Baker Hughes Inc. Layoffs

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Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes Inc.

BoD 10k Marathon

I hear it's cancelled as no-one knows when the major international, highly acclaimed, celebrity attended event actually starts.

Stoneywood will re-open.

After working down at Portlethen for a few months it's clear that this base is not suitable for W/L. Stoneywood was custom built and that's where we need to go back to. Hopefully GE send us home!

54 days to go

Can't wait till this is over then we can start the new year countdown

Days to go.

Will this major calendar event go-ahead now the organisers have lost track of "days to go"? How can this happen? The public demand an investigation!

New happenings

Murmurs on the inside that deal may not go through after all. Welcome to Halliburton part 2

Job offers

Baker Hughes is trying to recruit Smith employees since scumberger is closing our facility. Is Baker Hughes a good company to work for?

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