Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Check out Schlumberger

Some of you should go look at Schlumberger posts. To be honest NOV and Baker posts are practically the same, Either both cultures are in the toilet or both workforces lack maturity. Looks like Schlumberger employees are using this site for what its... —  read more 

What's next

Where are the growth opportunities for Baker in the downstream? Which one makes more sense. Services or Equipment? Lets keep chemicals out of this for now.

How many are out there?

I was with BH for over 15 years. I started out young, fresh out of college and over the years I put everything on the back burner, gave my blood, sweat and tears to a company that saw me as just a number on a sheet. They got rid of me without a... —  read more 

This is why I stay

For those who keep wondering why some of us stay even if we are unhappy here. Yes, I hate it here. And yes, I'm looking for a way out. But right now, that's not that easy. I would love to find another job ASAP but until then I choose to remain here... —  read more 

Perfectly said

I was just let go from BH. I was middle management LPB doing an SPB's job and this is my take. #3 - In every business known, laying off employees is cheaper than selling assets. This is true in every scenario. The equipment, buildings, inventories... —  read more 

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