Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Debt out of control?

I think that debt being out of control is our biggest problem, as someone has already mentioned. However, it is not clear to me exactly how long this situation can last and in what way will BP solve its debt problems? Any toughts?

It was nice at first

Who doesn’t want to go back to the office? It was nice for me at the beginning, I was finally able to work in much more comfortable conditions. However, I already think that can't go on forever. The apartment has turned into an office, I feel... —  read more 

Share Program

Thoughts on the newly introduced bp Share program? I'm not optimistic. Shares I received as "reward" a few years back have lost over half of their value by now. What a waste. They hang this long carrot in front of us and when it's time to cash in... —  read more 

Get rid of the ELT!

Current leadership has overseen the greatest loss of human and financial capital the company has ever seen. Is the board ready to get rid of this leadership team or watch BP continue to carve itself up for its competitors ? This is exactly what... —  read more 

Foxtrot Uniform Bernard

Just wanted to post a big F U to Bernard...I don't think any of BP's top execs has been this reviled, and I've been with BP for 20 years and saw and dealt with many of them. It's like he lives in an alternate reality, always worrying more about... —  read more 

Record loss

This is sad, first loss in a decade. However, I believe that no one expected a better result. I wonder what will happen next... —  read more 


Hi all. I have been through layoff cycles at a few other companies. This was my first at BP. Fortunately, I was selected, but the majority of the staff on my team was not. At my previous companies, the first action taken was to cancel or not renew... —  read more 

The Friend Zone

I am seeing more and more that people with experience are being exited and replaced by far less experienced people. It is glaringly obvious that experience doesn’t count for much and this is more about who is liked. So many promotions my god. .. —  read more 

Diversity in BP

Looks like BP k–led the diversity in the organisation with this restructuring. Whilst gender diversity was not impacted, people who are not the typical alpha male/ female that leadership likes the most were worst affected. If you are an introvert... —  read more 

UK Salary Scale

Not sure if anyone can help but I wonder what is the typical salary expectations for UK (grades G-I)? Little information is available internally and it seems to be a bad time to negotiate, but would be handy to know! Many thanks


attended the townhall and needed some space to vent Bernard's "what is insta-worthy" leadership style is going to sink this company couldn't believe Star kept a straight face when she tried to sell her LT as diverse. Then she came up with... —  read more 

Scare tactics are working

Looks like having people worry about being laid off 24/7 is working. Several people I know have quit or are getting ready to quit. I'm pretty sure that's part of BP's tactic: make the work environment so unbearable (with a constant threat of layoffs... —  read more 

Stop complaining!

FFS, have you no shame? You still have your job when millions of people have lost their livelihoods and all you can think to do is b–ch about how badly BP is treating you? Then why don't you trade with some of those who would do your job with a... —  read more 

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