Topics regarding layoffs at BHP Billiton Ltd. ADS

Topics regarding layoffs at BHP Billiton Ltd. ADS

Diversity and Inclusion

New to BHP here and called in to the Town hall this morning to hear our President and head of HR talk about the upcoming merger. I am a bit concerned however about their statements around Diversity and Inclusion remaining “at the heart” of our... —  read more 

Wasted time

I'm just sorry I wasted time in this company. Can only blame myself though. I'm probably not the only one who feels that way - staying here much longer than one should? I hope others were able to find much better jobs. It took me a long time to find... —  read more 

Petroleum Project Services

I have never been so embarrassed to be part of an organization as poor as this. The org chart to be shared on Tuesday is an embarrassment, no other O&G operator would allow such nonsense. Great knowledgeable talent will be cut for the sake of... —  read more 

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Winter Is Coming!!

The rumour is 40% of Petroleum staff will be made “redundant” within the next couple of months with the divestiture. Leadership is being as transparent as possible, but it’s still not easy waiting for the inevitable. The Aussies don’t have much to... —  read more 

So much unnecessary work

So much unnecessary work is being done every single day for some unknown reason. We can't get back to our own work during the review period due to the endless stream of questions and requests for additional reports, tie-outs and various checks. We... —  read more 

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from bad to worse

if we thought bhp was bad before, now that it's planning to exit shale it's become ten times worse... work environment is simply unbearable... nobody is certain about their futures... nobody knows if they'll be here tomorrow... only think management... —  read more 

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High turnover

BHP Billiton used to be an amazing company to work for, but that has changed drastically. While pay and bonuses are great here, they will expect the impossible from you. We are chronically overworked, our lives have turned into a never-ending cycle... —  read more 

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Safety-it's all just talk

Bhp talks a lot about safety in all of the useless meetings. But, when it comes down to it, most of it is just talks. That way if something safety related happens they can say it's your fault. Relieves them of fault. This happens all the way up to... —  read more 

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I feel to insecure

Ever since the last round of layoffs I feel like I have no job security. I'm just an end to a means and can be sacked regardless of how hard I work or how much I contribute. When will this madness ever end???

His Decision

It has come to light, and as many already know, that the 31 Geoscientists laid off on March 15th, 2016 from the Houston office were all hand chosen by Scott Burner, Senior Manager, Head of Production Development Geoscience. The people that he... —  read more 

BHP Billiton sued for damages

It looked like a normal clothing hook -- small and unsuspecting, mounted on the back door of her sleeping quarters on the Transocean Deepwater oil rig. But to her, for some reason it just didn't feel right. "The rooms are pretty bare and minimum, so... —  read more 

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