Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

If you're planning to leave

Make sure you know what you're walking into. This entire industry is in shambles right now so if you're leaving BNSF to join another railway I doubt you'll see a significant (if any) improvement in your working conditions. All railways are currently... —  read more 

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Can't wait to see the action

Bnsf or the union rep isn't the problem. Part of the other problem is these worthless employees lazy a-s, smart phones eye glued, saying not my job, sitting in the break room, with no real work effort bad rep., and unable to do the simple job, no... —  read more 

I stopped worrying

I hated that I used to stress over losing my job. It got to a point that it affected my health. Then a year ago I said enough of this cr-p. I started to minimize my expenses to the bare bones which in turn bolstered my emergency funds. I’m at a point... —  read more 

What are your options?

As a railroad electrician I am pretty confident that I will have trouble finding another solid job for a long time to come. I can’t complain much, my life choices have put me in a situation to be stuck here. I hope I can find something before the... —  read more 

As soon as possible, please

I think layoffs are inevitable, and in that case I hope it happens sooner than later. The uncertainty is awful. How do they expect me to work if I constantly think about cuts? With all that, although I'm sorry for the people to whom work here still... —  read more 

EXIT strategy

I always hope for the best, but I prepare for the worst. Judging by the atmosphere in the company, I don’t remember there ever being this much tension, and I’ve been working here for over 6 years. I started looking for a new job and at the same time... —  read more 

NOT hoping to get laid off

I envy everyone who can say for themselves that they hope to be laid off. My situation is not like that and I am more than anxious about losing my job before I find a better option. However, I have colleagues who are constantly talking about hoping... —  read more 

Long time career?

Recent college graduate here and I am wondering if there is a possibility of having a long time career in this type of industry? Can anyone give me HONEST unbiased feedback on the pros/cons of working for the Railroad? I’ve actually thought of... —  read more 

Mechanical layoffs

Who’s willing to bet mechanical layoffs are to happen within 4-6 weeks? I’d say 40-50 guys across the system, mainly zone 7, and this time the layoffs will be Union and non-Union employees.

Check this out

Washington, DC – Greg Regan, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issues this statement applauding House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous... —  read more 

Houston south yard

Anyone hear anything on what the plan with Houston south yard is? Carload volume has been down week over week, more layoffs happened a couple weeks ago. Are they planning on shutting this yard down? It would make since with PSR in full play and all... —  read more 

Wooooooo are yous guys

Mechanical forces to be laid off and competent contractors brought in to service electric locomotives once testing is complete. Carmen to be replaced by wayside detection systems like Canada uses. So Wooooooo is u 😂

Been here for too long?

I have been here for too long and I am fed up with this company. If I’m lucky, I’ll retire here, because now there’s no point in looking for anything else. My son is in the same industry, but in a different company, and I have to admit that the... —  read more 

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