Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk


You have us watch watch cultural, disability, harrasment, racism, prejudice courses/ videos. Yet, Belk does not treat their long time, elderly, disabled employees right. I've seen younger employees with a brace/ cast, seniors on a cane stand all... —  read more 

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OK, where is that potential?

I can’t possibly agree with some people here who claim that Belk still has some potential. Don't get me wrong, I would love that to be true, however my question is, what is that potential? How come I don't notice it? A company that does not know how... —  read more 

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Belk is HIRING!

"Love fashion, home and beauty? Join us for a store hiring event on June 12! Full and part time positions are available in all stores, and we are proud to offer flexible schedules, competitive pay and an associate discount. " ROFLOA! Wow...this... —  read more 

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Debit cards

We can finally accept debit cards as a form of payment when paying a Belk card account. I remember when we couldn't split payment using a third party cc even for purchases.

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How many layers do we need?

Think of how much we would save if we got rid of the layers of management that are nothing but a burden. While we are closing stores and downsizing you won’t see upper management scaling down to fit the needs of the company. Any time cost cutting... —  read more 

Asset Protection Changes

I recently saw that #552 in Greenville was hiring for an 'AP Lead' despite there already being an APM in place when I left in February. Is AP undergoing restructuring in other stores or is it simply a title change?

Trying to look busy?

I find it funny that some colleagues try to look busy when the manager is around, and as soon as he is not there, they slack off to the maximum. Sometimes I think that I should also use this tactic because while I give my best all the time and in... —  read more 

dillards is hiring!

dillards hired me on last week. $16.50 per hr. much more than belk. same rules pretty much about sales, credit, and being late, ect...much better custmer base. not the "$2" customer with a bad attitude and no money to spend.

opinion does anyone else think they are clearing out the wearhouse's of private lable merchandise as a strategic strategy

what i have read on here with some of the comments on only receiving private lable merchandise makes me wonder are they attempting to clear merchandise that no other company would what to buy like tjmaxx burlington ect products that are tied by name... —  read more 

Don't let the door hit you

There is no point in complaining and wondering why some department is out of stock on something, why L’Oreal and other brands are pulling out of Belk... The inevitability is that Belk will sink and the only thing to think about is how to get out of... —  read more 

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I hate Belk so much...

Literally this place IS THE WORST. Our store manager sucks so bad and is also never there LOL! We never have stock in, and I’ve been written up twice because I’ve been late too many times. Why do these as-----s care if I’m late? I’m there LOL! I’m... —  read more 

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Belk literally sucks.

Hey friends. So I seriously cannot take this place anymore. The store manager comes and goes as she pleases, is gone at least 3 days a week because she calls off, and literally sucks. The store manager even TEXTED a family member of mine who USED to... —  read more 

Rating of 1-10

Without naming your location, rate your store from 1 (being the worst) to 10 (being the best) and why. I’ll start first. I'd rate my location as a 6. We seem to be way more unorganized after the layoffs that happened last year. We let go of... —  read more 

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