Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Proxy statement

Interesting reading. Neil saunders given a $610k retention bonus to stay until end of the year. Means on of two things - he was going to leave, or come end of year he’s out and OFE will be part of the new OFSE business unit. Some so called leaders... —  read more 

Splitting the company

Two product companies is coming. Whatever is gonna be left of OFE will fold into OFS and digital will join TPS. All that’s left to decide is whether they create two separate companies or some sort of divestment of one side.

Drilling Services

Getting that a-s kicked. Absolutely amazing job by MCB. Terminated from BKR and hired at GE and backdoor 'd into to current position. Congrats, I thought it would take a little longer to completely demolish that department but you did it quickly

The New Kirkhill AMO HUB

I have taken up a new position at Kirkhill recently. A huge amount of money has been spent on the open plan office upstairs along with 4 large meeting rooms but no more than 5 desks were occupied when I got my walk around. A real waste of money in my... —  read more 

Who took my staples?

I put in for 3 boxes of staples and because of the activity, they are all gone. The Jan plan only included 3 boxes of staples and now I cant get anymore. Any ideas on how to get more? I can't print DM reports in triplicate without them.

Time to find out

Time to find out if this ELT has anything between the legs.. choose whats right or lean on the side of revenue and continue to operate out of Russia. Youve cut to the bone in the states.. reap what you sow

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