Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

What’s the BPX Inventory Like?

Potential new hire here. I have another offer that is ~75% what BP is offering but isn’t O&G and is relatively safe. Plus has great Work-Life balance. I’m trying to decide if the extra 25% is a worthwhile premium for a short career and extra 10hrs... —  read more 

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How is your severance?

In the onboarding stages and considering BP upstream. I don’t have any illusions of a long career. But curious, when I finally do get laid off, what is the severance package like? Trying to take that into account as well.

Ryder Cup?

Didn't Bernie and the LT say last year that BP would stop reputational advertising? Why did the LT/Marketing think it was a good idea to spend millions sponsoring the Ryder Cup -- and mostly sending senior execs to attend -- while morale is so low?... —  read more 

Run and don't look back

All levels of leadership are giving a clear signal that oil & gas folks, especially the geoscience community, is not valued and has no future here. We're being told to look at all the great opportunities elsewhere if we're not happy in our role or... —  read more 

Pondering a career with BP?

If you are pondering a career with BP you may want to think again I was an ARCO Heritage employee when BP bought them in 2001. BP sold out my field asset last year in my 30th year. BP did not give me the medical retirement because I was 48 1/2 years... —  read more 

Worst TL?

I’ve had a few terrible ones. But this one is by far the worst. No judgement, never makes a decision, asks endless incomplete questions with no context.

How did this happen?

How did BP turn from one of the better employers into one of the worst? I used to enjoy my work, now I dread every new workday. It's a drastic difference compared to a decade ago, maybe even less than that. I'm afraid to even think how this place... —  read more 

Feel the Bern

Bernie and Lawler bro seem intent on burning this company to the ground in terms of value and employee morale. BP used to be on the path to overtake Exxon and yet now they are about to be surpassed by COP in market cap. Wtf happened ?

There's no difference

All O&G companies are the same. Those who are looking to leave Shell because they are hoping to find something better are in for a rude awakening. Everywhere you go in this industry you'll find the same problems. No transparency, lack of direction... —  read more 

Advice to newbies

My advice to people who are just coming here is to gather as much knowledge as they can in the shortest possible time and look for another opportunity as soon as possible. Basically, I feel sorry for all the talented people who will come here and be... —  read more 

Hiring at BP

Yes, BP is hiring. How do I know? Because they reached out to me to tell me that I had moved to the next level of interviews. What was that level? I had to agree to have an interview that involved me talking to my computer screen / cell phone to... —  read more 

What will be the results?

First–quarter results will be released on Tuesday. What are your predictions? Analysts write that the attention will be mostly focused on BP’s views on the accelerating energy transition.

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