Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Contract Cancelled

Hello all, These are strange times, unfortunately with all the bad publicity & customer aversion to companies promoting controversial positions on social issues, my contract to be your bingo host has been discontinued. I really enjoyed dressing up... — read more 


Dear peasants, I am a not a happy with a some of the a comments on a here a. I am a the leader and I must tell you what to a do a. Most importanta is a the CASH. I only made $12 million dollar last a year a which is a not an acceptable and I cannot... — read more 

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Moving jobs to Europe

Laid off a bunch of people in Massachusetts last week. Moving the jobs to sites in Europe because it’s cheaper. They can get 3 people for the price of 1. Expecting more next year once they’re trained up.

Wireline next

Plans are in place for wireline this week. For a reorg that was spoken of in the townhall meetings as executive based sure seems to be impacting the lower ranks right down to manufacturing. Took out are team lead with no plans for lost experience…... — read more 

Leaders with no ideas.

Once again BH starts on the layoffs of what is rumoured to be 2000 people worldwide. When will the leaders of this company be replaced with people with ideas that think the only way to profit is cutting personnel. BH management have allowed... — read more 

Organizational support

Are we supporting your business units and functions? How may we do better? Why do we keep losing people? Why can’t we pay enough to attract experience? Why does my pinky stinky? Are you running your race? Are you prepared for your touch point? — read more 

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