Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya


Anyone else (mildly) annoyed that no one in an executive role bothered to send a Happy Thanksgiving to the US associates? Obviously not a big deal, but it is a bit emblematic about how much they care about their staff...

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I don't understand their logic

They got rid of some of the best employees who remained here and kept some of the greatest mediocrity who do almost nothing other than spread negative energy. Do you understand the logic behind it? Do those at the top even care about doing... —  read more 

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Product Renaming

Are they ever going to stop renaming products? It causes a lot of confusion and the new name never gets pushed out into all the documentation either. Then you have various people calling the same thing by different names.

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Avaya UK

280 Employees in the UK Consultation process starts today with approx 65 people to be let go by the end of January 23. It's going to get messy and expensive.

Next RIF December 1, 2022

Is that just the date for US? Have the UK/Europe Cuts processed yet, or still waiting for government approval? Have you all found it interesting that Avaya has more employees than Twitter when this all began?

Severance Shorted

I have just received my 4 week severance and the gross wage is short $500+. Has anyone else noticed this or have a thought? Note into HR waiting on response. Thank you.

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GITEX should be called LIETEX for the empty press release partnership announcements that imply false engagement and integrations and mislead the market (Avaya's Specialty)! Honeywell -- ONLY MIDDLE EAST Meta -- SPECIFIC to ONE CLIENT in... —  read more 

Avaya is another Nokia

Avaya is another Nokia, who also failed to adapt/innovate and live on past glories and legacy cash cows, struggling to stay relevant without any relevant products! Nokia' s CEO stated the oil rig on fire analogy '...a man standing on an oil platform... —  read more 

Focusing on innovation

I was reading the article and this paragraph particularly caught my attention: *The company has stated that it is focusing on "innovation without... —  read more 


This paragraph deserves it's own post RIGHT SIZING CUSTOMER BASE & METRIC FOR DEFINING LOGOS & CLIENTS – 90,000 Customers? What is the break down of Products/Solutions/Contract Length/Subscription/Cloud. How much revenue does each type... —  read more 

Fed Up

I am sick to death seeing our wonderful management team sunning themselves in Dubai pretending to be working. How can this be done while we are waiting for the axe to fall (we all know its coming). Everything our new CEO said in Bulls41t with what we... —  read more 

Where are you applying?

I know the majority of us are looking for a new job, but I'm curious about where most are applying. Is it other big companies in our industry or are you looking at small companies as well for a change of pace? Or are you looking to leave the industry... —  read more 

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