Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Broadcom Corp.

No more than two years

The longer you stay the more you fall behind. I was a longer term employee so I was really far behind. When I left for another company my comp increased 2.5x. That's not a good thing because it shows you how much money I've lost by not changing jobs... —  read more 

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Pretending to be busy?

Sometimes it’s funny how some pretend to be much busier than they really are, but that seems to be the most effective strategy if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with a huge amount of work in this company. That’s a lesson I learned too late here. —  read more 

Those who refuse the shot?

Does anyone have any true insight as to what will happen October 4th for those without the shot in the US? I have mine, but there are still a lot of senior people in my office that do not. I can't imagine them simply whacking these people, but it... —  read more 

Does anyone else miss WFH

My office is back to 100% working in office. And I absolutely hate it. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of the wfh life, I don’t want to go back. I feel so drained and so much less motivated working in the office full time. I was more productive from... —  read more 

It was obvious!

Dear manager, you don't have to keep trying anymore. If the goal was for me to leave this company on my own, then you've succeeded. I got the message, it was too obvious. Now you don't have to think of ways to put even more pressure on me, I gave... —  read more 

Long term goals

I am disappointed with Broadcom to the max. Does this company have any long term goals at all or are those at the top focused only on short term results? It seems to me that Broadcom is stuck in the past and that the leadership has completely... —  read more 

Broadcom way

Broadcoms model is all about acquiring bloated old companies and screwing the hapless customers of those companies to the maximum extent possible. Since those customers can't switch off your product overnight, they end up paying BIG. Unfortunately... —  read more 

Sick of this company

Is it possible that a new employee here has a better status than a hard worker who has been loyal to this company for years and who is fully engaged with his job? I have nothing against newbies, but I notice that some of them achieve something easier... —  read more 

OK, when is it enough?

Over the past few months, I’ve been constantly getting more and more work. At first I thought it was just a phase. Then I thought they will eventually realize that an employee really can't handle that much work and stop giving me more. Now I'm just... —  read more 


Does anyone know the current severance package? I've heard rumors that it has been cut dramatically, but haven't seen anything in writing. When CA was acquired it was supposedly 40 weeks. I'm not sure if that still stands or not. I guess I'm truly... —  read more 

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