Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Ceo pay

Our ceo - who bear in mind let one of his SVPs pretty much run the old Vetco (OFE) business into the ground - earns more than the CEOs of BP and Shell..

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So it’s more cost effective to send XTs out for welding. And just how did that go Sami yet again product’s coming back from sub/con knackered. It’s about time you were put out to pasture , your cost cutting measures just don’t cut it. —  read more 

Margins and cost cutting

Come on guys, what is wrong with you? Wasn't the motto "do more with less" inspiring enough to get you to increase our margins? Do you really expect that is up to the leadership to tell you how to do that? That's an individual responsibility!... —  read more 

Happy Easter post?

So in typical baker fashion everyone is kissing up to the Middle East and other Muslim nations for Ramadan on LinkedIn. Will their leadership team have the courage to wish those that follow Jesus a happy Easter post? Or are they afraid of making KSA... —  read more 

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