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Announcement sequence - priorities es all wrong!

Ok, so they've announced there is going to be a merger, they have also announced the executives - however they have still to announce what's the format for the layoff site? Is it Business as usual and post here? Is it over to the GE board? Will there... read more

Happy Saturday

1st July we are all going to be GE employees . Yee ha cowboy And the shareholders will cash in big time

The big decision

Well that's the merger vote done. Have I just awarded myself my P45 Hopefully not looking forward to working for GE

BoD Needed for CTX crowdsourcing

BoD you are desperately needed to create parts on go/ctx. I'm going to draw a fudge packer and a cat mandrel. Let's show the world we can cad draw the best b---s--- of all the service companies!

DOJ approved the GE Merger

U.S. Department of Justice has reached an agreement on the merger of Baker Hughes and General Electric’s oil and gas division, clearing the way for shareholders to approve the deal.

BoD - the Rocky of Industry

Let me tell you something you already know. The BoD ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody... read more

New Leadership Announced

As previously announced, Lorenzo Simonelli, the president and CEO of GE Oil & Gas, will be CEO of the new company, and Brian Worrell, CFO of GE Oil & Gas, will become CFO of the new company. The rest of the combined leadership team will consist of... read more
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HAL's talking about us

In a meanwhile, on Halliburton's board here: or @NDoFMii About ten replies for now. Btw, they think we are lucky.

Merger Updates

GE's proposed acquisition of Baker Hughes is cleared unconditionally by the European Commission.

Pension baker bridge of don

Anyone heard anything about the GMP pension.i did hear that your pension is all in the same fund If this is true you are being screwed your GMP is worth a lot of money depending on the amount of years you have up to 1997 don't be made a fool of get... read more

more letters this week

how can Aberdeen be advertising for staff one week and handing out redundancy letters this week... I still think management are not sure what they are doing.
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Broussard DS

Any news or rumors about the Broussard drilling services facility?


Stoneywoodon its knees after incompetent management during last 10 yrs. joke of the North Sea

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