Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Avaya Deutschland

Here in Germany I take the retirement package after many happiness years with Avaya and wish everyone good luck but I cannot see how Avaya can pays $50m+ for the 120 Avaya peoples that also take the package. Where are these payments coming from ?

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Just confirmed layoffs

We have just been informed in the UK there could be upto 50% of UK staff being made redundant. My line manager has just announced this and suggested we start applying for new roles. Not great news but expected. This will be across the board and sales... —  read more 

Should I stay or should I go?

Would you rather… Be laid off w/ some sort of severance Remain employed at “newly restructured Avaya” There’s got to be pros and cons of each…any one have any ideas as to what’s the best “option”?

Severance is the best way out

The job market is not ideal, but I think that the severance pay would give me enough time to find something new. Despite everything, I will wait for the severance pay. Have you noticed how they put more and more pressure on employees so that they... —  read more 

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Voluntary layoffs

From comments on this board, I think there would be more than enough people who would jump at an opportunity to leave with severance. I don't see why Avaya wouldn't offer voluntary buyouts before it starts implementing involuntary layoffs. This would... —  read more 

$AVYA Revenue Game. Recognizing Rev by Discriminatory Layoffs and Misleading Bookings to Inflate Executive Comp

The following news on IBM is parallel to AVYA via many similarities: ‼️ ‼️ Employees living in chronic fear of retaliation of they speak up to concerns about GAAP and other financial... —  read more 

Federal contract

Has anyone heard a aya didnt even bid on the federal contract? July 31st someone else will be handling the work.. couple of us in dc till end of august

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PLEASE Trim Fat & Sell

Switching out the CEO is not enough. The large investment groups will have investigators engaged come Monday on the financial reporting. I can't see the CFO making it out without an investigation at the very least by NYSE and SEC, and possible... —  read more 

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I have a dilemma

Since I would like to be laid off, I am debating if it is a good idea to mention to my manager that I would like to be a target. The severance pay is not particularly generous, but it would be the best way out for me. Has anyone here tried telling... —  read more 

It's never enough

For superiors, we never do enough and we never try hard enough... Sometimes I wonder what they even want from employees? I did my best and still got criticized for having to get more involved. Realizing there is nothing more I could do I started... —  read more 

Broken promises

I’m trying to summarize how many times a manager has broken his promises to us lately. This company makes a variety of promises so that employees keep their side of the deal by doing their job well. Now everyone knows that the company never... —  read more 

Claims to Build EXPERIENCES THAT MATTER – They Have Given Me the SINGLE WORST EXPERIENCE of My Entire Career. Avaya is very unique in

Avaya is very unique in the fact that they are PUBLICLY TRADED yet behave like a small Mom and Pop who only hires friends and family. They do not operate following or PRACTICE any of the guidelines that they are to follow to be approved on NASDAQ. We... —  read more 


The front line employees are the ones who perform daily miracles to keep the legacy base from jumping ship. Yet those very same people are who they want gone. They just want to dwindle headcount as much as possible to achieve the EPS target and... —  read more 


Am I the only one who i disturbed by the lack of safeguards, process or process that allows a in-the-market traded organization to continue without leadership or board of director changes? I do not see any action when there should be action. I dont... —  read more 

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