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Texas Unemployment and severance package

I was laid off last month and my HR representative said I could immediately apply for unemployment benefits. I also had to sign off on a release of claims documents in order to receive the severance package money, which I did and received payment on... —  read more 

Artificial Lift Oklahoma Consolidation

When are all of these ALS facilities in OK going to be moved into one building? Seems pointless at this point to have 5+ shops spread out through the state, all doing something different. There has to be somewhere they can consolidate these to save... —  read more 

Layoffs @ kirkhill

How much people from kirkhill have been let go so far? Any good guys been shown the door?

It’s official

This is now the most boring company in the world. No relevant lay-off news in weeks.

Montrose COE

Montrose to cut 120 jobs n phase 1 sourcing/ projects/quality/ contractors looks like they are gonna be moving quick on this one letters to effect departments in the next few weeks will update when I know more

Baker Hughes: Rig count is lowest since 1940 Permian stands at 132; Midland County at 12 Mella McEwen | on June 19, 2020 , and still falling..

Baker Hughes: Rig count is lowest since 1940 Permian stands at 132; Midland County at 12 Mella McEwen | on June 19, 2020 Tens of thousands of workers continue to get made redundant every week in the oil industry world wide and many many more... —  read more 

More lost Aberdeen Baker contracts.

Neptune Energy to cut 400 jobs from global workforce Allister Thomas 5 hours ago Neptune Energy plans to cut 400 jobs, around a fifth of its global workforce. Pictured: Cygnus, the firm's main UK asset. Neptune Energy plans to cut 400 jobs... —  read more 

What did Baker do with this money?

The Bank of England has published the list of businesses which have received a taxpayer-funded bailout under the UK Government’s Coronavirus Corporate Finance Facility (CCFF). I'm not being judgemental. The scale of the economic impact of COVID19 is... —  read more 

Baker Hughes CC Facility Closure

Sounds like the baker shop off of HWY 44 in Corpus Christi, TX is closing down. Another massive round of layoffs hit leaving the facility empty. Where will the support for completions, liners, CT motors, and fishing tools be in South Texas? Sad to... —  read more 

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BP to cut 10,000 or 15% of workforce Plan to recreate company. Focus will be on non carbon energy. A big loss for Baker. No more drilling, no ore processing. Baker is not geared for renewable energy


What is you don’t get the 1 week for each year on the severance package?

Layoffs and kept in the dark

Anxiety at its peak when we are working remotely and not made aware of who is being let go. For a company being all about “the people” they sure don’t give a damn about spreading fear and uncertainty to its remaining workforce. I should have never... —  read more 

Wellhead exiting Canada

Is it true wellhead and frac services will exit Canada? Is there further details and will employees get any advance notice on facility closures ?

HR getting hit next

I heard from some good sources the bloated HR org is finally getting hit. Eliminating some of the management that do nothing. It will be announced next week. Good riddance to a worthless function.


Is BHI going to shut down DCF? In NA and GOM?

Layoffs in Celle

After almost all contractors let go, focus has now turned to "permanent" employees. At least 1 person in each group is gone!

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