Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Good Press for B&N

There have been several articles highlighting the success of Daunt and B&N in the last few days. Our local store is a filthy mess and old and worn out. Do the people writing this stuff even go to the stores or speak to the booksellers? Rumor has it... —  read more 

The Flagship

Unethical, cutthroat and disrespectful, the very definition of toxic, yet nothing is done. It’s like management does not care and wants this place to be as unpleasant as possible.

B&N Eastchester

Maybe the store still has a chance to survive now that it’s horrible manager “retired”. She was nasty to customers and got rid of the good staff after COVID. The rest of the management team left too. Now the store is filled with young workers... —  read more 

Store before closing

Some knew in advance that their store would be closed, while some believed that their store would not be closed for some time, so they were surprised when it happened. The atmosphere in my store is terrible and I thought that it would be closed a... —  read more 

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