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BP Plans Crude Oil Production Cuts

Bernard Looney, CEO, stated that BP will reduce crude oil production by 40% over the next 10 years and invest up to $5 billion/year in low carbon technologies. BP swore off exploration in new countries. The goal is to bring oil production down to... —  read more 

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America and offices

All GBS employees in Naperville were told they will be let go, obviously the petrochemical business was sold, ultimate leaving very few people left at the Naperville campus that is way oversized to begin with. Rumor is that ineos has no interest in... —  read more 

Earnings tomorrow

I’ll be interested to see the Q2 earnings tomorrow. I think we’re the last super major to release results this quarter. Results for the others have been all over the place. I guess I’m mostly interested to see if trading offset our losses and if we... —  read more 

What's Next

I spoke with a relible source on the estimated reductions for the following grades: *Level C and up: 50% reduction *Level D to F: 30% reduction *Level G and below: 25% reduction Frontline hourly employees and their supervisors are exempted... —  read more 

Mid year reviews

These mid year reviews should be interesting - considering that your manager has no idea what is happening with the reorganization, and does not even know if he/she will have a job. This whole process is such a joke - “behind the curtain” and secret... —  read more 

BPX Layoffs

Does anyone know whether this morning's announcement gives a hint of how many from BPX would be laid off? Yes Lawler is going to be chair of BP America, but which units under his BPX are getting cut?

Tier 2 Promotions

Who are they promoting? FOBs! Friends of Bernie, of course. And every day there are a lot more “Bernardettes” rising through the ranks at all levels, if you know what I mean. I can’t wait for the activist ENGOs to find this weakness and exploit it... —  read more 

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Return to work June first?

Does anyone really believe we’ll return to work on June first? I know that if my manager tells me to go to the office I will say hell no! I have heard nightmare stories about what has been happening at offshore in GoM.

Did Bernard announce layoffs

When Mr. Looney had his call with employees earlier this week, it sounded like he announced layoffs are to come in June. Did I understand him properly? I wonder how much more information will be announced after earnings on April 28.

Bernard in LinkedIn

Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing Bernard Looney’s face plastered all over LinkedIn??? I do not want to be inundated with his “personal brand” while I’m looking for a better job somewhere else.

BP Stock

BP is below $20/share, lowest since 1994. Dividend cut is certain, along with big layoffs. Join the club with all the other oil companies. The whole situation stinks.

Lawler Bros

Is anyone going to write an article about how many companies Doug and Dave have brought to financial ruin instead of focusing on their gator hunts? BPX and Chesapeake are going to be the latest casualties resulting from their lack of foresight and... —  read more 

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