Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Deep clean

Why are the stores not getting a deep clean? Store I work at has had several associates and managers out with covid. Store should close for a day and get this done. No contact tracing is being done. We are all exposed.

What are you hiding sycamore?

If belk is doing well and not in debt like the p, why not release how much Belk made and what their profits are? What are you hiding Sycamore? What is the big secret? We will give you a generous 7 working days to release basic financials to your... —  read more 

Severance pay

I am mentally preparing to hear the news of my store closing. At the moment, it is very likely that this will happen. That is why I am increasingly interested in the details of severance pay. Hopefully, there have been no changes in severance... —  read more 


Just wondering...does Belk still use it's own employees to conduct inventory? This was one of the many mo--nic policies that contributed to walking out 3 years ago. BTW - 9+ year employee $9.45 per hour


Our Restrooms are closed for a least a month, sewer line broke, we have to go to other stores or restaurants to use theirs, dont complain it can also get worse, like we have it

How is Belk doing? If sales are up, where is all the $$$ going?? Into who's pocket....let me guess.....

If a business is doing well, the owners do not keep the financials a secret. If a business is doing well, the owners give the employees a bonus to show appreciation. If a business is doing well, owners invest in the company and improve the image of... —  read more 

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“About Belk”

Y’all ever read the About Belk section on this site? Seems a little outdated 😂 Upscale, family owned, 2008 revenue… About Belk: Belk, Inc. is a large US Based upscale department store chain. It is the nation's largest family owned and operated... —  read more 

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