Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk


Interesting you go on LINKDIN and see fantastic posts trend , vendor , or fashion statement . I also see many post of high potential development and how the senior management of Belk is promoting young talent . Everyone is excited and giving high... —  read more 

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Workplace transparency

I am very unhappy with the workplace transparency here. Most companies are not transparent, but I'm tired of constantly guessing what's going on and listening to rumors. Or perhaps I expect too much from management when it comes to sharing... —  read more 

Coworkers' respect

I remember when I got my first job, it was very important for me to earn the respect of my colleagues. In general, a respectful working environment is healthier and more productive. Do you feel respected by your colleagues? I have a feeling that no... —  read more 


big switch in RVPs moving around> raises, moving expenses, and more bullying of associates to prove the RVP is important

Belk managers

Belk Managers do not care about there employees they don't want to bring in anymore hard working employees they just want the employees they do have to constantly work hard and not give them any Credit and just want to degrade them and not give them... —  read more 

Kim Rogers Tables

Are any of you mo--ns folding down your Kim Rogers tables anymore? The legendary Kim Rogers herself called me on my IPhone 13 Pro Max highly upset and crying. She is threatening to pull all of her merchandise out of our stores! I need this fixed... —  read more 

Advance to a store manager

I’m not going to name anyone specific (because I think the administrators here delete posts with identifiable information), but in general, there aren’t many good SMs at Belk. Many do not have the qualifications to be SM, even though they are in... —  read more 

excel line

does anyone know what the belk excel line actually does in the form of actions? What are the steps after someone were to call the excel line?

Hats off to store 108

Saw a lot of employees working hard and their store looked good. Hope they don’t have a nightmare SM. it’s nice to see some employees like many on this board that still try and care.

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3 credits a day?

Associates were told this morning that we are expected to get 3 credits a day.....I can’t stop laughing....maybe Mr Patel didn’t want to get his 3 credits every day LOL

Face it folks..

If your executive leadership has left or is secretly planning to leave this bogus company then why the heck are YOU still here? Take it from the top- when the going gets tough the bosses get going. Just steer clear of any company they’ve moved to. ... —  read more 

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