Baker Hughes Layoffs

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Light bulbs and oil??🤪

GE is a f---ing joke, biggest bunch a crooks since ENRON, and there dragging in a bunch of BHI management which was bad before, I hope both go tits up soon!

Thank You Management

From everyone at the BoD. Reading all these posts about other locations having such a hard time makes us appreciate you even more! Thanks Again.

28.75 ha ha ha what a joke

Over 50.00 at the time of the merger now lowest its ever been. BHGE A total disaster. No pension, no work and losing contracts monthly. Still paying people off eben though no one left and still losing money. How can out once great company be at the... read more

Share price say it all.

Letters out today again In our office in Aberdeen, even getting now told by management not to tell anyone due to bad press and the fact that BHGE is doing so bad and name has lost all respect. Can we get any lower. Will be no one left soon and only... read more

Take it Back!

Take it Back campaign has begun
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Need some help

I have a job offer from the BoD and Deliveroo - what would yield the best return, career progression, benifits and long term job satisfaction?

Aberdeen a total joke

. Our well intervention aberdeen manager who took over our whole department by default after all the 20 year plus experienced managers were paid off is terrible. No experience. No respect by anyone , has filled the office with his mates who are... read more

Protect the management bonus

What utter bull sh-- the guy falls down a hole hurts himself and you send out an e mail. Another perfect HSE day Nothing but lies

Alberta, Canada

Lay off Tuesday, the 23rd. Here is hoping packages were adequate, just in time to close 1st qtr

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