Topics regarding layoffs at BAE Systems

Topics regarding layoffs at BAE Systems

ES RIF 2024

74 reported total out of ES, approximately 35 out of San Diego in two waves of layoffs. Software Engineering, Systems and Test impacted and a hiring freeze.

Get rid of DXC

For the love of god get rid of DXC they're an utter parasite on EIT. Give the contract to another company like Capita or Capgemini and have them TUPE the good staff over. The DXC leadership are laughing knowing they bill BAE £500+ a head per employee... — read more 

I can't take it anymore

I really have no intention of doing someone else’s job anymore. I'll give notice right away if they give me more extra work. Is their only solution to attrition that with each colleague who leaves, I get more work to do? Does BAE really think it can... — read more 

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Cleaning the House

I think the whole CoronaV “downturn” and furloughing they’ve done to deal w it is probably just an excuse to clean house a bit without all the associated bad pr of a regular lay-off. My gut’s telling me that one person I know who was furloughed could... — read more 


Keep hearing about this from colleagues in shared and that it might lead to redundancy Can someone explain what this is?

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2024 Layoffs

Company Name BAE Systems Number of employees affected 54 Reason Permanent Layoff Location Keyport, Silverdale Reporting State Washington Notice Date Feb. 16, 2024 Layoff Date April 17, 2024

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San Diego es

Got an email saying that some marketing folks left the company but later confirmed that it was a layoff, seems like a small one but I've got no ways of verifying how many people. Some newer hires and interns seem to have been hit. Management wants to... — read more 

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BAE Systems’ management issue

I have never worked in a company that had bigger discrepancy between competent workers and incompetent management. It’s the employees who are being laid off who are actually carrying BAE Systems, the management on all levels lacks in both knowledge... — read more 

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BAE Systems layoffs March 2018

Nearly 150 people are being laid off by BAE Systems in the US. Their final day will be March 20. I guess after the big UK layoffs it was US' turn. it would have been too good to be true if we'd have managed to stay unaffected for once... — read more 

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BAE Systems closing Mobile shipyard

More bad news from BAE, so it must be a day that ends with a y. The BAE Systems shipyard in Mobile will soon close down. Spokesperson Karl Johnson said the company is ending ship repair operations in the Port City in June. The shutdown will affect... — read more 

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