Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Bad at managing layoffs

I can’t remember if this company has ever been managing workforce reductions less effectively than now. Correct me if I am wrong. There is a lot of unfairness. In my opinion, BP needs better practices in how layoffs are managed but I doubt they will... —  read more 

Yup, just 2,500 voluntary

Meaning, the rest of us are screwed after all. BP is set to make around 7,500 compulsory redundancies after roughly 2,500 staff – or just over one in ten of those eligible – applied for voluntary severance, according to an internal memo seen by... —  read more 

I still like my job

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I still enjoy my job at BP. I'm scared of layoffs not because I'm afraid of ending up jobless, I'm confident I can find employment within a few months, but because I don't want to leave this place. I'm thinking I... —  read more 

BP HR is not on your side

I made a huge mistake of drinking the kool-aid and actually believing the c-ap about HR being there for us and to help us deal with any problems we might have at work. Well, I've certainly learned my lesson - even if the price was rather steep. Don't... —  read more 

The witching hour

For those who haven't heard, tier 4 leavers will be notified between 11/16 and 11/30. If you're leaving, your severance will be mailed to your house and the 60 day notice begins on the day you receive it.

I hope I'm on the list

Workload is not slowing down and if anything is growing. Even if you survive the reorganization it will be absolutely brutal to keep up the pace of work that will be expected with fewer folks around. Work is NOT being removed it is being added... —  read more 

bp and Nikola?

So it looks like bp dodged a bullet by learning about some “inconsistencies” at the electric car company Nikola before we signed a deal with them. This is the type of thing that worries me about the judgement of our new leadership.

No future here

I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but I'll go ahead and say it anyhow - there is no future at BP for anybody who doesn't know or is related to the right person or who isn't an expert but-kisser. Nothing else seems to matter here... —  read more 

Worst Ever

Right now we are sporting our worst ever debt to equity ratio!! Worst ever!! Dividend had to be cut by two/thirds. Stupidly spent $10.1 Billion on BHP’s North America assets. We just had to become the backing finance for Hilcorp to... —  read more 

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