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Layoffs and kept in the dark

Anxiety at its peak when we are working remotely and not made aware of who is being let go. For a company being all about “the people” they sure don’t give a damn about spreading fear and uncertainty to its remaining workforce. I should have never... —  read more 

Wellhead exiting Canada

Is it true wellhead and frac services will exit Canada? Is there further details and will employees get any advance notice on facility closures ?


Is BHI going to shut down DCF? In NA and GOM?

OGA as firms demand suppliers and service companies cut rates 40% ‘overnight’ by Allister Thomas 01/06/2020, 8:14 am Aberdeen in freefall.

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has slammed “poor behaviour” in the North Sea supply chain, with firms facing demands to cut rates as much as 40% “overnight”. The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has slammed “poor behaviour” in the North Sea supply... —  read more 

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HR getting hit next

I heard from some good sources the bloated HR org is finally getting hit. Eliminating some of the management that do nothing. It will be announced next week. Good riddance to a worthless function.


What is you don’t get the 1 week for each year on the severance package?

Layoffs in Celle

After almost all contractors let go, focus has now turned to "permanent" employees. At least 1 person in each group is gone!

NA upstream chemicals

Has the lay-off/furlough bullet been dodged at upstream chemical facilities? Very few cuts in this segment to date and oil prices are quickly recovering to a level that supports onshore well restarts—even if operators would be a hell of a lot better... —  read more 

Aberdeen Truth

Truth about Aberdeen payoffs would be helpful as the press and Baker seem to be keeping eveything low key or hidden from the public.

Change of scenery

UK lay-off folks be aware there are a ton of fruit picking jobs with room and board

Australia jobs are going!

Early March lots of casual hire workers were finished up with no notice, and in May the permanent workers are beginning to get made redundant. Most likely more to go if things don't improve soon?

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Layoff's in Jacksonville Florida Today.

Jacksonville, FL acquired GE asset , valve manufacturing has been laying off people today. What I have witnessed and know from others is that they walked out so far roughly 20 + hourly and I was part of a meeting that 3 engineers were let go. Not... —  read more 

Lay offs in Pasadena

Bayport lay off and I’m certain more is to come. They tell u nobody else is being laid off. Don’t trust anything

payd off by video call.

Cant believe that after 32 years with Baker I get a email saying I have a video call from my manager at 11am and to my surprise my manager and a HR girl was sitting there 5 mins later thats me done and dusted. Told to send in all my equipment in... —  read more 

Re-opening buildings?

When are we reopening the office at Aldine Westfield for regular employees? I would like to see my co-workers before we get laid off. I miss them.

Baker Hughes follows OKC layoffs with more in Houston April 24, 2020.The affected employees work at Baker Hughes’ completions and decommissionin

Baker Hughes follows OKC layoffs with more in Houston April 24, 2020 A week after Baker Hughes Co. announced the layoff of more than 200 workers at its Oklahoma City operations, the company said it would lay off more than 180 people in... —  read more 

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