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Toxic Work Enviornment

can you sue belk for creating a toxic, unsafe (not practicing social distancing) and in some stores dangerous work environment ? If so, we should form a class action lawsuit

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REFUSE to work thanksgiving, CALL OUT!

if belk cuts holiday pay for thanksgiving and keeps the store open, all associates and managers MUST protest, call out sick, stage a walk out, do something!!!!!! Don’t let these greedy b–tards take time away from your family!!

Lisa Harper Bonus

So, a very good source said even though all this mess, cutting pay, store hours, etc.. Lisa Harper will get a bonus of over $500,000... wtf?

Belk is a mirror image of Toys R Us

Before Toys R Us went bust, it was operated the same as belk. Managers had pay cuts, stock was low, and they were telling everyone that nothing was wrong. I worked there for 5 yrs.

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Moody's ratings

%As of July 2020, Men’s Wearhouse, apparel and home retailer Lands’ End, retail group Premier Brands, and Belk, the department store chain, all received a Moody’s rating lower than B3, which suggests they are at high risk of bankruptcy." There you... —  read more 


There are those that drink the Belk Kool-Aid and those that don't. It is wise to know what's in the Kool-Aid before you drink it.

Third Quarter Is Here

It's Third Quarter. Almost everyone one of the companies on Moody's list for high risk of bankruptcy by the end of the year have now filed for bankruptcy. Except Belk. How is it still hanging on? It will have to file soon, perhaps this month. ... —  read more 

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Unemployment extented

For those if us still on furlough our unemployment ends soon. Is the company going to extend unemployment ?

Some Store Hours Changing to 10-7

Our store is changing hours to 10-7 this week. Employee hour cuts are still in effect. We have long lines, angry customers, stressed associates, and no AC. Belk is practically giving away the store with all the discounts. The store is a wreck... —  read more 

low Budget customer base

We are attracting the worst customer base in retail, low budget customers who think they are owed everything, very demanding but they have no money to spend. the worst of the worst.

STM’s dropping like flies

we Just lost two STM’s, one last week and one this week, no two week notice. This is bad!!

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Fitting Rooms

I'm curious as to when fitting rooms will be opened. If they are opened will staffing increase to handle the extra sanitizing, etc.,.?

You really think things are different?

As a retired store manager/regional pre and post partner consolidation days I can say that it apparently appears not much has changed. Still the same neglected stores, unappreciated associates and management running like rats to hide the truths... —  read more 

Belk is dying

So they are gonnna add 250 Belk’s, full then with merchandise, hire staff, rehire the 700 people for corporate, pay vendors back, pay back unpaid rent, liquidate JCP merchandise, yea right....and I have a surf shop in Kansas I wanna sell Sycamore... —  read more 

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USA Today Article Cast Doubts on Sycamore JC Penny Buyout

In an article published yesterday by USA today, JC Penny attorney Joshua Sussberg harshly criticized the New York Post article about the Sycamore buyout, saying it is "ill informed". According to Sussberg, the company is seeking to sell and warned... —  read more 

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They don’t want to open 250 more belks

This is a real estate transaction, they have no intention to merge jc Penny and belk, they want the real estate to sell, then they pile the debt on to belk making it in worse shape than it is now. They are saying they INTEND to open more Belk’s, I... —  read more 

JC Penny Real Estate

JCP owns 1.5 billion dollars of real estate, which is several hundred stores. Most of these will be liquidated. Belk and Sycamore will get instant revenue from selling these stores, I believe this is the "lifeboat for Belk" Sycamore was referring... —  read more 


So ft nonmanagerial employees only get 28 or 27 hours for next week🤯🤯. Can we file unemployment for the decrease or not? This is insane


The only thing that hasn’t changed is the name

Anyone that worked for Belk before Sycamore knows something is terribly wrong. The only thing that has not changed is the name, I’m sure that will happen eventually if the company doesn’t fold first.

i left belk for dillard's in 2016

dillards has an almost full staff, about 70 people in our store, and we have four LP associates plus two LP managers, full time get 39 hours, part time varies. Our stores are open 11-7, sounds like Belk is running on a skeleton crew to lower cost.

Part time employees

Many part time employees have not been called back to work but their employee discount still is in effect so are these part timers still employed with Belk even though no one has called them or sent them a final letter ?

Belk’s changing hours again

Sunday open 3pm-9:12pm Monday 11am-3pm, then 3:45pm to 11:22pm Tuesday 4:13am to 8:01am Weds 6:55pm to 1:11 am Thurs 7;45 am to 8:15am Friday closed for covid 19 cleaning Saturday. Open. 24 hours with DJ and gogo dancing after 9pm Sunday... —  read more 

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