Topics regarding layoffs at Borden Dairy Company

Topics regarding layoffs at Borden Dairy Company

Hold on

Well Borden family, just got word Engles is trying to close or sell the rest of his plants by the end of the year. He got his money now to sc--w the rest of his employees

Greg Engles strikes again.

Dfa has been raiding business from some borden plants, Engles has stripped out cash and resources from his plants. Plant managers have been told to cut $1 million from every plant, can't order parts and hiring freezes. Deja vu from his stint with... — read more 

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Constant restructuring

One has got to wonder if this constant restructuring has any real purpose or is it just a fancy name for the process of constant cutting. I get the reduction, not that I agree with them, but to do them in such an odorless way and calling them... — read more 

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