number come from? Is it referring to the U.S.? If it is is there any way to know when and where? Any additional information... read more

What's Going On !

So now Avaya International are holding back 25% of FY18 compensation of all quota carrying individuals until end of November because there is too much work involved to confirm the numbers ??? This s---s beyond believe and is just a ploy to spread... read more

Avaya in FY18

Happy new FY,avayans. How has it been for you? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? year started with the acquisition of spoken. personally think it’s utter rubbish. The US folks have now a phrase for it: Spoken is Broken. But that’s Avaya for you... read more

Spirit Systems and Legends. Partner 2 also

These systems are going to be returning that's what i hear. Anyone not fluent in these systems will be let go and declared a surplus employee. Not sure if i can learn this technology in time.

Avaya - Herd Mentality

I see 'herd mentality' around Avaya. Nowadays all the fuss at Avaya is about Devops, Agile and Cloud and that's because industry is moving towards it. The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. And Avaya will surely... read more

Promotion at Avaya

I am In R&D pune. Can some one tell me how many years we need to stay at 20-20 level before we are promoted to 30 level.? How many years we need to stay at Software Engineer III to go to next level Software Engineer IV? Minimum pay of Software... read more

Baltimore, New York, Miami and Georgia

There will be a surplus announced mid September in Baltimore, Miami,New York and Georgia. 5 tech positions total. 2 in NY and 1 in each other area. LA could see a reduction but not in September. Confirmed information.

September 2018 Layoffs

I am hearing lot about next round of layoffs in September. Is it true or rumours...? Heard that short list is being prepared again similar to last round of layoff.

Tough times for Avaya in Europe

Avaya lost yet another deal against Huawei. http://e.huawei.com/in/videos/global/2016/201612301724 Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communication sales have gone 25% higher than Avaya in last one year.

Ottawa office is being sublet (partially)

The second floor of the Legget Drive office is to be sublet to Innovapost. They will take 3 months to renovate before moving in. Innovapost is taking the entire second floor including the customer visit center, so that they can come in the front and... read more

Pune hiring, Increment, office renovation

Hahahaha Pune office is getting renovated followed by increment and hiring but also heard layoff in September? Maybe renovated office requires renovated people πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Next round of layoff

Aug-Sept 2018 will see another round of layoff. The data collection exercise to identify the people has already been started similar to how it was done last time where 100s of people were fired. This will happen at all locations where hiring is going... read more

Forcing people back to Avaya

A tech will be back soon that was laid off in December. He doesn't want to come back but is being forced to. And long island has zero techs. (At the moment) there will be one returning very soon. I'm sorry, but can you explain how are they forcing... read more

Tuesday layoffs

Services layoffs today. VTP is out Is this true? Haven't heard anything about it outside of this.

Are we expecting more layoffs this week at Avaya?

From what we know, India was hit last week. I haven't heard of anything else being hit but I might be wrong in that. I'm always scared that India layoffs are just an intro round, and that more will follow in America soon after. Any indication of that... read more

Is it Good time to join Avaya??

Hello, I left Avaya 3 yrs back. Now they want me to join back. Guess what I am offered double the salary on which I left them.(32L for Tech Lead) It looks like a risk to join now. What do you suggest?


The managers and directors in Avaya Pune really have no work to do other than techathon/hackathon which brings nothing than few ideas which can anyways be brought by product management and delivered as product in small timeframe. I hope that the new... read more

Avaya bankruptcy rumors 2018

What's the likelihood that Avaya will go bankrupt in 2018? On a scale 1 to 100, where would you place it? I'd say it's 80% based on the limited info I have (all info I have is public, so no insider info here)...

Dell to take over Avaya.

Dell is considering to buy Avaya. Most likely acquisition news will be officially announced by end of this month if everything goes well. Congratulations, we will be in safe hands now.

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