Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Attracting talent

Is this company still capable of attracting talent at all? I do not believe that there are talented people who would agree to come to BH now because there are many companies that offer much better conditions. If by any chance I was looking for a... —  read more 

It’s just one big mess

There was a time that a degree and experience, people skills, and character meant something. The proof of just how bad things are in the open job requisitions. When in the history of BHI did you ever recall reading a job requirement calling for an... —  read more 


How is working for an omsbudsman beneficial? And how is it not beneficial? Does anyone feel like some of them use coercion or influence toxic behavior to gain control? Does anyone know an omsbudsman that they respect and trust. Just need... —  read more 

Oil is dead

3 years without an incidence at bod. Figures manipulated and fixed. Rotten dirty place, bad for your health helping to dig fossil fuels out of ground and k–l your kids,yet the profess to be a caring green world friendly company. Utter nonsense. —  read more 

Brig of doom

Workers continue to toil for a pittance while your office friends (at home) enjoy the tea and biscuits, walks with the dog (while getting paid) and general freeloading.of course when the crumbs of the bonus are scattered hour office friends will pick... —  read more 

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