Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Have things changed?

I was laid of in 2017 but I was happy to leave at the time. The work atmosphere has been getting progressively worse and morale was tanking. Layoffs were becoming a norm. I was talking to a former coworker recently and he seemed satisfied with work... —  read more 

Things are looking good

With numbers as they are right now, Avaya has no reason for any more layoffs any time soon. Wall Street analysts forecast that Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE:AVYA) will report $726.02 million in sales for the current fiscal quarter, Zacks reports... —  read more 

Will Avaya match my offer?

I got an offer from another company (through a former coworker) and the pay is about ten percent higher than at Avaya. But I really don't feel like changing my job right now, with the coronavirus still hanging over our (and the economy's) heads. This... —  read more 

Good Bya Avaya

CEO can't keep C level executives and stock has dropped 50% this year. Ring Central deal is the beginning of the end! Get out now!

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CEO must go!

How many C level Executives have left Avaya in the past yr? The CFO, CPO, numerous Vice Presidents of sales. The stock has dropped more than half since the IPO. Time for the board to make necessary changes. Is CEO on the board?

New York

With the stock nearing an all time low, can someone please tell me how technicians in gca 104 are taking OPEN time every day, open time means they have no work, and others are out on phoney pick tickets which are fake tickets created by technicians... —  read more 

CWA contract status

It was announced yesterday (July 30th 2019) that the CWA contract extension that was set to expire September 21st, 2019 has been extended yet again, this time until June 19, 2021

I was an Avaya tech once.

I get it. Believe me. I was an Avaya tech once. You can't beat them so you either join them or find another job. Which is what I did. I was fed up with working with a bunch of folks who couldn't care less about the company, or the customers, or even... —  read more 

Gps in company vehicles

Here is the rumor. Since we all know technicians do absolutely nothing all day the company is hiring an outside firm to go over company vehicle gps reports and location on company cell phones. Thus will enable the company legally to fire associates... —  read more 

Layoff news?

Anything new on possible Avaya layoffs? Rumors are starting to circulate at the office once again but it's still mostly just guessing. Anybody knows more here?

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