Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Topics regarding layoffs at Avaya

Ireland Business Update

Most curious how such a post was allowed to be removed. This is THE Layoff .com. And Avaya layoffs have all been precipitated by "business update" emails. 🙏for our EIRE friends.

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Portfolio Maximization

I have 3 questions: is there a vendor in the world who has this job? What do they do? Apart from being Alan’s sweetheart, how does ST add any value to the business?

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An-l-ists without a clue “Avaya has an incredibly loyal base of customers” says the guy that doesn’t have a clue. Not sure AM will be paying ZKs retainer on the basis of that performance. Spoiler alert….customer are leaving Avaya in droves. —  read more 

Lost motivation

The way our boss tries to raise our morale is totally wrong - by fear management and telling that we should feel lucky that we still have a job here at all. Do they really think that fear management can still motivate someone to give their best and... —  read more 

All-Hands Call

I have just viewed the All-Hands call. Did I hear correctly that a new Chief Revenue Officer is being brought in? It seems like this company never learns from its past mistakes. Will we once again witness the influx of Alan's former colleagues from... —  read more 

Barcelona - The Future Force

Well Avaya friends it’s taken a round trip of 10,000 miles for me to accept that Avaya isn’t and won’t be the “Destination Place To Work“ and really don’t know how many more times I needed to hear that phrase but luckily I had my partner with me to... —  read more 


Hi Alan, can you list your achievements since joining Avaya, you came and spoke a big game but we can't see any home run so far.

Avaya marketing

Hey Avayans Why does your marketing department use comic sans in their flyer fonts? I see your Avaya engage ads and sometimes get them confused with promos for my kids favourite soft play venue

Class Action

An ex employee here who opted for employee shares (foolishly didn’t sell Dec of 2021 as JC said Avaya is back in action while selling his own shares). Is anyone here part of the lawsuit on the share price fraud(no other word for it)? Any feedback to... —  read more 

All this is a bit sad

I finally got a new offer and I can't wait to leave here. However, I've been here too many years to be indifferent to how much this place has fallen into disrepair in the meantime… I don't know if I'm more angry or sad that the decision makers... —  read more 

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 may refer to: A company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a second time "Chapter 22", an episode of House of Cards "Chapter 22", an episode of Legion

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