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More reduancy this week for the great BHGE

How with a 6 year high oil price, BHGE already paid off 63% of worldwide staff are they still paying off staff every month, only 2 months ago 143 from one office in America, 60 others this month. More reported by 2019. Even then share price still... read more

The heat is on

It’s little wonder that so much people are leaving the wages are sh--e you treat the work force like c-ap. Now you come cap in hand why so much leaving bod. Open your eyes before it’s to late or we will all be looking for other employment Management... read more

So long Flannery....

hard to believe you can pick up GE stock for 11.00 a share....what a deal if it actually were to appreciate. Might be waiting on the last death blow before it swirls also.
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Has a war room or conference call circulated to fix the stinky to see some dough. PEEYEEW
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We are extremely happy to see improvement, however we need money for our families. We stood by during the bad times, took cuts, benefit cuts, pension cuts and barely making ends meet. Please do not blow all the earnings on the upper management... read more

Okay how do we cut Managers first as major cost reduction.

The company has reduced the work force tremendously....however the bulk of the ranks whom were laid off were the working end of the company. Where the rubber meets the road so to speak. We the working end of the company are not implementing strategy... read more
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