Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes


Montrose COE has had it !!!!!!! Seems to me your main two assets are your workforce and your machines that they use. They have taken the men for fools and in turn have made themselves look foolish . The machines are continually breaking down and need... —  read more 

Earning call, bonuses and salaries

Curious to see how the numbers will be reported and whether legacy OFE and OFS numbers will be reported separately. Will 2022 numbers look any good? Will there be bonuses? Will they give any raises to cope with inflation? Any views from the forum?


Cmon Charleton boys get on the unite train not too late. The Frenchman gonna keep chipping away at you guys until you’ve nothing left. You were all warned at the start of this debacle did you listen nope. If the frenchie was to sc--w yer wife would... —  read more 


Where on earth are the upper management getting their gear from. It must be top quality they actually believe they will be able to man Brent Avenue with skilled men. They may have to give the men some of their sh!t so they believe it aswell !!!!!!! —  read more 


So the lads at Charlton Road are well and truly getting shafted from the Frenchman. You were warned when the id--t started to tinker with what we had did you listen. Shifts lost , hour for hour what’s next , you sold your soul to the devil no... —  read more 

Another year, same numpties

So we're now into 2023 and we still have the same numpties from Montrose COE still moaning about all the changes, still 'open to work' on LinkedIn, still can't leave because their missus won't let them, still can't leave because they don't have the... —  read more 

New year resolutions

No more posts about Simonelli, Kelvin Scott and the Aberdeen drilling office. The time will soon come to share real info on layoffs as they are coming like Winter in Games of Thrones, that's for sure.

Double-Digit Layoffs?

X-BHGE here. Got out when I saw the writing on the wall. Heard from an insider about double-digit (>10%) WFRs. True? FWIW, if I see an application from anyone still with BH I’ll do what I can to move it along.

Changes you'd like to see

I doubt that next year will be any better. I don't have any high hopes for this place, I just hope that I will manage to get a better job somewhere else. This place needs a lot of changes, if it's not too late already. What changes would you like to... —  read more 

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