Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Compensation after acquisition

Question for all BC employees here that were hired through acquisitions, I have couple of questions: Did you get a raise in your compensation? If you were at a location when BC does not have presence but your base company does, were you forced... —  read more 

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BC Cuts

I heard that their will be deep cuts to make room for VMWARE associates that are client facing. Is this really the case?

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From a VMWare employee: what are "for sure" signs that you're going to be laid off by Broadcom as the acquisition closes?

If anyone remembers anything from Symantec, CA Technologies, Brocade etc. I'm in an Engineering Operations (DevOps, member of tech staff) role at VmWare, in a core BU that Hock Tan wants to invest in. I'm super anxious about the acquisition. I'm... —  read more 


VMwarean here. Is it true if you take the transition package that you don’t get the severance package after? It’s one or the other? How was this handled for past acquisitions?

Benefits at Broadcom

Hi, I know this is probably not the best place to ask this question, but I have nowhere to get the answer from. I’m currently with VMware and I’m using Lyra service which is a service provided for employee psychological well-being. Some companies... —  read more 

Field Sales Teams at BC

Heard a lot about engineering and dev ops… non customer facing roles. Can any field sales reps (core or specialist) shed some light on their experiences? Should we expect massive sales cuts in acquisition? WFH? Expense accounts for our customers? —  read more 

401K match and ESPP

Does Broadcom offer 401k and if so how much is the match and other related details? How about an employee stock purchase program? If yes any discounts, max contributions, and other details?

Query to Bcom

VMware employee here. We are told your financial year is November to October. But… When do you get pay reviews/ pay rises? When are promotions within the year? When are you awarded bonuses? ( are bonuses mainly rsu’s? Or money?) How many day’s... —  read more 

Remote work

VMware employee here. What happens if you were hired to work remotely and there is no office nearby? Will you be forced out and be on the target list for early rounds of layoffs?

Stain on your CV?

I've been trying to get out of here for a long time. I don't think that the experience at Broadcom on my CV is anything special that would set me apart from other candidates, but I also don't think that it is a stain on my resume as some say. This... —  read more 

Current VMware employee

From the Broadcom side of things, how are you all perceiving the upcoming acquisition? Do you see it as a good or a bad thing? For our customers and us, the very idea of Hock acquiring us has caused massive upheaval, and damage to our brand, and... —  read more 

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