Baker Hughes Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Update from the Bridge

This morning remaining employees received pre involuntary retirement package which includes relocating to Carmody Dell.

BHGE Australia

For anyone interested, I’ve recently heard they are planning more job openings in Queensland soon. Not sure exactly when, will update if and when I have more info.

Yippee it's bonus time

Got bonus letter today in ABZ office. Will be looking to get new car again.feel sorry for shopfloor s---ers!

Bye bye, Martin

Former CEO is now going to be former everything at Baker Hughes. Good riddance, I say. I don't think there's one person here who's actually going to miss him... read more

BHGE Digital Shuting Down

Seems like the San Ramon off is going to close in the next 4 months, probably sooner. Should be a round mid February and then another one in the first two weeks of March. Then who knows

Digital in BHGE

Good discussion on another BHGE money-pit. Is Lorenzo listening and acting?

North Sea firm to axe up to 150 jobs,

NEWS / LOCAL Breaking: North Sea firm to axe up to 150 jobs by Callum Main 25/01/2019, 3:24 pm Prosafe has offered "a number" of its offshore staff voluntary redundancy. Pictured is the firm's Safe Caledonia vessel. Send us a story Sign up to our... read more

Cut in UK Employee Benefits

To be expected but significant benefit cuts for UK employees from the 1st July (lower pension etc), more incentive to keep looking elsewhere!

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