Baker Hughes Layoffs

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Max Claremore

Rigs were up 1 unit this week to 863 and up from the 747 rigs drilling for oil this week a year ago. Gas-rigs lost 4 units and now total 194. A year ago, 186 units were drilling for gas3BLACKSMAXstates, New Mexico and North Dakota gained 2 units each... read more

From GE Board

Chinese acquisition Hearing we may be sold to either CNPC or Sinopec. State-controlled CNPC already owns BGP, the largest seismic and subsurface imaging company in the world. Rumors abound regarding its leading Chinese competitor - Sinopec -... read more

We are number 1

15 year contract coming up from petrobras. Come on BHGE go for this we are the best and the one and only full stream company

By by bakerhughes

All the best Sh--’s only the start Loads more ready to jump ship and who can blame them treated like crap . Hourly rate is shocking shifts not much better

Baker Petrolite Canada

What is going on with Baker Petrolite in Canada?? Dropping prices up to 20+% to retain business, going way below market value in places like Manitoba? COG are rising, and they are dropping their pants. Seems a strange way to put money to the bottom... read more

BoD and the second law of thermodynamics

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time. The total entropy can remain constant in ideal cases where the system is in a steady state (equilibrium), or is undergoing a reversible... read more

It’s nearly a year

Can anyone confirm if we are to receive a new contract when our year is up as BHGE.i was going to approach our HR department this morning but was told you would need to wear a suit of armour to go in there.

He ripe off

Ge is going to take all profits and leave us nouthing salers haven't went up but with unemployment low that will pay price in long run

Chemicals(cis) For Sale?

Old leadership out(wasn’t great) , inexperience taking over(throwing people in rolls they aren’t qualified for). Nobody left that actually knows how that product line should operate. Run while you can. Whoever can snatch up the technology could win... read more


Multiple high paid open positions at the BoD. Pressure on management to give us salary increases or risk us taking up one of these multiple job offers.

An open letter to BHGE

With oil fast approaching $300+ we stand on the precipice of another golden era in the North Sea. The Granite City will once again attract all kinds of klondike chancers. Let us learn from past mistakes as we grow our resources to match the... read more

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