Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Small vs. big stores

I am currently working in a small store and I am very dissatisfied. I'm looking for a new job in another company, but I'm wondering how much better it is to work at a bigger Belk store? Maybe someone here has worked in both, small and large, so... —  read more 

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Not far from rock bottom

If they cut my hours I will quit, because I simply won't be able to pay the bills and I will have to look for a new job. Is Belk really doing so badly that they still have to cut hours? How far is this place from rock bottom anyway?


why is shoes such a mess lately at our store its messy and unmanaged i dont even understand why customers still come in and still think we have a decent selection of dress shoes crazy

That is totally wrong

I understand the need for a new 1000 people because employees are still leaving in droves from Belk. But financially, it doesn't make much sense to me. My estimate is that almost none of those 1000 employees will stay here for a long time. Isn't... —  read more 

Sick out

I say all employees band together and do a sick out on a Saturday. Our safety matters, work life balance matters appreciation matters and not a $4 lunch. Having 25-30 employees and 7 do all the work and nothing is said to the rest. I am just over it!... —  read more 

Belk is Hiring 1000 Positions

Belk news just saying it is looking for 1000 positions to fill all across its store this Saturday hiring event! Sure Titanic is sinking and we are hiring and looking for new passengers and booking new vacation trips for everyone folks!

Shills are at it again

Look out for shill responses to posts. Especially the responses saying that fake surveys are not made up by management. Everyone knows this is a blatant lie. and not only are the surveys phoney so are the yelp and Google reviews about belk. Shills... —  read more 


Interesting you go on LINKDIN and see fantastic posts trend , vendor , or fashion statement . I also see many post of high potential development and how the senior management of Belk is promoting young talent . Everyone is excited and giving high... —  read more 

Workplace transparency

I am very unhappy with the workplace transparency here. Most companies are not transparent, but I'm tired of constantly guessing what's going on and listening to rumors. Or perhaps I expect too much from management when it comes to sharing... —  read more 

Coworkers' respect

I remember when I got my first job, it was very important for me to earn the respect of my colleagues. In general, a respectful working environment is healthier and more productive. Do you feel respected by your colleagues? I have a feeling that no... —  read more 

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