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Q2 Results

I get that the stock price went up, but how can Avaya continue to lose money every quarter. I mean, a loss of $672M seems bad?

Interseting read- Ring Central

https://www.thestreet.com/investing/ringcentral-cfo-talks-about-competing-against-microsoft-cisco-and-others?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO&yptr=yahoo Interview with Ring Central CEO- they are a 20+ billion dollar company and in this article talk of their... —  read more 

Ring Central Terms?

Anybody know the terms or length of the ring central deal? I’m hearing it may just be a 3-5 year contract. If so, what happens after?

Avaya To End Powered By Avaya IP Office Sales

https://www.crn.com/news/networking/avaya-to-end-powered-by-avaya-ip-office-sales-as-firm-focuses-on-cloud-uc when avaya told people how many cloud seats were being sold that # was a combo of poweredby and onecloud uc... without poweredby there... —  read more 

Good Bya Avaya

CEO can't keep C level executives and stock has dropped 50% this year. Ring Central deal is the beginning of the end! Get out now!

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CEO must go!

How many C level Executives have left Avaya in the past yr? The CFO, CPO, numerous Vice Presidents of sales. The stock has dropped more than half since the IPO. Time for the board to make necessary changes. Is CEO on the board?

When is the Avaya big kahuna gonna hit the bricks?

Read an article last week titled “Why the Best CEOs Are Already Thinking about their Exists” Made me think: when will the worst performing ceo ever finally move on...how on earth is this guy still allowed to peddle his utter nonsense. How many... —  read more 

What are Avayas REAL cloud #'s?

Selling Cloud Saas is a brave new world.Time for New leadership. Weakness Seen in Avaya Holdings Corp. (AVYA): Stock Loses 4.37 Percent Today

Avaya cloud is like their free raffles...Not what they say.

The CEO of Avaya raffled off UNC / Duke basketball tickets, then made the employee pay for them. Thousands of employees lost their jobs and he is trying to make a buck on his seats? The stock has dropped 50% in the last year.

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Avayas cloud seats are like their raffles

The CEO of Avaya raffled off UNC / Duke basketball tickets, then made the employee pay for them. Thousands of employees lost their jobs and he is trying to make a buck on his seats? The stock has dropped 50% in the last year.

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Galway Office is targeted for staff reductions

Given declining revenue in the CC business a new round of staff reduction are planned for the Galway office, according to my HR friend in that office. Galway is just too expensive compared to Pune

New York

With the stock nearing an all time low, can someone please tell me how technicians in gca 104 are taking OPEN time every day, open time means they have no work, and others are out on phoney pick tickets which are fake tickets created by technicians... —  read more 

Mitel+Avaya Synergies 250M/year

Mitel's purchases of InterTel, Aastra, and Shoretel were executed with boasts of synergies that resulted in massive job losses and attrition. Those companies also had overlap but not on the scale of a behemoth like Avaya, nor did they carry the debt... —  read more 

CWA contract status

It was announced yesterday (July 30th 2019) that the CWA contract extension that was set to expire September 21st, 2019 has been extended yet again, this time until June 19, 2021

how many more 52 week lows can there be?!

whats it gunna take for this thing to implode? like a wounded wandering elephant. I just want to know what comes next. The waiting for the hammer to fall, just s---s.

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Is it silence before storm?

Is anyone buying Avaya or Avaya will be declaring bankruptcy chapter 7? Can someone please guide? Avaya shares are also down from quite some time... What's going on???

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New York Suffolk county gca 105

So unfortunately a tech passed away that was illegally covering gca 105 from gca 104 boroughs. Rip. Anyway the only technician left in gca 105 ( who was illegally in the middle of the night reassigned there to avoid being laid off) lives in Staten... —  read more 

UC/CC Split

EC considering split of UC and CC business for company auction. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I was an Avaya tech once.

I get it. Believe me. I was an Avaya tech once. You can't beat them so you either join them or find another job. Which is what I did. I was fed up with working with a bunch of folks who couldn't care less about the company, or the customers, or even... —  read more 

Technicians need to know when its time to retire

What's mind boggling to me is that we have men who have been with this company over 40 years and are being offered 2 years salary to retire and don't, these technicians like thinker said sit in dedicated accounts and collect a hefty paycheck and have... —  read more 

Offer letter not received

I gave interview for pune location. HR said I am selected but hiring is on hold. Is there something serious problem with the company. Should I choose to join Avaya or not?

Gps in company vehicles

Here is the rumor. Since we all know technicians do absolutely nothing all day the company is hiring an outside firm to go over company vehicle gps reports and location on company cell phones. Thus will enable the company legally to fire associates... —  read more 

Layoff news?

Anything new on possible Avaya layoffs? Rumors are starting to circulate at the office once again but it's still mostly just guessing. Anybody knows more here? —  read more 

New York Thread about 9 posts below is fascinating

That New York post below i strongly suggest everyone read. There is a lot of truth in that post. I am extremely close to that situation and that area needs immediate layoffs and attention. For the company to survive and be dead in a huge metropolitan... —  read more 

Words of advice

Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. Just think why your beloved leader is leaving after all having such a good position already. He surely knows that disaster is on the way sooner or later. How do... —  read more 

A lot of people leaving all of a sudden

We always have attrition, but what's been happening in the last several weeks if significantly above anything we've seen so far at our location. What could be the cause of it? The company is neither better nor worse than it has been in the past year... —  read more 

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Cwa 1104 union tape

The union message for Avaya Cwa 1104 has not been charged since January 20th 2017. How is this possible, what kind of Union do we have. No wonder Avaya does number 2 all over us we are weak and ripe for the taking. Its not my style to call in sick, i... —  read more 


I heard big layoffs in GCA 104. Not just craft management too. Is this true? —  read more 

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