Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Double Double

I am curious why Belk is giving us serfs more , now what's called associates'appreciation day, events? I'm all for it so I can buy our cheap , and I mean that in every way possible, merchandise. Could it be Belk is desperate for cash flow no matter... —  read more 

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Maybe someone from corporate can read this and think about what I am about to say. How about give your associates Thanksgiving day off no fulfillment,no bopis and no customers. STAY CLOSED for the day show your Associates that it does matter... —  read more 

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Invisible at Belk

No matter how much work I do, no matter how well I do that job, I am invisible at Belk because I am not one of the favorites of my store manager.. Is everything really becoming reduced to a private relationship with your store manager here, or is... —  read more 

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Branson Belk

A long time customer told me today that the store in Branson had barely any merchandise on the shelves . Anybody heard of any other store in this situation? My store is full of merchandise here in Oxford, MS. That being said, most of our... —  read more 

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Monster customers

Yesterday I had wonderful, delightful customers. They were a joy to wait on. However I paid dearly for my happy day. Today was a steady stream of true hatefulness from the public. Threatening me at every turn. One woman said she was going to have... —  read more 


Like Belk is going to have 4-5 people working at these registers, thats a joke. Seriously,....smh. They'd actually have to hire extra people, its usuallly 3-4 people closing the store. They're cheap and don't want to spend the money, they could... —  read more 


If they change your schedule last minute, ask you to stay later five minutes before your gonna leave for the day, ask you to unload a truck or put out freight when your a commission cosmetics associate, Ask you to work a six day workweek, deny... —  read more 

Surprised, don't be.

Walmart said Thursday that it is raising the hourly wages for more than 565,000 store workers by at least $1, as the retail industry faces a tight labor market going into the holiday shopping season. Walmart U.S. Chief Executive John Furner said in... —  read more 

belk keeps on’ keepin on

No matter what is said on this websight, belk keeps on shufflin’ along. She may be old, broken, unstylish, and downright ratchet, but she keeps staying afloat. Those Kim Rogers tshirts are Payin the bills.

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You're A Shining Star

You probably were not appreciated by Belk, for all your hardwork, loyalty, patience, disrespect you endured through the years. Not all stores, not all managers treat their employees like Belk does. It's the associates, (yes, the lowly paid, and... —  read more 

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Stores in bad shape

Is there any store that is in a somewhat good shape? I understand that the company is in trouble, but can't they set aside any money to fix up at least the key stores? The store I work in is in a desperate state. I personally would never have... —  read more 

We are the backbone

If you ever feel stressed just ask yourself if the people at the top care about your wellbeing. If you answered truthfully then you know it is a resounding NO. This is a multi-million dollar company that chooses to pay subpar wages at the store level... —  read more 

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No respect

The current owners have absolutely no respect for themselves. What company would allow their non flagship stores to appear so dirty and run down . I realize they have no respect for us associates and lower management but it just dawned on me they... —  read more 

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