Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Muzzling of women

Are there any other women in particular or any individuals out there who feel muzzled by their male colleagues due to ego issues? I’m so tired of it. Several instances of speaking up about something and told it’s not a concern and later found to be... —  read more 

CEO employee webcast.

What a bunch of propaganda. I heard the same things 15 years ago, and 4 CEOs ago. Bla bla bla diversity. BlaH bla blah engagement. Blah blah blah.. Blah blah blah expense reduction. & what a bunch of hand picked softball questionS.

Dublin Office

With a 9 months of it, I cannot believe how poorly it is run. Zero leadership and back bone by some of the senior management. Very odd back slapping culture. Lots of talk about female leaders (which I support) but the females picked to represent us... —  read more 

Severance Policy

Sorry if this is covered further down thread but does anyone have confirmed details on the severance policy? 2 weeks for a year is widely confirmed but I heard secondhand that BNYM requires you to also qualify for unemployment (ie need to prove... —  read more 


When a phishing email test is distributed to employees, it is not appropriate to warn the employees to NOT click on it. It defeats the purpose of the test. Instead of employees learning how to think for themselves, you are creating a bunch of... —  read more 

Don't trust anyone!

People don't trust anyone @BNYM, even if someone acts like very close friend of yours, these are hungry ghosts spying on you to protect themselves. I know not many do this but some poorly skilled and badly raised people with cheap and greedy soul... —  read more 

Horrible workplace

Why does BNY Mellon alway treat its oldest and most loyal employees the worst? People who have been with the company the longest? Do you know of one other company that cares this little about those who are directly responsible for the majority of its... —  read more 

Asset Servicing Ops

Major layoffs coming. assessment currently underway, drastic overhaul of the service delivery model coming. I’ve been asked to put names in boxes and put forth names for termination.

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