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now that states are opening back up anyone hearing when we will return to the office

I'm ready for the week ahead

I will show up to work at 9am in order to make it to the standup meeting and will lie my as$ off about the status of my story. Then I will pour some liquor in my coffee while I browse this site and post some annoying c-ap, follow by more web browsing... —  read more 

Would you leave?

If another company offered you a comparable job during the pandemic, would you leave?


Anyone else given one of these to work on? garbage hardware

Worker rights

How many lawsuits do you think will be filed for worker’s rights? Lawyers will be busy

BofA Branch Closing List (2019)

My list, about 20 branches that closed - add more if you know about a BofA location that closed but is not listed. The list is not complete, I am sure there many more branches that should be added. The old closure thread went nowhere @EWvbdFX (AZ)... —  read more 

Anyone in love with Erica? —  read more 

Do the right thing

Layoffs will most likely happen in the next 60 days due to COVID-19. I'm not an insider, but that is my guess not just for BAC, but for most publicity traded companies. I hope the HR people at BAC, JP, and Wells who made the decision to pull... —  read more 

How toxic is the work culture at the bank?

On scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being most toxic like people working in Chernobyl and 1 being least toxic, how would you rate your department? I think gto is a 9. Toxic and stupidity everywhere .

Four Banks to Defer Mortgage Payments

Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citi and JP Morgan Chase will defer mortgage payments for three months. State chartered banks and credit unions will offer similar deferrals. Newsom said everyone is eligible, regardless of how much money they make. He said... —  read more 

Monday All Hands Conference Call

Not sure what will be said but... Here is how I see things: the exec mgmt has to do something, to react as it relates to C19 zero interest rates hurt us, big time no people in the branches, no upsell or no sell working from home hard to... —  read more 

Working From Home

How is everyone coping with working from home? I heard someone say that their manager told them that this is indefinite. I smell tons of layoffs is about to happen and what about MSP? Will it be another delay because I heard if it is the company... —  read more 

Layoffs, Hazard Pay, and what's next

Are layoffs decided by pay? Just found out that my peer makes $10k more than me and does less. How can HR let this happen? Also, what will the bank do for the people risking their lives in the branches after this is over? $200 extra a week in... —  read more 

Voluntary severance should be offered immediately.

Any contingency plans for layoffs should immediately be offered to employees willing to accept the severance package voluntarily. This seems to be a prudent step to quickly reducing expenses in this environment.

Coronavirus is a golden opportunity for BofA

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Leave banking sector

We are headed for another crash and I doubt that this time anybody will be willing to help us out like in 2008. The best thing to do right now is to leave the entire banking sector. Plenty of jobs available in other sectors that are not on shaky... —  read more 

Bank of America employee laid off after 25 years

A friend of mine recently got laid off by Bank of America. He worked for them for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS..... YEEEEAAAARSSSS!!!!! The reason I emphasize that is because they simply just CALLED my friend to give her the news. No meeting... no sorry... no... —  read more 

Big layoff

There was big layoffs in Plano, TX something that they call as "STS"... 50+ people were laid off on 26th and 27th February 2020. Many more people will be laid off. BoA management have asked all manager too keep picture "very positive" so that there... —  read more 

Enough is enough!

I used to believe the Bank was motivated to retain employees. When you boast of stellar quarterly earnings but people don't get raises (some year over year) and bonus is the same if you get one, there's a serious disconnect. People are here to earn... —  read more 

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