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Lay-off update from corporate?

Any update on layoffs that where going to happen around this time? I would figure if something where to happen, it would be after the holiday. Hearing managers talk about corporate HR visiting stores in my district this month. I’m on edge and... —  read more 

Protect and serve the POS public

I work the register and have to deal with the people that don’t want to wear masks. When I ask them to put one on because it’s required in our state they cuss me out and call me all different types of names. They sometimes call either the GM, the... —  read more 

Bipolar Management

Good club card day=smiles and jokes Bad club card day=yelling, stomping and rearranging displays for no reason This cannot continue.

Bass Pro going the way of the dinosaur

i worked for a mass retailer before joining bass pro. I don't see how they stayed in business so long with the old systems, poor replenishment process. Process other companies was using ten years ago haven't even came to Bass Pro. Every year the... —  read more 

1 Store Manager running 3 stores

Just learned that one guy is store manager in three stores. Gainesville Fl, Macon Ga and Savannah Ga. The stores are all at least 3 to 4 hours apart. How will this work out?

lost it's way

Sadly this company has gone into the toilet when it used to be the best place to work in retail. My store is now a joke and everyone hates it there now. They lecture about club constantly and they lecture about stocking and all they care about is... —  read more 

Store Managers fired.

Just heard from a few managers that was fired today. Company is going down. Who will be left to run stores.

What an embarrassment

This chain cares more about the sale of a gun than the well being of its employees. Period. The employees who did not get furloughed DID NOT receive 2 weeks pay or a temporary pay raise. NOTHING. Disgraceful. Shame on you Bass Pro. To tout that... —  read more 


They are laying off all leads and assist Myers and full timers!! We just got word from HO and they can’t pay insurance. They are getting rid of excessive HR personnel, inventory shipment members and office workers. It does seem fair as we have seen... —  read more 

More reductions?

I have hears some rumors of additional reductions coming up in the next couple of weeks. Potentially more management, admin and HR. Anyone hearing anything about this or is it purely rumor?

Get out while you can!

Cut payroll, fire people who know anything about hinting, fishing, or camping. Get a bunch of cheap managers who are obedient. Pay minimum wage to the low ranks and who cares if they can help customers or not. Fire them and hire new mo–ns. Stock... —  read more 

Any serious proof or timeframe for layoffs?

Any actual evidence for layoffs next month? I’m a lead for one of the southern stores and things have been a sh– show. Our store started to do call backs this weekend after running on a skeleton crew the past month. Is there a real timetable for any... —  read more 

Any news?

When is the layoff of FT employees to be announced? I'd like to know the same thing. Any info would be appreciated.

Can we or can we not stay home?

I've read people say that they've been threatened with retribution if they decide to stay home even if it was said we are allowed to. Is this true?

The company doesn’t care

Two of my coworkers were laid off on friday. Of course,the layoffs had nothing to do with the performance of these guys or their conduct at work. What sickens me the most is the fact that these guys, along with the rest of us are the people that are... —  read more 

Please just quit.

Then just quit. If you’re really scared you are going to die just quit. Anyone thinking Johnny Morris owes them anything is being naive. Everybody complaining on here can make the decision for themselves not to work for someone they clearly blame for... —  read more 

Wasted Money

Lets not worry about employees well being. Where is the money going to come from for Anglers in the Bahamas, National Turkey Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mntn. Elk Foundation , NASCAR, NRA ? Millions of dollars wasted so Johnny can... —  read more 

I am happy to be still working

I’m happy for the chance to be working and making money. I feel like closing would only add to my problems, unemployment would be a short band aid and then I’d be trying to fend for myself. I work with a lot of coworkers who feel the same. A lot can... —  read more 

It's only going to get worse...

Go back and look at what we borrowed to purchase Cabelas. According to news stories we borrowed 2.4 Billion from Goldman Sachs and a private equity firm to buy them. Those bills have to be paid, no matter how bad sales get. So i think we will cut... —  read more 

Memo: Important update for our team members

MEMO TO: All Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Outfitters and team members FROM: G.E., Vice President of Human Resources DATE: April 3, 2020 SUBJECT: Important update for our team members I hope you and your family members are staying healthy during... —  read more 

How bad can this get?

I can't afford to lose my job right now, not for a week, not to mention a month or more. I keep thinking I am safe (even if I am exposed to the coronavirus risk every day) but then I keep hearing about people losing their jobs constantly. Two here... —  read more 

Just a flu

To all you guys above stating all the virus is just a basic flu and calling everyone out for panicking are selfish and you are the ones who are narrow minded. Do you not realize that people have died from this virus all over the world. Sure keep Bass... —  read more 

Tracker employees laid off

I am treated better than my wife's company

I have 80 hours of vacation + 55 or so hours in sick leave I can use. And that is AFTER the 80 hours of additional covid-19 PTO that they seemed to have given me. Just learned of this. I feel very well taken care of. I can work and save my time or... —  read more 

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Virginia store

Our store is staying open since we are “essential”. But there have been numerous team members ALL FROM TRACKER that have been terminated or furloughed until further notice. We were told we could take time off with no repercussions if we felt... —  read more 

Why are they better than the rest of us?

The Bass Pro Shops flagship store in Springfield is temporarily closing amid the Coronavirus pandemic. A spokesperson says the change is effective immediately "until we can establish further clarity about recently imposed... —  read more 

Tampa Bass Pro

Our manager concerns us an “essential” retailer! That’s is why we won’t close. The only thing we are selling is guns. Half the customers we have got don’t even know anything about guns. We are profiting off the fear of the population. We are all... —  read more 

Close the stores and take this serious!!!

I work at bass pro and the mall next to us is closed. Management doesn't care for their outfitters, where is management? at home taking care of themselves not caring about us. We just have greedy people who think ammunition and firearms are... —  read more 

This company should be ashamed of itself!

I work for this company and asked Human Resources to please close the stores. I expressed my concern that people like myself are in the higher risk category and shouldn't be here. I said as long as the store is open we feel obligated to go to work... —  read more 

Why are we wasting $$$$ in Nascar??

We can't afford to hire help or fix anything, but once again we are p***ing away money in a sport with declining attendance and TV viewership. I just don't get it.

bass pro restructure

Bass Pro restructures several teams, leading to layoffs

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