Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Rooftop consolidation = closures?

I absolutely agree with someone who wrote that rooftop consolidation means closures. I'm afraid to even think about what this consolidation will look like and what will happen to us in the meantime. Maybe I'm worried too much...but I wouldn't say... —  read more 

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Quite confusing SPSSSPSPSPSPSPS all hands today. The choice of acronyms alone couldn't be worst for a starter. Neil and Richard very positive although they both are signing off and are the ones that brought OFE on its knees. All very exciting... —  read more 

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Baker who?

Embarrassing company to work for, stealing from the shop floor, to pay the briefcase w@nkers $2 million bonus for being useless

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Divide and conquer tactics

Having a read through the posts here, it seems that the management have got you all exactly where they want you. Arguing amongst yourselves and childish name calling achieves nothing. This company will continue to diminish your terms and conditions... —  read more 

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Any jobs in Montrose

I'm looking for a job. Im pretty good on my phone and social media, also good at not doing any online traning as I'm too busy on my phone when I'm pressure testing or running a cnc. Also very good at crypto trading as I have a very good trainer. Also... —  read more 

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Another Strike in Newcastle

Another strike in Newcastle likely, this time for a higher pay raise. Hot autumn for our leaders. Curious to see how this plays out.

They only do damage

I'm trying hard to think of a few things that our leadership did for the benefit of the company and its future, but I'm coming up blank. I wish it wasn't so, but what have they done to contribute to the welfare of not only the employees but Baker... —  read more 

There is life outside

Considering the overall situation, I am surprised that attrition is not even higher. Why suffer here? It makes no sense, given that there are much better opportunities out there. Many are just wasting their time here.

Brent COE

It's all gone quiet at Brent COE again. That must mean that Unite have done what they said they would do and get a better deal for everyone. How's the new 57% shift allowance going then?

Brent Site

Nasty rumors flying around Montrose the Bakers have bought the Brent Avenue site from Angus Council for £3100000 are untrue. Bakers have no money for this folly. There is no way Bakers would pull a stunt like this with the current situation ongoing... —  read more 

Incompetence everywhere

The probability that a person who has no talent for a particular job will get the position here is huge. I have been working here for a long time and I think that mediocrity has never been a bigger problem than it is today. Do you also wonder how a... —  read more 

The Friday Bulletin

Hello to everyone, especially all the boys a girls who reported for work this week. Your selfless dedication has not gone unnoticed, when your turn comes to be shafted, it will be done with the utmost care. Now to all the naughty boys at ba who did... —  read more 

Put yourself first

I am writing this because I feel sorry for all those who still think that they will achieve something with their hard work. No need to exhaust yourself. I have a colleague who ruined his health while giving his best, and of those who should have... —  read more 


Why impose cuts on one shop floor shift pattern and not across the board. Why must there be 24/7 cover when not much work. Why say basic pay will not be reduced then use negative base adjustment (fancy accounting) to reduce basic pay. Answers on the... —  read more 

Another Re-Org!!!

Lost count on how many re-orgs and org org changes we've had in the last 5 years. It looks every time that a re-org is going to save the day. This time we will become OFSE under the helm of services. Two business units that have very little in common... —  read more 

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