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Layoffs in Israel

about 30 people, fired today at Israel. mostly DEV
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New York long island

There is not ONE single union dues paying tech in ALL of Long island Nassau and Suffolk County. Every customer should be told this and NO TECH should be going into this area against their will. It's leading to the demise of our jobs. Go to the... read more


Did you notice that more people are being fired lately at Avaya? I wonder what's going on with that. Some of them deserved it, but a few we lost in the last month were among the better employees. I wonder if now in addition to layoffs we have to... read more

New York Gca 104 and 105 are a mess

New York is a complete mess there is a massive layoff coming in March and we are in huge trouble. Long island still has no techs at all. And still the workers and the union allow this because they are so weak. A really good tech in new York is about... read more

More layoffs incoming

More layoffs expected after announcement of product discontinuation. If you were not fired in this round it is just because they had some dependency on you. Expect it by mid March after meeting of global leads conclude and new product strategy is... read more

Who is at risk?

Most of us above 8 year's experience are at risk. Company needs new talent for new product development. And the funny part is that managers still remains the same.

Avaya via bankruptcy via layoff

If layoff in Pune which is cost saving center compare to all other locations, then Avaya must be in deep trouble. No growth in Pune from last 3 years, no backfill, no new project. I am loosing faith in Avaya growth and may soon close down :(

Excerpt from my Exit interview

Hahaha. Layoff at Pune was already in plan. I left 6 months back sensing the downfall of my company. My manager tried to stop me saying that you will work in cloud , Machine learning. I will repeat what I said that time. G*** mein daal le cloud. You... read more

GCA 105 has no techs Long Island New york

Long island new York GCA 105 has no techs they laid everyone off and techs from other GCA'S are illegally covering the area. Customers are being contacted trust me. The union is a joke and the workers have no stones.

VP S&T is in Pune

Vice President of S&T is in Pune for 3 days. He has planned one on one skip level meetings with senior managers and managers avoiding site leads and directors. Lot of changes are expected. Following are not just rumours but news based on ongoing... read more


Would someone let the president know about the outsourcing happening on his watch.

Avaya layoffs January 2018

Anybody knows how many people were laid off total today? We know Santa Clara and New Jersey were hit today, anywhere else? And which departments were the focus? There is so little information about this, that this board seems like the only place... read more

Amazon Connect

Can Amazon Connect disrupt Avaya's Enterprise Communication market? What is Avaya doing about it?

Bad time for India and not so good time for Galway

It's time for India r&d sites. The India operations will be revamped. The product closures will impact development and testing organisation's. There's gonna be some impact at Galway as well. Keep watching this space for further updates.

What is your objective for next year at Avaya?

Prepare yourself, gear up with the new technology and leave Avaya. This company will surely die in 1-2 years. Share holders already got equity. Debt burden is reduced. Employee's with hefty salary package are already asked to leave. The financial... read more

Most remaining layoffs will be in Europe

From what I've heard, the rest of the year will be focused on European headcount. Apparently they have basically the same HC as the US, but bringing in half the revenue. The balance is way out of wack. Some of my German friends have told me about a... read more

Next round of layoffs

Now that Christmas is over, anybody wants to venture a guess on when the next round of layoffs at Avaya will take place? I'm going to assume January will be really bad as we move further into the restructuring, I'm just not sure if it's going to... read more

I Love you Avaya

Happy Christmas and all the best for Avaya's Chapter 1. Let's make Avaya GREAT again. I believe in Avaya and I am proud to be Avaya's employee.

Layoff announcement at the end of the month

Big layoffs coming, I feel bad for a lot of families. In the US, expect a call on the 15th or last day of the month. Next few month will be brutal for most... So, since everybody kept announcing the 15th as the big day for Avaya layoffs and nothing... read more

Exiting Ch. 11!

Today is the Day! Looks like all the votes are in and the exit plan is approved.

Has anyone ever coded for lunch as a technician?

I have not taken a lunch in 23 years. Legally our time sheets on TWB is all the state cares about. Guess what once bankruptcy is over this company gets sued. They owe each technician 1 hour overtime a day for how long you haven't coded. They deny us... read more

Last buyout offer ever. No more packages after this.

Technicians the VTP being offered now will be the last package of its kind. We here at CWA bargained this last offer as a sign of good faith and gratitude to the men and women who have worked here for 30+ years. The union contract as we know it ends... read more

Breeze axed?

Is it true Breeze/EDP/Zephyr or whatever it's latest name is, has been taken out back with a shotgun to put it (and everyone else) out if its misery?

What is the latest at Avaya?

How do you see your future at Avaya with the new leadership team? How is the new vision and strategy? Does it make sense to stay in Avaya?

Avaya Pune

One of the two Sr. Director at Pune Raman is leaving Avaya. Not sure if he has resigned or if he has been asked to leave. So it seems the other one will be the new site lead.

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