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Replacing good managers with yes-men

I can think of several quality people that were treated like crap only because they did not golf, drink, or agree with the right insider. Managers who treated people with dignity were replaced by brown noses who shamelessly followed a VP around like... read more

Great companies don't thrive on threats

The core problem is that leadership gave up years ago - the stores are a disaster - terrible - the staff is cut to shreds, no motivation from the top besides threats of replacement - lay offs, sales are in the tank, low inventories and a joke to the... read more

Obviously, "rounds of layoffs" are coming

Our town's financial director even said so. Check out Sidney's local newspaper today in "City adopts 5-year budget" . He quotes, "With Cabela's having rounds of layoffs....." Great.

What's going on?

the stock is acting really squirrely right now...something is up. I think it's more than the negative article that recently was posted.

Giving it your all?

The Cabela's employees have obviously been through a wild time this past couple of years...more if you actually knew they were lying to you. I am curious if the employees that are still there, are you still giving your job 100%? Is the company making... read more


Who got laid off today? Rumor has it that there will be a lot of layoffs by Monday... Gotta love town gossip.

It's not a charitable organization...

It's a business. Plain and simple. Just because it was founded by two nice brothers from Nebraska doesn't change that. They weren't saints they made a lot of money off the backs of do all business men. As a was not looking... read more

Failure of leadership

This is a complete failure of leadership. Once fully entrenched and on the downward, who would want to come on a failing bandwagon - this is pure failure of leadership - nothing less - the vision of successful companies is growth and if the current... read more

Merger / Stockholders

I am so sick of the posters on this website to continue to insult the memory of D--k Cabela and those who said he was off base in saying that your treat your customer and your employees right and the rest in regard to ownership will fall into place... read more

It's a business deal

Don't get me wrong, I worked for Cabela's for many years and have a lot of close friends affected by this deal. That being said, at the end of the day, Tommy did what he was brought on to do and that was to make shareholders money. And it wasn't... read more


I've heard a lot about legacy and grand visions on this site . Now, Johnny Morris...he has a legacy to be proud of. He didn't sell his town out. He didn't sell his employees out. His name will live on for decades. The Cabela's name will be thrown on... read more

Get Ready To Turn In Your Tans

Heard that liquidators were in Short Pump, VA today preparing to bid on inventory. The property was sold to a Insurance company last week due to the CAB fallout.

Why so many issues with Kronos? Anyone from IT here - can you tell me why is it so hard to use, why so many limitations and above all: WHY IS THE KRONOS SYSTEM SO SLOW. Sorry, every time I bring this up people just look at me - and nobody has ever... read more

This will not be pretty

All of upper management (think executives) will be gone once the ink is dry on the purchase and the share price has been paid--that was part of the agreement. The VPs, Sr. Directors, Directors, etc. may be kept for a time, but I would presume they... read more

The fat lady just sang... FTC approves the Cabela's deal! That's a huge win for Tommy Milner.

Educate me

So I am a bit new to this conversation but am in the outdoor industry. It was well known that Cabela's was a sinking ship for the past 4 years or so. Pretty much everything bad said on this site about the stores and merchandising is true according to... read more

Leave Cabela's before BP gets its hands on it

It's about to get crazy. I would advise to uproot and move. Especially those that are young and can easily start a new chapter of your life. Even if BP merge goes thru, it will be such a bumpy road for you, and then in the end, only about 20% will... read more
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Hope this doesn't happen

Anyone who thinks that a sale to BP is bad should watch this. This is how bad things get if the deal doesn't go through. It could be fatal for Cabela's

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