Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

The Upside to the Downside

There were a series of layoffs a few months ago including my manager. Our stock price has plummeted. Today, my theater's Executive VP was let go. Meanwhile, I've been coasting, lost between the cracks of restructuring with no manager to report to... —  read more 

It's never enough

For superiors, we never do enough and we never try hard enough... Sometimes I wonder what they even want from employees? I did my best and still got criticized for having to get more involved. Realizing there is nothing more I could do I started... —  read more 

Broken promises

I’m trying to summarize how many times a manager has broken his promises to us lately. This company makes a variety of promises so that employees keep their side of the deal by doing their job well. Now everyone knows that the company never... —  read more 

Claims to Build EXPERIENCES THAT MATTER – They Have Given Me the SINGLE WORST EXPERIENCE of My Entire Career. Avaya is very unique in

Avaya is very unique in the fact that they are PUBLICLY TRADED yet behave like a small Mom and Pop who only hires friends and family. They do not operate following or PRACTICE any of the guidelines that they are to follow to be approved on NASDAQ. We... —  read more 


Am I the only one who i disturbed by the lack of safeguards, process or process that allows a in-the-market traded organization to continue without leadership or board of director changes? I do not see any action when there should be action. I dont... —  read more 

Q2 results Has anyone been surprised by these quarterly results? I'm not surprised at all.

Layoffs on the horizon?

I hear some rumors circulating, but I don’t know how much of that is true. So many people are leaving here that I don’t know if layoffs make sense at all. Any info on possible cuts is welcome. I expect the worst, but I still hope for the best. The... —  read more 


The front line employees are the ones who perform daily miracles to keep the legacy base from jumping ship. Yet those very same people are who they want gone. They just want to dwindle headcount as much as possible to achieve the EPS target and... —  read more 

Not the Avaya of old

I used to love working at Avaya but in the past five years or so it has become a completely soulless, sterile company that bends its will to corporate politics and nothing else. It's so obvious to anybody who's been here for longer than that that... —  read more 

Class Action

They have zero ethics. They tend to get rid of loyal employees who are not too far off from retirement. They really need to be investigated & a class action lawsuit should be brought against them.

I was just laid off

I gave more than a decade of my life to Avaya and contributed many evenings and weekends for the mission of Avaya and my customers. My manager put a meeting on my calendar yesterday morning to share the bad news. They gave me 8 weeks severance and... —  read more 

I'm hoping for a VBO

I would take my severance money and use it as a starter for a small business. Nothing that has anything to do with what I do right now. I don't want to hold on to the past. I just want to move on and get away from a big company that treats its... —  read more 

Say goodbye to stock value

With the stock erasing almost all gains for the year about $1 to go we are back to square one. Seriously we relaunched devconnect and a bit of cpaas as a Hail Mary at GITEX. Really absolutely no innovation that moves the market we all know what comes... —  read more 

What technology does Avaya own?

Watching the news around Avaya spaces I see Nvidia is the real backer of the technology. So is Avaya innovating with its 200M+ R&D investment or just bringing 3rd party vendors to the table like Ring Central?

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Have things changed?

I was laid of in 2017 but I was happy to leave at the time. The work atmosphere has been getting progressively worse and morale was tanking. Layoffs were becoming a norm. I was talking to a former coworker recently and he seemed satisfied with work... —  read more 

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