Baker Hughes Layoffs

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Whatever happened to good old baker blue.

Remember Baker Performance Chemicals? If you do then I suspect you remember a time when Baker was great to work for and how everyone would bleed Baker blue. Things have sure changed and not for the better, Baker has been ran into the ground with... read more

GE - BHI “divorce “

Looks like after 4 months of marriage GE realised that BHI is not a good fit. Was GE going ‘’blind’’ to get in such a mess ???. Some of the discussions on this website are like between kids but unfortunately some of them are very true about Aberdeen... read more

Question from a legacy GE employee

Baker Hughes. Just how badly did GE screw you guys when we merged? Do you guys get the GE pension? Unlimited vacation if salary? We were always GE but told last week we are staying in Baker Hughes when they divest. Wondering how our benefits will... read more

It’s go time

Dear BoD drop “a GE company” from the name, we don’t need to be associated with this trash company.

Now the end is near

Who’s this John flannery. Or should we say John flannel the mans a clown 4 month into the merger and you want to dump bakerhughes. Don’t think you have a clue what your doing

GE to shed it's majority shares of Baker Hughes

The Boston-based company also plans to eventually shed its majority stake in Baker Hughes, which became a separate public company in July after merging with GE’s oil and gas operations, this person said. GE owns 63% of Baker Hughes, which had a... read more

GE to pay off 10% staff from most assets

As announced yesterday GE to pay off a min of 10% staff at most off assets. With the pensions on hold and all the pay offs due, pay cuts. I am so happy with the merger nothing but losses every since.

Why Aberdeen?

Why all the threads here are about Aberdeen? You guys at Aberdeen do not have things to do? Bunch of losers...sitting in the office?

More. Aberdeen offices to close

Due to cont great performance by BH Aberdeen GE are going to close another office cut more offshore staff and yard staff. Well done again my work colleagues a great job done again just showing how bad some people are at there jobs.

Blind app

Check out the app BLIND. It's an app to discuss your company issues anonymous!!!

BH Aberdeen losses another contract

What is going on. just how bad can it get . I am totally embarrassed to even tell people who i work for anymore. I hear in meetings, online, even in the car park were a laughing stock these days in Aberdeen and the north sea. Why is more not getting... read more

Woof woof Aberdeen the dying city

Not such big shots or full of crappy comments now after losing hundreds of thousands on your overpriced houses and flats . Least my rent has more than halfed but bet my landlord is not laughing now has lost his job and had to sell him bmw. How all... read more

Its all wrong.

Management votes on more pay offs rather than taking a larger pay cut for higher salarys employee's. BHGE a great company once again looking after there employee's.

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