Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

SpaceX versus Boeing

If SpaceX didn't exist, and it were all up to Boeing to rebuild our human space program the way SpaceX has, do you think that Boeing would have been able to achieve the same accomplishments and have the same success that SpaceX is having right now? ... —  read more 

FAA is a joke

Now they wanna point at Boeing for misleading them years ago but doesn’t that deny their obligation to actually do their job in the first place. I’m just saying, without FAA approval those planes would’ve never been up in the air. (I mean self... —  read more 

Life after Boeing

With everything thats going on now it is more than likely that some of us will be laid off. I been laid off twice from Boeing for a total of 6 1/2 years. Luckily I was able to make ends meet by collecting unemployment and doing contract work. My... —  read more 

Temporary Shutdown

Just relaying some of the latest talk on the floor based on Stan's freudian slip on the All-Employee audiocast yesterday afternoon so bear in mind it's just a rumor at this point... Rumor has it that they intend on temporarily shut down production... —  read more 

Ha Ha !

everything bad that happens to Boeing is well deserved ! , no tears here, HA HA HA !!!!! The MAX is an unsafe joke, the 787 is a POS, the KC-46 is a well known POS, the 777X is most likely a POS...Boeing is a joke, you would have better luck with a... —  read more 

Expect this

Expect Layoffs Expect a global re-balancing in market share for this aircraft class Expect difficult times ahead for those who cannot adapt Expect difficult times ahead for those who have only known Boeing. Expect darkness and despair... —  read more 

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