Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at BP PLC

I don't hate my job

I'm saddened to see how many younger employees hate working here. I can't understand why. The pay is good, the benefits are good, and it's a secure job. Yes, there are occasional layoffs but they are rare enough to be among the lowest in the... —  read more 

Not even oil prices raise morale

I plan to be here just a little longer. True leaders would think about why now that oil is high the morale of employees is as low as it was in the midst of a pandemic when demand had fallen sharply as people stopped traveling. Just saying.

Pension plan

How does the pension plan work in the US? I’ve been with bp for 9 years and I’m 45 yo. How long do I have to stay to qualify for pension? I want to leave but I don’t want to leave money on the table.


So Bernie announced that BP is pulling out of Russia. India has not denounced the invasion of Ukraine while abstaining from UN votes and continuing to trade with Russia. Why in the he-l would you go on a trip to India now during this crisis? A... —  read more 


Both Bernard Looney and Bob Dudley sit on the Rosneft board in which bp has a 19.75% share of the state owned company. If our purpose is to truly "improve people’s lives," it's time for bp to take a stand and stop doing business with Putin... —  read more 

Pay rise

Who is going to quit if they don’t get at least a 6 percent pay rise? Which is rate of inflation. I’ll be straight out the door with two weeks notice.

Morale is terribly low

I would be very worried if I was at the top of this company, considering that the morale of the employees has never been worse. Even those who were very comfortable here are leaving. What else can be expected if the morale is so low? - Nothing good!... —  read more 

My final weeks here

I'm ready to leave. It took me eighteen months to find the right employer where I won't have to face the same things I did here, and I believe I finally did. BP is poorly run and managed and it's only a matter of time before some major consequences... —  read more 


Our team in Houston met for a Christmas party and now we're all dropping like flies thanks to Omicron. How many of you are in similar situations?

Needing Advice

How do I leave this company the right way? I know some pretty great people here but I've seen some pretty awful behavior and toxicity within the company culture also stemming from leadership downward. Its starting to really get to me despite my... —  read more 

How is your severance?

In the onboarding stages and considering BP upstream. I don’t have any illusions of a long career. But curious, when I finally do get laid off, what is the severance package like? Trying to take that into account as well.

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