Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

Topics regarding layoffs at Belk

STH and credit

belk is surviving off STH and credit apps. store sales are abysmal. my store just lost two leads and a manager and and is not attempting to fill the positions. all extra work falls on us.

Karma is coming to Belk

Karma is coming to Belk sooner or later. What goes around will come around don’t you think? You can lie and treat Belk workers with no dignity, no honesty and no respect then expect quality work and quality workers at Belk. You can run but you can’t... —  read more 

Telling the truth Belk

Telling the truth is not hard for Belk CEOs and all Belk store managers. It is easier to tell me the honest truth and make me cry rather than listening to your filthy lies in morning meeting and lie to loyal Belk customers or Belk associates with... —  read more 

Fool me once Belk

Fool me once Belk company and its greedy crooked management shame on you. Promises of flexible working hours, competitive salary and friendly growing retail company. I am just a naive, new rookie and honest Belk Worker! Fool me twice shame on you... —  read more 

Selling your soul to Belk

Belk company was once an elegant retail stores with family valued and wonderful customer relationships. Belk image and clothings were well known for Southern Modern Style legacy. Today Belk is nothing but greedy Golden Dollar General stores trying to... —  read more 


Corporate Clowns

I remember when I was an STM for Belk and work at a 40 million dollar store where we excelled and done well. We hear about a store visit and spent hours prepping to present a great store. All I ask for is for you to know our names when you walk in... —  read more 

This is why.

I'm here because I have friends here. I have met several lifelong friends here. I'm here because I love my coworkers. I'm here because I love my team. It sure isn't the current regime. They are nothing but fat ticks.

Shooting for the moon

Shooting for the moon, if you miss at least you land among the stars! Aim for the barn door. if you miss you land on tough dirty cow manure! Obviously belk and sycamore partners set goals too low and so they get what it is coming!

Give me a place to stand

Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth! Archimedes of Syracuse Greek philosopher, engineer, and mathematician boldly said at 217 BC. It was true then and still true today. If you are not and actively standing up for what is right at Belk... —  read more 

Humpty Dumpty at Belk

Humpty Dumpty Don Belk CEO sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty Don CEO had a great fall. All the king’s RVPs, Belk store managers horses and all the king’s men vice presidents could not put Humpty Don CEO at Belk together again! Our greatest glory at Belk... —  read more 

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