Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Think before quitting

Sometimes it can be frustrating to work for a mismanaged company and it's easy to think that the grass must be greener on the other side. But I would caution against making any rash decisions. Oftentimes, people who leave a company end up regretting... —  read more 

Batman a Go Go?

{ 60s Batman 🦇 music 🎶 playing ,,} He Thanks JIM CHIRICO in his departure statement. He was "hand picked" by Chirico to be moved into marketing b/c sales engineering/technologists don't allow the 'promise everything even if it's not client... —  read more 

More cuts ....

Major new head count reductions appear on the way. Managers talking about rating team and who's not performing. They only need to pay minimum so want to cut headcount when in bankruptcy. First burn shareholders now employees... Destination employer... —  read more 

It's all OK

Great messaging we are only in C11 for 60 days and we will exit with very little debt... Who knew it would be so easy. We still have the best products and services....Cloud - We have what we want from Ring Central and why buy of them and not... —  read more 

AVYA ALERT: The Klein Law Firm Announces a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of March 6, 2023 in the Class Action Filed on Behalf of Avaya Holdings Corp.

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Klein Law Firm announces that a class action complaint has been filed on behalf of shareholders of Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) alleging that the Company violated federal securities... —  read more 

So much arrogance

I have never worked in a company with more arrogant leadership. Their work results are far from from satisfactory so why so much arrogance? I hope they don't think they will look more competent if they have an arrogant approach to everything...

Most of you need to leave

Hating your jobs so much is not natural. You are hurting your mental health by staying here. This is not one of those "I like it here, if you hate it so much here just leave!" posts. I honestly believe that so many of you would benefit in multiple... —  read more 

Calling Alan

Alan, we need you to step up now, the honeymoon period is over and it's time to deliver, you mentioned starting 2023 with a clean financial slate, how much longer do you need come on man Avaya deserves better..

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