Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.


Unbelievable! Even after all this time Boeing still hasn't even decided if they will redesign their corrosion prone even if this latest non-crewed test is successful, Boeing will need to do another non-crewed... —  read more 

Some Good News...So Far... "The tragic crash of a 737-800 operated by China Eastern Airlines likely wasn’t caused by a plane malfunction." Wish they didn’t use the word "likely"... —  read more 

All Will Be Well! Are there still people who believe these endless announcements that are never true? Reckon so.

Boeing saying goodbye to corrupt Chicago. Calhoun should invest the money in Engineering training. Too many young engrs with zero experience

Boeing set to move headquarters to Arlington, Virginia, sources say By David Shepardson and Eric M. Johnson WASHINGTON/SEATTLE (Reuters) - Boeing Co is set to move its headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Virginia, people familiar with the... —  read more 


We finally got the financial status of Air Force One project. It was dismal as we fully expected. But this is a relatively minor problem relative to all of Boeing's other long list of problems. Boeing lacks competent and experienced engineers and... —  read more 

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