Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Belk's Tragic Last Days

One a staple of southern charm, culture, and family values has turned into a complete disaster. Stores are a mess, employees are quitting left and right, store managers are here one day, gone the next, loyal "elite" customers are long gone, replaced... —  read more 

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Mini Rant.

Serious question. Which dumb as or dumb ases are in charge of determining the weekly sale, daily deals, and weekly spotlight up in corporate?! I work at the flagship store in Charlotte and we hardly see any corporate employees shopping in store... —  read more 

Over worked managers??

Hi everyone! I work at a medium size store, and have been with the company for a few months. I moved from NY to the south and this was the only job that I could find that paid “decently;” $42k a year. While I know that is A LOT, compared to many... —  read more 

Horrible Belk Managers

Managers no where to be found. our managers (three on duty) mysteriously disappeared today (Christmas Eve), we were calling and calling and nobody was answering for over an hour. I work in Cosmetics and myself and two other associates searched the... —  read more 

Target is hiring

A friend works there and I know they have it much, much better than we do in every aspect. She could put in a good word for me so the chances are I'd get a job. But still I'm hesitating. I'm scared of changing my job, being the last person in and if... —  read more 

Merry Christmas everyone

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the store, things are disorganized, filthy and more Employees are scared and some of them sad, the way we are treated made most of us mad But let the execs sleep soundly in bed, while visions of dollar... —  read more 

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The love affair continues

From the macy's layoff page "We lost our DVP to Belks along with half the store managers in our district who he recruited. " So Belk is still hiring. Still recruiting. And still, after nearly two decades that I am familiar with, hiring Macy's... —  read more 


Wow. This site has NOTHING to do with being laid off at Belk. It’s just a board to post all of your gripes. If you’re so miserable, your job is so bad, your hours are getting cut, One Belk is a farce, Executive leadership is non- existent... —  read more 

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