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One Question

What are you waiting for? The BB&T culture we loved for years is gone, half of your professional network is gone, opportunities are gone, and you are months away from being one of many people in the job market with BB&T on your resume. Are you... —  read more 

How many people work at BB&T?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Winston-Salem?

Unfair lay off demographics

Seems that they only laid off minority positions and provided them to areas with a less minority count. This company has discrimination and racism all in it. It will be exposed soon enough!

So when do we get the bonus money?

They said we would get $1500 after Legal Day One. If legal day one is in December should we expect the money by the end of the month? Any word on if it will be a separate check or included with the regular payroll checks?

BB&T Layoffs 2020

Anyone would care to chime in with a prediction about potential BB&T Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Worst Place in Wilson to Work

Anyone who is unfortunate enough to work there or has worked there, knows what I am talking about. They are a cruel company and are the worst at playing favorites. If you do not s— up and brown nose the bosses, you are treated worse than dirt and... —  read more 

Now what

The majority of management has been chosen, still some areas left to complete but mostly finished. What about those of you who didn't get one of these jobs? Ask to take a lesser role? Any thoughts on how this was done? What were you told? How about... —  read more 


We are concerned about our jobs as well. My understanding is that the merger will create more layoffs in the AML area

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What about the rest of us?

I wish everyone who's received meets or exceeds on PDPs were only so lucky. It seems mid/high level managers are the only ones I've heard of that are getting these "retention bonuses" (other than the 15's and below getting the $1500). What about... —  read more 

MOE "Ask a question" on insite

Has anyone actually had their question answered? They are telling us nothing, but say if you have questions submit them and they will respond. I have 3 outstanding questions, all the way back to April and not a single one has been answered or even... —  read more 

The Start of Layoffs

Has anyone been laid off yet due to MOE or know of anyone that's been let go in preparation for the mass layoffs that are bound to happen? Just curious if they're leaning towards the normal rif process or going a different route. Would love to hear... —  read more 

Next level of announcements delayed?

I'm hearing the next level of announcements is being delayed. Nothing like taking everyone's anxiety up to 11. It's really been horrible the way they are rolling this out. And now there is good chance this thing doesn't even close this year. ... —  read more 

What goes around comes around.

Jan 2019: Boston consulting group came in and the 25 year old MBAs are driving management to fire staff apparently without concern for how the business will run without enough staff or experience. BBT culture is now destroyed. Morale is non existent... —  read more 

Any ideas on when?

It's all fine and dandy to tell us layoffs are coming, but is there any way to provide more info on it? Mostly, when?

Major layoffs incoming at BB&T

I don't know about Wilson, but I know the Bank is looking to cut costs (ie salaries) by around 20% or 25% per dept. All layoffs will occur at once, prior to the merger in October. If you are let go, at least you can feel comforted knowing you won't... —  read more 


Anyone have knowledge on Wilson, NC? Wish we could get definite answers on departments staying and going...

Next layer(s) of management announcement

Another round of management layers to be crowned tomorrow, another step towards the Synergies coming to fruition. This group will include many who have been incentivized to make the transition seamless with five and six figure stay bonuses. How much... —  read more 

Massive closings expected

The list does exist. About 1000 branches in total between bbt and sti are potentially going to be closed. Can we get more info on this, please? When, where, anything? —  read more 

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Leaders what

Anyone know how long before the layoffs are now? I figure now that the senior leaders have been identified it will be soon.

Executive retention bonuses are done

Six figure bonuses for the people who are deciding your future are done and signed off on. Good luck to all of you who will be part of the 1.6 Billion in "Synergies" created with the merger in your future employment. Your bonus will be future... —  read more 

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Happy meetings

Does anybody else think that it's really odd they're putting us through all these mandatory happiness committee meetings I mean if you're going to lay me off just lay me off don't leave me around for months wondering whether or not I might have a job... —  read more 

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When can we expect the next round?

We all know the next round of layoffs at BB&T is coming, but the main question now is when? Do we have any idea on a time frame? I'm asking primarily because I've already started panicking again, and it would be nice to know if I have another month... —  read more 

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post-merger RIFs

Post merger RIFs with --branch consolidations, --metrics based operations consolidation, --operations low-cost-shoring Thousands! —  read more 

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Nothing personal, just tough business

We at BB&T understand that employees are replaceable. Nothing personal, rather tough business. We are doing what is best for shareholders. Shareholders confidence in executive managements decision to make Premier Financial Institution the best of the... —  read more 

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Wilson NC Layoff Question

I’m a real estate investor in the Wilson market. BB&T has 2,200 employees in Wilson NC. The new 35mm building they are constructing to consolidate operations will house 650 people. Assuming the 6 branches in Wilson County make up about 100 employees... —  read more 

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This will be brutal

We can expect to see so many more layoffs once the merger is completed. Not only consolidation layoffs (which in themselves will be huge,) but this will give both banks a perfect opportunity to get rid of whomever they want without too much bad press... —  read more 

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