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Overtime cut back

Cut back on overtime and mini amigo not a happy bunny. Looks like he will have to take back his part time job delivering papers

do you get random drug tests?

been in the company for a few weeks. Wondering if I could potentially maybe go back to a lifestyle I might enjoy occasionally on the couch at night. Did not see anything in the policy thing I signed?


Got terminated early Nov 2016, I'm sure this is a dumb question, but am I still entitled or qualified to receive a bonus or even a partial payment of one? ????

Pressure pumping yards not picked up by BJ

I heard that a few yards were not picked up by BJ. Because of this, Baker decided to just close them. I've heard Shafter & Brighton were part of this. Can anybody confirm any other locations?


did anyone see the last 8k? bhi paid off the cfo...

Merit Raises 2017

I came across an email (it was in the recycle bin by the printer) that said we would be getting merit raises this year. The email was in the typical memo format that we usually receive, but it had a "rough draft do not send" watermark on it. The... read more

Sounds familiar ?????.......

Performance Management at Telco - Interview with Former Human Resource Manager I joined Telco in 1986 and worked in personnel/HR, leaving in 2010 by which time I had become a middle manager. Although an HRM generalist, I had taken a lead role in... read more

All Woodside road

Wishing you all a better 2017 it's going to be the best year for us all a big thank you to our wonderful management thanks for keeping our jobs safe it's been a tough year for us all .

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