Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

My final weeks here

I'm ready to leave. It took me eighteen months to find the right employer where I won't have to face the same things I did here, and I believe I finally did. BP is poorly run and managed and it's only a matter of time before some major consequences... —  read more 


Our team in Houston met for a Christmas party and now we're all dropping like flies thanks to Omicron. How many of you are in similar situations?

Needing Advice

How do I leave this company the right way? I know some pretty great people here but I've seen some pretty awful behavior and toxicity within the company culture also stemming from leadership downward. Its starting to really get to me despite my... —  read more 

New cuts coming?

Since the holidays are so close I'm hoping we're done with cuts for this year, but I guess checking just in case will do no harm. Has there been any info about possible layoffs before the end of the year? I'm still new here so I'm not sure how... —  read more 

How is your severance?

In the onboarding stages and considering BP upstream. I don’t have any illusions of a long career. But curious, when I finally do get laid off, what is the severance package like? Trying to take that into account as well.

Ryder Cup?

Didn't Bernie and the LT say last year that BP would stop reputational advertising? Why did the LT/Marketing think it was a good idea to spend millions sponsoring the Ryder Cup -- and mostly sending senior execs to attend -- while morale is so low?... —  read more 

Run and don't look back

All levels of leadership are giving a clear signal that oil & gas folks, especially the geoscience community, is not valued and has no future here. We're being told to look at all the great opportunities elsewhere if we're not happy in our role or... —  read more 

Pondering a career with BP?

If you are pondering a career with BP you may want to think again I was an ARCO Heritage employee when BP bought them in 2001. BP sold out my field asset last year in my 30th year. BP did not give me the medical retirement because I was 48 1/2 years... —  read more 

Worst TL?

I’ve had a few terrible ones. But this one is by far the worst. No judgement, never makes a decision, asks endless incomplete questions with no context.

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