Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond set to complete a round of layoffs in New Jersey the day before a new state law takes effect that would mean millions more in

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing 43 stores, two warehouses, and one fulfillment center in New Jersey. The company is also slashing 377 jobs at its Union, NJ, corporate headquarters, effective April 9. New layoff rules go into effect on April 10 in the... —  read more 

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April 10th

Is anyone else thinking how I’m thinking that April 9th will be the day for chapter 7 right before the Warn Act takes effect the following day. They won’t have to pay anyone anything. The way they have been operating I wouldn’t put it past them. —  read more 

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So my last day is Friday, I still haven't found another job yet. I got offered to transfer to another location, same position, same pay, I keep my benefits, steady paycheck. I was thinking just sticking around till I find something else, unemployment... —  read more 

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For all employees that were let go and have medical coverage through COBRA (for a certain amount of weeks, per severance agreement). The subsidy’s are now loaded on line for you to chose your elections. For example before the subsidy my COBRA... —  read more 

Bombshell 💣 Wtf is wrong with this company.

Stock ammendment

00 April 2023 May is the beginning of a new future or the beginning of Toys R Us liquidation type deal. Selling fixtures now in 200 stores getting ready to right abandon in next round. Chapter 11 date?? Feedback appreciated

Future so bright…

…we’re gonna need Shades!!!! Our SM shared all the great stuff going on to ensure the survival and dominance going forward! It’s great to work for a company that has a plan and will execute that plan to ensure dominance in the market going forward... —  read more 

Goodbye 1003

Store 1003 Vernon Hills is now shuttered. The lights are off, the parking lot empty. A lot of good people came and went. You were the first job for many a teenager in high school getting ready for college. You were also a high sales store in your... —  read more 

Owed holiday/vaca pay

For those who have already been let go, when was your accrued holiday/vaca pay paid out? My store closed end of January. It was not included in my final check, my severance was paid out finally 2 weeks ago..this week would have been our next pay... —  read more 

Weekly forecast

So now we need to know our weekly forecast using traffic counting. The cashier who is currently the only person up front has to count the transactions. Then divided the average transaction by 10 carry the one then multiply by 7 and then you divide... —  read more 


I was an id--t. Stuck it out in a store I knew was going down and sure enough it did. Figured I would get the severance. I was in the wave that was supposed to. It's been a month and no word. There's not even anyone to ask about it. Don't be stupid... —  read more 

Burning Cash

Instead of shipping merchandise to stores via an LTL shipper, the Georgia warehouse has been sending upwards of 700 cartons through FedEx to multiple stores. At a minimum of $5 a box it's costing a small fortune to do this. Yet there's no money for... —  read more 

401k match

Has anyone heard anything about whether we’re getting our last years 401k match? Next week is around the time it’s due to be paid out. Or will there be a town hall to tell us how unfortunately they can’t afford to pay it out but can still somehow... —  read more 

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