Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Time Off Limits

Every associate in our store had to sign the new Time Off procedure but I am curious if it will apply to management? Our store manager and several ASM/Leads are off most weekends/nights while many associate's requests are consistently denied with no... —  read more 

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If anyone's interested Tom was in our store and said we will not be going forward with chanel or coty sure everyone else will be following shortly

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Poor communication

What I resent about this company is that employees are very little informed about things that could be very important to them. Someone here said that we are always the last to find out important information and I totally agree. OK, it's already... —  read more 

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Sale set sucks

Why the h–l are we setting a 1 day sale with no help!! Online you push a few buttons but in the store it is not that easy. Plus it needs to be done by 10! The stuff is higher today with the extra 5 percent off! The customer will notice but that is... —  read more 

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Some people speculate that we might hear the news of company’s liquidation very soon. I don’t have any more reliable insights, I’ve only heard speculations that it might happen. Any thoughts?

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This sinking ship

As I’m sitting here on my lunch break, I keep thinking about how nice it would be to just leave and never come back. A weight lifted off my shoulders. As of today, one associate quit after her shift on Saturday, another’s last day was Sunday, and 3... —  read more 

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The last days of Belk

With this sudden change in staffing, and store operations, its obvious that Belk is near the end. No staff, closeout merchandise from Ross, A total shift in customer base, it's a wrap guys..

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Belk’s Last Ditch Effort

My RVP Candidly tells me this centralization of registers, streamlining of merchandise, and downsizing of employee coverage is Belk’s “last ditch effort” to save a failing business. If this does not work and profitability contributes to decline... —  read more 

No "I" in team?

“No I in team” is a philosophy invented by bad managers. When they don’t care that one person works and five don’t as long as job’s done. If that one dares to question what the heck is that, he gets “No I in team” or gets shamed as a “not a team... —  read more 


Do y'all think the proposed 2% raises will actually happen? I have serious doubts with this company. It seems like a tactic to keep people from quitting. I haven't seen any pay increase in 2 years so they've left me very pessimistic regarding Belk.

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