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Up to 2,000 layoffs by 12/31

Up to 2,000 positions will be eliminated by the end of the year through severance packages, forced retirements, and vacant positions that will not be filled. A majority of the layoffs will come from the retail bank through branch consolidations... read more

BB&T Layoffs 2018

When will things improve, are they, I am still hearing about layoffs in Winston-Salem.

BBT Layoffs 2017

I know BB&T is taking a meat cleaver in slashing jobs in PA and NJ They screwed up when they bought 2 banks in the same area. on top of that those places did not have staff really focused on sales. this combined with total lack of advertising in the... read more

BB&T Outsourcing

Do you guys outsource over there at BB&T? I work for a competitor and a headhunter reached out to me (casually) and told me about a potential opportunity in the IT group. I've spent a few minutes on LinkedIn and Glassdoor researching but I was unable... read more
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BB&T September 2017 layoffs

BB&T announced it'll be laying off 56 people from its Charleston processing service center. It seems that the affected people have already been notified... read more
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Fallston branch closing in December

BB&T is closing its Fallston branch in December, but so far, no layoffs are announced as a result. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

To those waiting for a package

DON'T. stop waiting and leave. I did and found a great job and with the just increase in pay calculated it will take about 1 year to earn the entire layoff pkg. (I was there 12 yrs.) That doesn't take into account a possible promotion that would... read more
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BB&T Layoffs 2017

Things can be better, improved and stellar, especially, sure sure, because I hear that we might have job reductions and layoffs in Winston-Salem.

BB&T Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of BB&T layoffs in Winston-Salem in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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