Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

MT’s weekly update

i know his videos are always fluff and hard to watch, but the last few weeks i noticed something. the CEO of our company, in his weekly hype video, has absolutely zero BBB product on the almost empty shelves behind him. it’s not SURPRISING, but... —  read more 

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Out of Business

BBBY should’ve been out of business years ago. Can’t believe the garbage they sell now. I know cause I worked for them for 20 years. They’re on a fast spiral down & out

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Should I leave or wait?

In The Last couple of months I have noticed the shift in the behavior of my manager towards me. Before that we had an ok relationship, but now he is overloading me with tasks and with amounts of work that I didn’t have before. Now he also has remarks... —  read more 

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Why does BBBY keep bad mgmt?

Those managers who are hated by employees and because of whom the most valuable employees are leaving, they are the reason why morale is very low. No company should keep them around very long but BBBY seems to “love” such managers.

Mother’s Day protest

Our store is forcing the mothers to work on Mother’s Day. They tried asking for it off with no luck. Tomorrow all us mothers are calling out to protest. What kind of company forces mothers to work on Mother’s Day?

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All the managers talk about is conversion not sales. We don’t have what the customers come in to buy. No ironing boards or covers, coffee makers, water filters etc. Get the goods in the stores and they will buy!

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Beyond plus 2 rewards Plus

Just received an email from bed bath & beyond announcing the new rewards plus program the good news is the price stays the same and your renewal date stays the same the bad news it goes from a 20% discount to a 15% discount. I think the 5% will save... —  read more 

not paying vendors?

my store, like most, are heavy on owned brands that don't sell and light on the normal products that do. i'd heard a rumor that we haven't been paying/can't pay some of our vendors as the reason, and i don't know if i believe it or not, but randomly... —  read more 

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Hours cut again,

Anyone else’s hour cut? They up to their old tricks cutting hours and blaming it on corporate. The older employees tell me it’s done when the store manager wants to get a good bonus.

New hires missing their first day

This is happening more and more often here, new hires just don't show up on the first day at work or they only work for one or two days and then disappear. I am very curious why this is happening because recently it happened again that the newbie... —  read more 

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40 more

Breaking news. More to come

Christmas in July?

Are we doing this? I’m not sure about any other stores, but we are getting Christmas merchandise, in fact quite a bit of it. Ornaments, tree skirts, various decorations etc. Is this happening in any other stores? Are we getting ready for a... —  read more 

Rewards Plus?

Exciting news! Just got a text letting me know that my 20% B+ Membership is soon to be upgraded to the new upcoming 15% Rewards+ program. Now I can enjoy 15% instead of 20% every time I shop. Another bad idea.

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Great news for BTC!

"Bed Bath & Beyond has long been a favorite destination for the college set, trusted for having all the essential products and services needed to outfit a dorm room or off-campus apartment," said Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer... —  read more 

Fired for conversion

One of our key holders was fired today fir not making the conversion goal firing her shifts. She was the only one out there working with us trying to make it happen. The SM and the other keys just walk around and look at everything telling the... —  read more 

Foot traffic down

A majority of customers that come in the store tell me they stopped coming because of how BBBY treats their employees. There are a lot of them that have sworn of BBBY because of this. I hear it every day while working here.


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