Topics regarding layoffs at Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.

Legacy Employees Not Wanted

Once Axalta management became established at plant sites they systematically began the process of replacing former DuPont employees with new employees at a lower pay scale. In most cases the former DuPont employees were not ready to leave but were... —  read more 


If axalta cared about their production employees They would pay them unemployment at this time of the Corona outbreak the office people get to work at home and not be exposed but we want time off have to use vacation time even though some of us are... —  read more 

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The management and the company itself is not that old - they were formed when they were spun off from DuPont... Several years ago. So, there are gaps in the process. They are not mature in any business sense - the IT group has major challenges... —  read more 

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They just let twenty something in sales go..Too many "ugly" deals. calling a shop that spends $1000.00 per month a "winner" gain!

They are literally giving away money in the name of share gain. It is a shame what is happening. I have personally seen very large investments in grossly overstated shops, while long time customers barely get discounts. AXALTA IS DYING...This once... —  read more 

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