Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Thanks for the memories

Hi Everyone-MT here from my yacht on the Caribbean. Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all the hard working men and women out there who helped me make my millions only to be tossed to the side like some kangaroo dung. While you collect... —  read more 

Well, end of a decade

I don't really know how to feel. I'm happy to finally be done with the bs. But definitely sad to say goodbye to friends and family. To say goodbye to receiving, my office for the last 10 years. I was a kid when I started here. I grew up in this... —  read more 

Got paid again?

Who was told that tomorrow would be their last day, but already got paid for this weeks hours? Anyone else get their paycheck for this weeks hours? What if we work more than what they paid us for?

No more cuts after today?

I'm hoping that we won't have to go into next week with cuts still hanging over our heads. Especially considering that it's Labor Day. That would be unnecessarily cruel, even for Bed Bath & Beyond. One full week of this cr-p was more than enough to... —  read more 

My last day

I get being being upset and angry with the company. I get it, and yes I’m upset too. I’m one of the few people who knows pretty much everything OPS. I remember when I first started out as a cashier and we’d have to key in the prices at the register! ... —  read more 

Full time positions ?

Are all full timers being asked to go part time or take severance? If not how are they determining what full time associates stay ? Seem to be some confusion ... Any SM DM HR care to answer before this gets out of hand.

This is a huge mistake

BBBY will lose much more than it will gain with its latest move. All the stores have been having issues keeping people for obvious reasons, with the majority of locations being like revolving doors when it comes to employees. Full-time positions are... —  read more 

well….that’s a wrap

after 16 years of ups and downs, working with great people (usually), meeting new friends; after staying loyal, even though i could go work virtually anywhere else and start just under or right at what i was making as a receiving lead after over a... —  read more 

Ladies Day

If you look at the leadership now the ladies are running the ship. Hopefully they can turn it around and not run aground. The more we learn about the MT group the more we see how shady these guys were. GM had his house renovation compliments of BBB... —  read more 

Let go today

Was anyone else told today that they were laid off, but their last day would be the end of the week? They didn’t do that the last 2 layoffs they had, wonder why they changed it up this time. And how can they expect someone to “give their all” knowing... —  read more 

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