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Who’s Next?

BP seems to be selling anything they can to get cash and manage their debt. What’s next? Canada? BPX? More downstream?

Why so quiet??

No murmurs? Gossip? Nada?? Starbucks leaving Westlake? Someone must know something!

Anyone else think they are closing Westlake?

14,000 US employees. 8,000 layoffs. That's about 58% of US employees. I think they might close Houston and have the skeleton crew work remotely or have the workload transferred to UK. No inside info. Just gut feel.


Has anyone heard the numbers expected from UEC?

Take the EOI, BP does not care about you!

BP is a sinking ship. I am on my way out and looking forward to not receiving another political email. It’s crazy how much pandering this company does. Although playing like they care about carbon emissions, just to evade future carbon taxes is a... —  read more 


How quick will layoffs be after EOIs? Is there any point in submitting my EOI today versus waiting for the axe?

Freeze on promotions and raises

Hmmm ... I wonder if the freeze on promotions, raises and stock awards applies to the Group leadership changes that were announced last month???

BPX Layoffs

Does anyone know whether this morning's announcement gives a hint of how many from BPX would be laid off? Yes Lawler is going to be chair of BP America, but which units under his BPX are getting cut?

Cut the employees and save the dividend!

I support this! No need for my dividend and stock price to fall further for the sake of 10,000 unnecessary personnel. Time to run more efficiently and get that stock price back to the mid-40's.

These layoffs come at the worst possible moment

Just look around this board and you'll see that all oil companies are currently laying off people in large numbers. That means that we are screwed when it comes to finding a new job. There will be so many unemployed in our industry and so few jobs... —  read more 

Being laid off might be a blessing in disguise

To be honest this might be a blessing in disguise. The unemployment benefits are good at least for now and hope companies will give out good packages. This is the time to retrain yourselves and get out of this dying industry and never look back. The... —  read more 

Lawler Bros

Is anyone going to write an article about how many companies Doug and Dave have brought to financial ruin instead of focusing on their gator hunts? BPX and Chesapeake are going to be the latest casualties resulting from their lack of foresight and... —  read more 

Things to Do in Denver When You Die

Who is running the pool for when we pull out of Denver and sell the L48 like we were going to do 6 years ago? I will definitely take the under ob that prop bet. Did we think using the Sandridge crew was going give this story a different ending... —  read more 

Bernard E-mail

Bernard’s email today indicated a smaller and nimbler BP. I wonder when all this will happen. The last round of layoffs seemed to drag on for a long time.

Bernard in LinkedIn

Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing Bernard Looney’s face plastered all over LinkedIn??? I do not want to be inundated with his “personal brand” while I’m looking for a better job somewhere else.

Did Bernard announce layoffs

When Mr. Looney had his call with employees earlier this week, it sounded like he announced layoffs are to come in June. Did I understand him properly? I wonder how much more information will be announced after earnings on April 28.

Return to work June first?

Does anyone really believe we’ll return to work on June first? I know that if my manager tells me to go to the office I will say hell no! I have heard nightmare stories about what has been happening at offshore in GoM.

BP Pay Grades / Bands

Can someone share the pay bands and their respective average salary and bonus targets? Which pay band do you get equity? TIA.

BP Stock

BP is below $20/share, lowest since 1994. Dividend cut is certain, along with big layoffs. Join the club with all the other oil companies. The whole situation stinks.

How many people work at BP?

Post any information you have about the total headcount (I know it changes all the time). How about the main office at London?

More layoffs today?

Will there be any more layoffs today? The mood at the office is quite somber after yesterday and it doesn't help that we have no idea if we are looking at more of the same today. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm stressing enough as it... —  read more 

BP Layoffs 2020

Share any updates you may have about BP Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

BP Exists Alaska, Prudhoe Bay Sold!

This rumor started on this board. Now it's a done deal. This rumor board was accurate and well ahead of everyone else again... BP moves to exit Alaska, relinquishing role as operator of Prudhoe... —  read more 

BP Layoffs 2019

Post any information about potential or actual BP Layoffs in 2019?

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BP selling Prudhoe Bay

Rumors with dates this time are floating around that BP will sell interest in Prudhoe Bay. Any truth this time?

This is BP's biggest issue

BP has a reputation of promoting to management friends of friends. Check websites with BP’s reviews and there is an over abundance of bad management reviews. This right here. This is BP's biggest issue. There are very few good managers, and that is... —  read more 

From other site

Management doesn’t have a clear vision. L48 headquarters was moved to Denver, even though most of the onshore assets are in Texas. There is a Denver vs. Houston mentality which originated from the current onshore CEO. L48 has been laying off high... —  read more 

BP = Broken Promises

Worked at BP for 16 years. 1 year before turning 50 I was laid off. HR must keep track of who is about to be eligible to start accumulating retirement benefits. I am pi$$ed at myself for sticking around and passing on other offers because I was naive... —  read more 

USPL cuts 50% ~450

USPL just divested all its terminals. Doug Sparkman, head of Fuel Value Chain does not inspire confidence. A cardboard box has more charisma than this guy. His townhalls are a disaster. For example, asked about contacting him, he responded, "Get on... —  read more 

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