Topics regarding layoffs at Becker College

Topics regarding layoffs at Becker College

Nothing left to say Of the many remaining questions the biggest one might be what was Clark thinking?

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Sad state of affairs

Within a few months, according to the Massachusetts Dept. of Higher Education, Becker is unlikely to sustain full operations. This may have been coming but it did not need to happen right now. It will be blamed on Covid-19 but that is inaccurate... —  read more 

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Best of luck

Wasn't laid off but did leave Becker recently. When I first got there a few years ago the place had energy, by the time I left, it didn't. Maybe it will turnaround but not sure the president's group has it in them to get the college back in shape. ... —  read more 

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For my entire career at Becker, one thing you could count on was that the college had compassion for not only the students but the employees too. Not anymore. I retired a number of years ago from teaching but stay in touch some old colleagues. Last... —  read more 

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In decline

As a former senior academic administrator at Becker it is hard to see the college thrash around as it slides further towards its fate. Struggling before the pandemic, it will struggle after in more and new ways as its unimaginative and weak... —  read more 

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