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We are going backward instead forward

Here is what I have heard from my husband and his friends who work in IT at the corp office and in another office. Bass Pro is running on some ancient technology as well. It is horrible to work with. They expect cabelas IT to take a 10 year step... read more

Bass Pro Ruined the IT Tech Services Trip

Such BS. Our IT teams have been planning this trip for a while....just a day or 2 for a team that is spread out across the country to meet each other in person, mingle in the great outdoors which is supposed to be the spirit of the new company. Then... read more

Cabela's Layoffs 2018

If you really want to know about layoffs just ask your boss - you'll get a 'no clue answer' and he'll black list you, at least here in Sidney.

Just thought this was interesting.

Just stumbled upon this article and thought I'd share.
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Open enrollment time???

So what's up with health insurance for 2018?? Isn't October normally open enrollment time where you elect if you want any changes or to apply???


Corp email re bump stocks was very condescending. BPS stated they could have sold but didn't like CAB did. BPS communication writer should be fired. Idiot.

This is pure nonsense

There's a poster on this site that keeps insisting that the BP buyout of Cabela's is so complex that it's likely they will never be able to merge these two amazingly different companies. This person states "that there are numerous computer languages... read more

Sidney awaits a fallout

Fourth quarter should be safe

It's the 4th quarter people! There will be very little boat rocking in this quarter. This is retail and the most important quarter of the year! Ya think Bass Pro is going to hack every one now? CAB's systems are different than Pro's. Why ditch those... read more


Is anybody's Cabela's signs coming down yet?

Time to update your resume

First of all, good luck to everyone. Second of all, if you think all is well, you are severely naive. People posting "negative stuff" on this site are probably trying to look out for people. If it's negative, then people get upset that we are not... read more

Who Benefited the Most?

For those of you who already have or will soon be losing your jobs with Cabela's due to the recent Bass Pro acquisition of Cabela's you should know that this situation is not all doom and gloom - a very small few hit the lottery on the backs of the... read more

The meaning of uncertainty.

The uncertainty in the workplace means this: Will I be able to continue paying for my house payment? Electrical bill, phone service, water, sewer and trash, my kids school functions, ( dance class, homecoming expenses, prom dress, a trumpet for band... read more

SEC filings

Wow the rich get richer with sale of stock today. I hope the board , former CEO and other upper management can sleep comfortably
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Upper Management Gone Today?

I presume that the executive team and the vice-presidents will be gone after today? I'm thinking that was part of an older SEC filing, but... I can see a few other people getting laid off today, but I can't see many being let go until after the... read more
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As a very loyal customer over the years, while owned by D--k and Jim Cabela, Cabela's was the "place" for any serious outdoors passionate people to outfit for family and self. D--k, Jim and really all of the people who I came in contact with were... read more

A little advice

I have been through a number of company consolidations and companies that have been bought by a competitor. One bit of advice, don't tell the new "experts" that show up how "things are done." Keep your mouth shut and listen. Even if they ask they... read more

Cabela's Career Website

Apparently on the job search section one can find retail and dc jobs for the Sidney,NE location. But, where's corporate? Can't seem to find it. Hmm.

2 Years Ago Ironically...

2 years ago, Sept 25th 2015, Cabela's had the large round of layoffs in Sidney that would be the start of the downward spiral. Ironically exactly 2 years to that date, Sept 25th 2017, Cabela's will fail to exist as a company. What's even more... read more

It's a sad day.

Today is likely the last day that Cabela's, the company, exists. I know it's just business, but it always felt kinda special. No blame. Everything has to come to an end. It amazing how many said this day would never come. Predicting the future is... read more

Show me the money!

Is there any guidance as to how long it will take for us little shareholders to get paid?

Bass Pro merger closing on September 25

We finally have a date. After all the speculation, Cabela's acquisition will be finalized on September 25. Pretty sure that this will bring its own round of layoffs with it. Hopefully I am wrong, but mergers always bring the reduction in operating... read more


What is the opinion of articles In Scottsbluff Star Herald and Omaha World Herald ?

Post annoucement

I'm not at Corporate anymore ...What's the mood like? Are there any rumors as to when everyone will know the outcome of the sale?

Synovus deal approved

CAB/Bass: Federal Reserve Approves Synovus Acquisition of World’s Foremost Bank Clearing Last Regulatory Hurdle to Consummation SEP 6 / 4:48 PM CABSNVCOF Relevant Document: Federal Reserve Announcement on Synovus Acquisition of World’s Foremost Bank... read more

Our customer experience is lower than ever

Cabela's has always been a little more expensive than others, the difference was the customers were "willing" to spend the extra money because they could come into our stores and talk to people who actually used the products and could explain the... read more

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