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Splitting tucson facility

all the top mgmt are going to be removed if not already. supposedly eng is moving to winston salem, key players being identified now by WS mgmt who will be taken over to continue work there. mfg to remain in tucson. This is crazy!

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BE Aerospace Winston-Salem Layoffs

IS department just had layoffs in Winston-Salem, especially infrastructure. No discrimination between staff and management. Entire data ops department gone.

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9/16/15 450 lay offs!

Wouldn't it be a smarter business decision to shut down Tucson plant and move it to the organized Winston Salem location. Tucson was wiped up on all upper management VPs and Doug. Major players were gone in a week, rumors are rumors guys work hard... —  read more 

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2015 Layoffs to Happen Before December

BE Aerospace might have large cuts before the end of the year, rumors for now but it's pretty certain it'll happen. Post info if you know more - I hope I am not correct here

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Customer service manager

Laid off in June of 2014 after almost 23 years of service. Nice severance package. Will miss long time friendships with co-workers.

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B/E Aerospace Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of B/E Aerospace layoffs in Wellington in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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B/E airspace laid people off today in Winston Salem NC 9/12/17

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B/E Aerospace Layoffs 2019

If there are B/E Aerospace Layoffs in 2019 what departments and positions will be affected the most?

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2014 Layoffs at BE Aerospace

Small layoffs in June of 2014. Nothing major and nothing on the scale that's similar to 2009 cuts. Hang in there and I hope nothing major happens.

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