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Rant - Blackboard Learn

First, the user interface is designed as if the programmers were incentivized to maximize the number of clicks required to get anywhere. Second, it has the responsiveness of continental drift. Third, editing and formatting text is an... —  read more 

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Annual Layoff

Its that time of the year again! After a policy of not back filling attrition, the company is hiring 30 employees for a particular team in Columbia. In addition to a swelling of contractors that are being trained by current employees, this does not... —  read more 

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IBM Rejects run the show

It is no wonder the old CFO is gone and a new one is in place now. The top is filled with nothing but process obsessed IBM failures. This is my personal opinion.

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Be careful

My experience with BB was not good. The mgmt is substandard, they are overly aggressive and they market the hell out of everything. I do not trust their numbers, it's my gut feeling and I have nothing to back this up but everything at Blackboard... —  read more 

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200 more laid off this fall

As usual, Bb laid off about 200 people (some were called position eliminations or not filling open spots) in order to try and make their numbers look good to private equity ownership and potential buyers. This has been repeated every year since... —  read more 

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More layoffs!

Blackboard laid off about 100 people this fall due to poor financial performance - no growth and high costs - and apparently is continuing to "restructure" and eliminate positions at the end of the year.

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Blackboard Inc

Blackboard Inc. has laid off 90 employees, according to a source with knowledge of the job cuts, the second major round of layoffs since the education technology company’s $1.64 billion buyout by Providence Equity Partners LLC last year. The staff... —  read more 

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