Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes

Topics regarding layoffs at Baker Hughes


Frocked still here. Just a matter of time now then. Grind out the days until its tap on the shoulder time. Watch the backstabbing, brown nosing, sickening behaviour that will take place to try and gain a few scraps of overtime, or hang on a while... —  read more 

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Culture starts at the top

When people start telling me about toxicity at BH, how there are a lot of backstabbers here who are much more valued than employees who are only interested in their job and doing it as well as possible, my only answer is that culture starts at the... —  read more 

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Septic toxicity

All of these posts regarding BOD its employees and management are simply an underscore as to why the plant is closing. It existed so long as to become institutionalised and all about individuals and personalities rather than achieving any kind of... —  read more 

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Crude oil prices this week will swing on the lingering impact of Hurricane Ida and demand expectations from global market forecasts, analysts said. West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark for the price of oil, increased 1.4 percent during the... —  read more 

Clean energy transition

I was just reading some articles about the industry-wide clean energy transition so I was wondering how much do you think our leadership cares about turning its portfolio ‘green’ compared to our competition?

Bod next week

End of next week and you won't get a chance to know what's happening. Marched out, no questions asked, your feet won't touch the floor. "consultation" over and your out on the street as if you'd never been here. Reality will bite then, it's all... —  read more 

Frocked bubbles

And there we have it, proof, if it were needed, that Frocked has finger on the pulse and a true inside line on what is going on. Unfortunate that Frocked cannot bring good news, Frocked is sad to report that all hope is gone regarding any new money... —  read more 

Frocked bubbles

Frocked here, insider from over the pond has informed frocked there will be no good news on any package this week. A sideways track from management side is to be expected, expect a holding pattern into next week when I am informed there will be new... —  read more 

Frocked bubbles

End of another shift and the faces are looking grim. 3weeks to go now and reality bites. Stay tuned for breaking news and an insider link.from Frocked bubbles.

Frocked bubbles

Frocked here again, disgruntlement here in long bay is a joy to watch. All trying to duck and dive, save themselves for an extra couple months,get a few extra ££ to pay off their debt. Fat one in the bothy sick as rest, picking up ££££££ for doing... —  read more 


Oil prices rose 2% on Friday, posting their biggest weekly gains in over a year, as energy firms began shutting U.S. production in the Gulf of Mexico ahead of a major hurricane expected to hit early next week. Brent futures rose $1.63, or 2.3%, to... —  read more 

BOD VS the world

I can’t take the yammering anymore! Based on the outnumbered amount of BOD posts, I’m assuming a lot of BOD Personel truly believed they were too smart and too important to get chopped off? It surely seems that way per the attitude on these posts... —  read more 

The bridge of Don on the river kwai

Perhaps they are treating us despicably, bad wages, bad bonus bad, package. Let's show them who we are. All start whistling (you know the tune) and go slow, they may put us on the oven in solitary but let's have dignity and fight these bastards 🇬🇧

Bod our proposal

OK, so we can't have 4 weeks or even 3 weeks, 2 and a half?, oh OK then, can we have a free bacon roll please? And a sachet of ketchup, Thanks, S. Sorry for asking for more and upsetting you ralf.

Bod, here we go again

You'll know nothing about package till first person is kicked out, they have laid out legally what your getting, anything else is just waffle, meetings are simply going through the motions.

Bod waiting waiting

Wait till 2moro, still reviewing this, still reviewing that. Playing you all along, stringing it out. Its all choreographed to shaft you. Glad I'm out of that place now, promises, promises promises......

Ghost of Woodside Road

Next year wails of Ooooovvverrrtimmme will be heard blowing through an empty shell of a building, tell tale ghostly noises of licking and slurping that have gone on for years will be heard coming from the moaning ghosts. Like Jacob marley all those... —  read more 

Consultation group bod

That's the representatives getting ready to go up and get shafted. To be handed the "updated" proposal, management have a pre ordained script they are working to, nothing that's said or proposed will make a jot of difference, simply going through the... —  read more 


48 days to go , clock is ticking b4 first casualties, who will it be? The excitement is rising, Hope casualties go quietly, don't want a scene with cry babies.

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