Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Bod updates

At the risk of creating another post that will recieve nonsense and abuse just trying to create an area for bod redundancy affected employees to share any updates, for all to keep connected, share thoughts /ideas, help one another, rather than... —  read more 

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Breaking news Aberdeen

Closure of Woodside Road is not confirmed only a proposal. You may say "its done and dusted, its over". This is not the case. Holyrood employment committee and various unions already on the case. This is not over! Instead of rolling over and... —  read more 

Woodside road

Woodside road,

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Only one thinks counts now!, achieving a good pay out, forget any talk of helping them out or transitions, generous payoff is required.

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Cut it out already!

I’m surrounded with a few bu-t kissing cult following worshipers of BH. These people treat the rest of us like lower class citizens and are lazy as he-l. Everyone argues about work and will push back with all the bureaucracy that is famous at Baker... —  read more 

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Is this company lost?

Question: With BH making energy transition and boasting green energy technology, why is BH supporting the increase of onshore and offshore upstream drilling projects. Is BH just putting out into the media what everyone wants to hear? I’ve been... —  read more 

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BH Trains multiple choice

If BH Train A is 200 miles from BH Train B and both trains are traveling 100 mph towards each other where will they meet? A) can’t be determined accurately, b/c BH can’t develop a 100mph train B) never, b/c TA is never on time and TB is back in the... —  read more 

Baker’s Fix

Start with HR, outsource the entire function. Removal of bias 1099 employees (as contractors) to expand and contract to industry fluctuations. Removal of the constant hassle of onboarding and cost of benefits Contractors get paid more by the hour... —  read more 

Humane Resources

In your opinion, is HR biased?? Ever get the feeling that they are in bed with certain managers and they go off the reports they get from the eyes and ears of those managers and only those managers.


Gains in oil prices were capped by worries that members of the OPEC+ group could be tempted to abandon output limits that they have followed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with talks breaking down because of an impasse between major producers Saudi... —  read more 


Rumor has it that there are big organizational changes happening. Oh wait, that’s all the time. Are they playing the musical chair music yet? Time to stand up.


All American companies get huge handouts then eventually close down. If they take over Morrison’s the same thing will happen though being food won’t close but there will be redundancy’s. I don’t have any connection with anyone who works in this... —  read more 

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