Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC


Great article from FA on hydrogen learnings. Amazing that we decided to learn about it after making it a big part of strategy and building a very highly paid team round it. Key learning - essentially we don’t have any place being in it and it makes... —  read more 

Supply and Trading Group

Hello, Can anyone provide insight into working in the supply and trading group (power retail) at BP? Looking for any information anyone can provide specifically targeting departmental culture, technical capability, and work culture. Thanks.

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BP Target Bonus

I got an offer at BP (Level G) with a 20% target bonus and was told the last couple years the actual bonus ranged from 40-60%. Can anyone comment on this? Would you guess the next one to two years will be around that range? I was also told BP bonuses... —  read more 


Why do I keep having to see FA in the press talking about hydrogen! Guy totally missed the mark in Brazil and destroyed 10 years of work penny pinching us out of Mexico on trion. Another that’s delivered nothing

Dave Lawlor - Redundant

Dave L., much like his brother, is a Chevy dressed up like a Cadillac and paid like a Mercedes. He literally provides no values aside from being the mouthpiece of Bernard - echoing his every statement. If I was ever asked by someone as to what he... —  read more 

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Get rid of Bernard?

So Bernard laid off thousands of experienced oil and gas employees and now he wants to pivot back to oil and gas jus two years later? What a waste of resources. He should be shown the door.

More People Leaving Soon

They are not listening to the employees. More people are getting ready to walk. They will be back-filled with less experienced people who do less work. The cycle never ends. This is, yet, another warning so you know what you are walking into. I... —  read more 

Rosneft Will Bernard address this impact on the value of Rosneft or pretend like it never happened? This could end up costing BP billions of ponds in value.

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2023 predictions.

BL missed out again on honors list so we will see a continued effort to save the world and spend shareholder money on renewable projects with no returns. At least two execs will leave under misconduct cloud. BPX will be spun off as it’s really done... —  read more 

Stat review

So after 70 years we’re ending this? Does it have any relation to when BL manipulated it completely to set a business case for reinvent? Or is it because that business case has now proven to be completely flawed……

Pulse Survey

Can someone who has actually seen the base data tell me how on earth the Pulse survey results are showing that people are more engaged. I think they have just cherry-picked the results and are hiding the rest but they'd never show the full data set... —  read more 

Better Options Than BPX

I just left this place and landed a geo role paying 20k more a year and they actually appreciate me. Wish I would have left sooner. I hated the way I was talked to and treated. I reported these issues to Ethics and Compliance but they did nothing... —  read more 

One off payment

UK one off payment is flat 6% up to Grade F. I am wondering how much this payment is in different regions given it is equitable - US, Egypt, Azerbaijan. Anyone knows?

Overpaid Again

The funny accounting for the valuation of the Archaea acquisition is complete rubbish. I too have a pipeline of projects and a lot of hope I can sell you. The bankers get rich, the Rice bros get rich, and the bp shareholders and employees get stuck... —  read more 

Inflation UK

At the UK webcast today, with Bernard and Louise we heard what bp does to back Britain… energy bill support for retail employees, few million on charity donations and new projects in the UK! All these positive, but seems that Bernard was not keen to... —  read more 

Chevron vs BP vs Oxy

Please I will need your help in deciding which of the above companies to go with. Their offers are similar but I am a little bit confuse as to which one of them which offer better job stability during a low oil price environment without worrying much... —  read more 

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