Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Cosmetics dress code change?

Visited the closest store to my now which is in Laurens, SC - noticed when I picked something up the girls were getting to wear jeans and not very professionally for cosmetics. Is this a recent change? Seems like they were still wearing the white... —  read more 

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Greeneville TN Belk Outlet

From our hometown newspaper, the Greeneville Sun: The Belk store in the Greeneville Commons is temporarily closed to change its format into an outlet store. Plans are for the major retailer to reopen its Commons anchor store on Jan. 30. According... —  read more 

Store Employees

So what is happening to the employees in these outlet stores or red dot stores. The cosmetic associates, shoes and handbags that was taken out of the Greenville, TN store. Did they relocate them, offer them a package or what????

Clearance Stores to open by 2023

will open clearance centers called The Dot Stop, where ALL merchandise in the store has a red, purple, green, or blue dot on it. Merchandise will be 99cents if it’s a red dot, $1.49 if it’s a purple dot, $1.89 if it’s a green dot and $2.49 if it’s a... —  read more 

Unfair criticism

I really care about this job, at least until I find a better one, but the manager is literally draining my energy every day and I'm starting to get tired of it. At first I doubted myself and was too self-critical, but now I am aware that it is very... —  read more 

What will 2023 bring Belk?

It’s a new year in just a few days…I have to give it to Belk and Belk’s leadership, surviving Covid, inflation, bankruptcy, c-suite shakeups, loosing two CEO’s, bad public relations, closing the fulfillment center and laying off 300 people, and the... —  read more 

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