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Executive retention bonuses are done

Six figure bonuses for the people who are deciding your future are done and signed off on. Good luck to all of you who will be part of the 1.6 Billion in "Synergies" created with the merger in your future employment. Your bonus will be future... read more

Happy meetings

Does anybody else think that it's really odd they're putting us through all these mandatory happiness committee meetings I mean if you're going to lay me off just lay me off don't leave me around for months wondering whether or not I might have a job... read more

When can we expect the next round?

We all know the next round of layoffs at BB&T is coming, but the main question now is when? Do we have any idea on a time frame? I'm asking primarily because I've already started panicking again, and it would be nice to know if I have another month... read more

post-merger RIFs

Post merger RIFs with --branch consolidations, --metrics based operations consolidation, --operations low-cost-shoring Thousands!
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Nothing personal, just tough business

We at BB&T understand that employees are replaceable. Nothing personal, rather tough business. We are doing what is best for shareholders. Shareholders confidence in executive managements decision to make Premier Financial Institution the best of the... read more

Wilson NC Layoff Question

I’m a real estate investor in the Wilson market. BB&T has 2,200 employees in Wilson NC. The new 35mm building they are constructing to consolidate operations will house 650 people. Assuming the 6 branches in Wilson County make up about 100 employees... read more

This will be brutal

We can expect to see so many more layoffs once the merger is completed. Not only consolidation layoffs (which in themselves will be huge,) but this will give both banks a perfect opportunity to get rid of whomever they want without too much bad press... read more

When is round 3 and 4?

Does anyone know when round 3 and 4 of the layoffs are happening? Being told it will all finish by end of February.

Why the secrecy?

The little media coverage I find of the layoffs at BB&T have no details because the company is declining to say how many people were laid off. Why? What is the point of secrecy? Here's the latest example:... read more

Overworked and understaffed

I’m not sure what’s the point of the latest layoffs, considering we are already severely understaffed. Instead of hiring, the bank keeps laying off. Even our clients are complaining. How is that good for business? If at least they laid off people who... read more
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How is it determined who gets cut?

Who is responsible for the decision making on who will get laid off at BB&T? I'm trying to figure out why do we keep losing some of our best workers. What kind of manager looks at the list of names and doesn't take into account something like that?... read more

The ultimate recipe for failure

BB&T has gotten to the point of being one the absolutely worst places to work. Morale is horrible at most locations and they hire the MDP or LDP folks straight out of college with no experience at anything other than partying and put them in a... read more

I'm not happy about it, but I know I have to move on

I was a part of the Correspondent Lending Operations Group in Atlanta. They layed off my entire floor on 1/15 ( 3 teams, their managers and the Operations Manager). They kept the underwriters upstairs and layed off several in Wilson, NC and middle... read more
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February layoffs at BB&T

Any more info on February round of layoffs? All we know so far is that more notifications will go out sometime next month. Any additional info would be appreciated.

Layoffs are terrible and very disruptive

Layoffs are terrible and very disruptive. Those affected will always feel singled out, scared and upset. That is incredibly natural. It's not fun for anyone: those receiving the news, those giving the news, and those left behind. Reactions such as... read more

This week will be a bloodbath

Many good workers with many years at the bank being fired due to management sole focus on shareholder return. Week of 1/15 is going to be a blood bath. Boston consulting group came in and the 25 year old MBAs are driving management to fire staff... read more

Are we done with layoffs at BB&T for now?

Very little is available on this week's layoffs. We don't know how many people were laid off, what was hit, and most importantly - are we done? Does anybody know if we can expect even more cuts in the following few days or has everybody been notified... read more

BB&T Values are a flood of empty words

Company laid off thousands of employees to bump up shares of stock at year end. Guess who benefited... Kelly King CEO who just got a pay raise of 9.1% bringing his total compensation to $12.67 million while the President and COO, Chris Henson got a... read more

Resources and staffing

I’m at my 5 year mark with BB&T and since I started I’ve yet to see an improvement in resources and manpower. Majority of the time our staff is at the bare minimum. This causes associates to scramble around hoping to accomplish tasks set for the day... read more

Why were they let go?

Roughly 6 months ago at a BB&T branch two of my coworkers who have been with the company for at least 15 years came in one day and were let go. As far as everyone in the branch were aware of, they were exemplary employees who were given no notice... read more

Up to 2,000 layoffs by 12/31

Up to 2,000 positions will be eliminated by the end of the year through severance packages, forced retirements, and vacant positions that will not be filled. A majority of the layoffs will come from the retail bank through branch consolidations... read more

BB&T Layoffs 2018

When will things improve, are they, I am still hearing about layoffs in Winston-Salem.

BBT Layoffs 2017

I know BB&T is taking a meat cleaver in slashing jobs in PA and NJ They screwed up when they bought 2 banks in the same area. on top of that those places did not have staff really focused on sales. this combined with total lack of advertising in the... read more

BB&T Outsourcing

Do you guys outsource over there at BB&T? I work for a competitor and a headhunter reached out to me (casually) and told me about a potential opportunity in the IT group. I've spent a few minutes on LinkedIn and Glassdoor researching but I was unable... read more

BB&T September 2017 layoffs

BB&T announced it'll be laying off 56 people from its Charleston processing service center. It seems that the affected people have already been notified... read more
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Fallston branch closing in December

BB&T is closing its Fallston branch in December, but so far, no layoffs are announced as a result. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

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