Baker Hughes Layoffs

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More pay offs in Aberdeen today

When is this going to end? We have no staff left! We are still paying off almost 1 staff member a month that I know about and less then 35% what we had 4 years ago. Can they not see with no staff we can't make more money? What we have left most are... read more

Great news

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Sick of sending out equipment with EXCEPTION Waivers.

Why is it that field locations must choose to accept a "repaired" equipment that must utilize a questionable item because a new replacement is not available. Where is the supply chain planning here. Tool exception waivers have no place in our company... read more
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BHGE in shock talks to acquire Schlumberger

Amazing and who would have thought this possible after the Halliburton debacle, however, feedback from high level government meetings in NYC suggest the Trump government would not stand in the way and indeed will support the deal.

Cutty Ranks

So basically baker is too big to be bought up by someone else. Also they don't have enough money to buy back shares. Only option is to cut divisions. I hope Presure Pumping goes first. Those c—-s——rs

Breaking News

Transpires Dugas out of the UAE have made a one time take it or leave it offer for the BoD facilities contingent on locking down the skilled staff on long term contracts.

Fraudulent BHGE with incompetent managers

14 widows who lost their husbands in active service with Baker Hughes Company Nigeria Limited, without commensurate dead workers compensation package, have appealed to the President of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, NICN, to accelerate... read more

BHGE 19 million losses in 3 months

Whats going on? Schlumbger 150 million profit, weatherford 80 million profit and BHGE minis 19 million... We have now lost money for 32 months straight and we wonder why were a laughing stock.

North sea suffering

The North Sea is “suffering” due to firms looking to more attractive regions of the world to invest, according to an analyst. Stephen Martin is a senior investment manager at Brewin Dolphin. His comments come following a series of announcements from... read more

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