Topics regarding layoffs at Burlington Stores Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Burlington Stores Inc.

How is your store doing?

After the last round of layoffs I’m wondering how everyone’s store is doing? My location has seen a decrease in moral but a rise in workload. Not sure what the company’s plan is for the future, but so far it’s not looking good in my opinion. Chime... —  read more 

Not true

This is a lie...the company was able to give all Part time employees a grant of $250 each...and was able to pay least 2 weeks of pay to all Supervisors and Full time employees. Everyone was placed on furlough...meaning they are still employed with... —  read more 

Not a good fit

For years I’ve believed my position at Burlington meant something and that I fit perfectly within the company. As time passed I started to realize employees are nothing but a number, easily replaced without a second thought. Now here I am more than 5... —  read more 


Burlington employee here in San Diego and yep I agree with you all. We are on furlough. Ugh I saw this and was like dude wtf our management team woulda told us before it hit social media for sure.

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