Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Called back but 0 hours

So I was I informed my furlough ended on a Saturday, I was told this about 2 weeks out, with the next day the start of my first week of availability. Scheduled 0 hours that first week. That week was followed by another week scheduled 0 hours. 14 days... —  read more 

Flex positions

I just want to ask to fellow belk associates if this is happening to you. Are you in a store that has several people who only have to run a register or sit at a door while you are working out freight, unboxing freight, recovering, setting sales... —  read more 

Belk has issues

I was an ASM for one year at Belk until about six months after they sold it. Our store manager was horrible. She was fired right before I quit. They told the associates she "retired" LOL.

belk layoffs early 2021

Belk is going to pure store managers and STM’s galore in early 2021. Some stores will have an STM as “acting store manager”. Regional’s will also be on the chopping block. Store Managers enjoy your cushy job while it lasts.


I have explained to several managers that we need help. This business cannot function with the minimal staffing they schedule. When you tell them they change the subject. Im tired of being yelled at by customers because you schedule one associate... —  read more 

Store locations

Given this site is completely annonymous. Why aren't you providing your store locations? Indeed commenters list their store location and name names too. Why not here? Are bigger stores in as much chaos as smaller mid-size ones? —  read more 

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It's a cluster****

Everyone who currently works at Belk KNOWS what I’m talking about! There is always some form of restructuring or another. Change after change after change with layoffs only compounding the problem. I bet most of us aren’t given the hours we deserve... —  read more 


Does anyone else feel uncomfortable using the counter phones during covid? When we call customer service about a problem with Belk card they sometimes ask to speak to customer and then ask to speak to us again. We are passing a phone that has been... —  read more 

Furlough call back

I hear that the furloughs are being called back. Will that be all furloughed even full timers ? Would they do that and just let them go in January like they do the holiday help ?


Just far behind are YOUR stores markdowns? I know our store is weeks and months, depending on the department. Some haven’t been done since before furloughs.

Going to the dogs

Belk looks like a storm went through it . It's not the associates fault. There are not enough of them working to keep the place clean. The company is letting it go to the dogs.

The "Elves" memo

The Christmas "elves" memo is belks way of saying they will hire temps until January at Min, Wage, but are not bringing back long term associates on furlough because they are not sure what will happen in 2021.

Christmas Help

Belk is now in the process of hiring Christmas help or "elves" as Belk calls them in the memo. Hopefully they willl bring back the furloughs before hiring temp elves.


Returns in our store are out of control! I have to work the return area frequently and it stays slammed,. The lines are often 10-15 deep and filled with angry and frustrated customers. We have no staff to put the returns back when they come out of... —  read more 

Career Change

I have an opportunity to make a career change. I would be working on straight commission as a service advisor at an auto dealership. The low end pay I would be bringing in would be like working 28-30 hours a week at Belk, middle would be 40, and... —  read more 

Dumpster Fire

Our Belk store is currently a dumpster fire! The amount of new freight receipts and the amount of customers and returns are unmanageable under current staffing. We need more hours and associates for this store to function. When will they ever... —  read more 

New job

Target and Hobby Lobby just announced starting pay increase. Belk you are in the slow lane. With all that this company demands from it's employees you should be ashamed at the pay you start at.

Thanksgiving hours

I read on here somewhere that Belk is not opening for Thanksgiving this year. Does anyone know if that's true ? You would expect them not to be open with covid ramping back up again in some places.

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