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Silver Lake be on notice

This last round of layoffs will be the last. The Avaya contract will be signed with a no layoff clause going forward. If not a lot of dirty secrets WILL be going public. Plenty of stuff I know and have all the emails over the decades to prove it... read more

Wild ride over...

What a wild ride this has been. Been through almost as many coaches in my tenure here as years I've served. What does that tell you. There are a lot of shady things going on at Avaya and I'm not going out quietly. I've made sure to do negative... read more
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Q2 numbers don't look good revenue

According to document filed by Avaya for March 2017's revenue , it is around ~245-250 millions. Combined with the numbers for Jan/Feb 2017, Q2 2017's revenue appears to be around 450milliion, top 500mill. Way short of the forecast of ~780 presented... read more

Latest round of layoff across the globe

Several different organizations were impacted within ACS by the layoffs that were communicated on Monday to address the gap of ACS revenues being 7 M below what executives projected. Go figure! They under estimated the impact on revenue (services... read more

Avaya employee get bonus too?

After executives got bonuses for working harder, those sales compensation will also get their sales commission. But for the remaining people working in R&D, Services burdening with extra works, do you think they will get their pathetic bonus and... read more

Exec Bonuses Approved by Court

Avaya's $3M Executive Bonus Plan Gets Judge's Approval By Alex Wolf Law360, New York (April 14, 2017, 3:37 PM EDT) -- Executives at bankrupt telecom giant Avaya Holdings Inc. can collect up to $3 million in bonuses for hitting earnings targets tied... read more

Risky and tough days ahead

The ongoing round of layoff and the next round of layoff in last week of April is expected to show positive per employee profit figures in balance sheets. Also I am afraid to learn that executives bonuses are not approved by court. Citing similar... read more

fire sale

fire sale begin soon?
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There are other bidders...

For the networking business. In a recent filing, there is an exhibit called "Interested Parties" that is redacted "due to the confidential nature". No idea who they may be, but it's pretty clear that there will be an auction on May 23rd. With... read more

No Oceana

Yes, simple Logic. Oceana is too costly and I am happy with existing infrastructure. I do not wish to migrate to Oceana. Can Avaya give me new features in existing products as a new software release? This is how majority of customers are reacting.

Galway Innovation Centre to Close in January

It is official now. Management team just told the troops the Galway Innovation Centre is closing in January of next year. It does not surprise any of us we are a major expense with very little revenue associated with our centre. I will miss you... read more

I don't know if

anyone reading this blog is an Avaya partner, but doesn't it seem strange that NO ONE can answer this question for me: Where will I be buying my networking products from going forward? Seriously, as a partner, will I be buying Avaya technology from... read more

kevin kennedy pay for 1 year

I did some analysis of document 338 filed 3-30-2017, 635 pages. I added up ONLY Kevin Kennedy pay, reimbursements for AMEX, incentives, bonuses, retention, and pay. Well folks from 1-29-2016 through 1-18-2017 it was $15, 318,762. or about $1,276,563... read more

I think there may be trouble...

The submission of the restructuring plan is being delayed so they can have additional discussions with creditors. This sounds to me like their plan has not been well received by the creditors - which means that it will ultimately be decided by the... read more

Avaya Executives

Please read a filing made on 3-30 called Statement of Financial affairs, it is a long confusing document but as a newly person I have the time. This will make your day. On 5-31-2016 when it was known that we were is deep trouble and they were looking... read more

China Huaxin

Will be bidding. Will merge with ALE. Alcatel-Lucent owns 15% of ALE and it is headquartered in France. Already competes favorably in global markets with no restrictions in the US. Good alignment with ALE product portfolio. Favorable brand... read more

AWS Connect

Yesterday Amazon launched it's Connect service which is a cloud contact center offering. This is the death knell for Avaya Aura. Maybe not this year, but it will definitely be disruptive. Amazon dominates in everything it pursues and this will be no... read more

Seen it all before

It's not unusual for high relative contributors to be let go while other workers (some good, some OK, some bad) are kept on. I've actually seen a person receive their bonus for their contribution (at a time when not everyone got a bonus) and then get... read more

Stop the Madness

So, our glorious leaders have generously agreed to accept a slightly lower incentive bonus even though they have collectively mismanaged things to the point of bankruptcy. In light of the Trustee's objection to their initial proposal, they decided to... read more
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WTF is going on?!

Forced headcount reductions everywhere! From different teams all over the world! Management does not say a word!!!! Does anyone know what is the logic behind it? I mean what is being taken into consideration when the decision is made who will be... read more

Greed nothing short of it!

What is actually laughable is the amount of money the top 11 are getting/demanding when the company is under pressure! top 11 getting millions and the reward the rest with pittance and we are expected to feel good/say thanks guys!! What have they... read more

SP not getting laid off

Is this true that SP is not getting fired and PP is giving him chance once again to manage one of the team which YS is currently managing. I guess IQ product. Is this true?

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