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One Question

What are you waiting for? The BB&T culture we loved for years is gone, half of your professional network is gone, opportunities are gone, and you are months away from being one of many people in the job market with BB&T on your resume. Are you... —  read more 

Now what

The majority of management has been chosen, still some areas left to complete but mostly finished. What about those of you who didn't get one of these jobs? Ask to take a lesser role? Any thoughts on how this was done? What were you told? How about... —  read more 


We are concerned about our jobs as well. My understanding is that the merger will create more layoffs in the AML area

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What about the rest of us?

I wish everyone who's received meets or exceeds on PDPs were only so lucky. It seems mid/high level managers are the only ones I've heard of that are getting these "retention bonuses" (other than the 15's and below getting the $1500). What about... —  read more 

The Start of Layoffs

Has anyone been laid off yet due to MOE or know of anyone that's been let go in preparation for the mass layoffs that are bound to happen? Just curious if they're leaning towards the normal rif process or going a different route. Would love to hear... —  read more 

Happy meetings

Does anybody else think that it's really odd they're putting us through all these mandatory happiness committee meetings I mean if you're going to lay me off just lay me off don't leave me around for months wondering whether or not I might have a job... —  read more 

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This will be brutal

We can expect to see so many more layoffs once the merger is completed. Not only consolidation layoffs (which in themselves will be huge,) but this will give both banks a perfect opportunity to get rid of whomever they want without too much bad press... —  read more 

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Wilson NC Layoff Question

I’m a real estate investor in the Wilson market. BB&T has 2,200 employees in Wilson NC. The new 35mm building they are constructing to consolidate operations will house 650 people. Assuming the 6 branches in Wilson County make up about 100 employees... —  read more 

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Why the secrecy?

The little media coverage I find of the layoffs at BB&T have no details because the company is declining to say how many people were laid off. Why? What is the point of secrecy? Here's the latest example:... —  read more 

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