Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Bp is sick

Low share price, weak leadership in the growing parts of the business (G&LC, solar, offshore wind), no internal mobility below svp level, over hiring in regions, too much external hiring diluting bp culture including safety, promoting wrong people... —  read more 

Why do you stay?

A. I believe this is a great company! B. We’ve had challenges but we’re making a turn. The pay and benefits keep me here. I’m just gonna stick it out until retirement. E. Other (explain).

BP Code of Conduct

With the new CEO hire we all now know that the BP code of conduct means nothing to the Board of Directors and upper management. Remember that next time they virtue signal to you.


Seriously, is there a chance that this guy is now unemployable? I can't see any of the other oil majors wanting him. Consultancy work? He didn't exactly make a financial success during his time as CEO. I wonder if he will have to start up in business... —  read more 


Here is the text of BL's statement. Source Yahoo Money. “I am proud of what I achieved with my colleagues during my time as chief executive officer of BP,” Looney said in a statement. “I am disappointed with the way this situation has been handled... —  read more 

Why is BPX stimgatized?

Non-employee here. Why is BPX looked down upon relative to other BP subsidiaries globally. Also, is BPX, generally, more "woke" than other units? I get that impression from reading other posts.

New BPX ceo Kyle Koontz

How do BPX employees feel about the promotion? He has a reservoir background and has risen fairly quickly in the BPX ranks from SVP to COO. He was also employed by Sandridge along with DL. Would new global leadership bring new face to BPX ceo? —  read more 

Drive to 25

We are returning to our pre-reinvention staffing levels, and achieving our '25 targets is becoming increasingly challenging each day. It's evident that there will be a significant focus on realignment and potential staff reductions in the coming... —  read more 

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BP v/s other majors

Can some finanace type give a short summary of BP’s profitability v/s other majors. From where I sit: legacy assets are in decline exploration has been unsuccessful recently upstream projects currently in execution have lower profitability... —  read more 

any updates

Any updates on new CEO ? In any case, super low morale in bp uk these days - it needs to come soon. I am still shocked by the hr disaster. We don't have successors lined up. Our career evolution system needs serious fixing.

Possible EF divestiture?

Thoughts on BPX selling off STx? Multiple managers/ supervisors left for Ineos, maybe DL will end up there and pull a move like his brother did with Chesapeake and Continental….. Wells were pushed off the schedule for next year in EF, BPX keeping... —  read more 

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