Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

No Bonus for you!!

Quoting AM from today's meeting: "I do want to talk about maybe a bit more sobering topic which is we touched on the AIP at the last meeting. We didn't hit AIP plan and because the plan was based basically on earnings and we did not hit it and so... —  read more 

Down Size to zero

Avaya is a company that no longer wants to be in the phone business and gives its customers away so they don't need to provide service to them. Avaya wants to be a software company instead of a phone company, however their software in not ready for... —  read more 

Inglourious Bast**d

The reel below should be played continuously on Alan’s forehead since he gets to walk around with what he pocketed from the employees.

Culture vs DPTW

What is the definition of DPTW….according to yesterday’s call it’s - coffee mugs, monitors, kuereg machines, etc. Those items are not helping employees engage….in simple terms, employees have been asked to do more with less and they have executed... —  read more 


Names are being shared this week, lists are almost complete. More than 250 million USDs targeted in cost savings, including more than 20 offices and entities to be shut down. Galway to be hit hard as well as sales. DPTW at its finest

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