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So, just found out that our RVP is leaving the company... Wonder what that will bring with the others?


Does anyone know or think that decisions have been made about store closures? All of a sudden stores are getting surprise visits that usually means something is going down! Who comes in and tells the store I always heard is was the RM and DM or is... —  read more 


Does anyone know when they are supposed to be announcing the stores?

Store closing- what to expect

I wanted to supply a list of warning signs I wish I saw when the last company I worked for went under, so that you all don’t become blindsided as I was. Slow down of freight Exodus of Talent- those truly good at their jobs, and truly in sync... —  read more 

200 more stores

Read today they are closing 200 more stores! Is it BBB or could it be other concepts

Firings today

ASM’s at CTS’s we’re let go today and corporate people too.

Does anyone really know

Anyone on this site really know what is going on. Asm in what concept are fired? They need to replace the people in corporate who are stagnant and not bringing the company up to where is should be. The old farts who ran it for the past 20 years and... —  read more 


What happens when an employee gets the coronavirus virus?


Is there anyone else beside me still furloughed ?

Covid-19 has not gone away

People are forgetting that were still in a pandemic. My manager recently opened the door for me when I arrived at the store with NO mask on. Between employees, I have seen NO 6 feet social distance and many in the office at the same time when I went... —  read more 

Stopping Hazard Pay

They are stopping our hazard pay at our store once we open to the public next week. It is mandatory to wear gloves and masks.... but for some reason, working isn't hazardous? HMM.

Got called back.....

They only gave me 4 hours! Yes, only 4 hours! Anyone with same situation? Anyone that has called human resources about it?

CTS and cost plus being sold-

Christmas tree shops and Cost plus are both in the process of being sold. They are nearing the end of the deal. They expect to announce it before their next earnings call. This will generate close to a billion in profit. By doing so they will be... —  read more 

Store defaults?

Did anyone else come back from furlough and find out that the store rent has been defaulted on by HO?

Customers not respecting the 6 foot rule

I’m finding customers are right up in your face when you are doing a Beyond order for them. We have stickers on the floor that nobody is paying attention to. What are we to do, not want to be rude but want to be respectful and I want to be safe. Yes... —  read more 

More lay offs

Bed bath and beyond is closing all there customer service call centers , they are out sourcing our jobs. Our last day is in August 2020

A Bit Of Truth Please

I know all this survival of the business after Covid 19 is uncharted territory for any business. And I do appreciate what has been done for us. But what is hard to take is all the mystery. I know someone hire up watches this website. And while your... —  read more 

People Leaving

Since your BBB or CTS stores have re opened do you have a lot of people leaving after being brought back to work?

Will Everyone Be Brought Back?

Well our store has reopened and I'm a FT but am still furloughed till 27th. I'm getting nervous we won't all be invited back? Does anyone have info on this? Can they lay us off instead?


First day back and all i can say is what b—s— thats all i have to say

Opening on the 15

Called people and they don’t want to work because they make more money on unemployment!! Can’t wait to be back to the new normal.


When we open, are the stores providing all our necessary supplies....gloves, masks etc.?

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