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ot good news for Bass Pro

Do the math

2016 6,800 total population 3,400 employable people (roughly 50% of the population are retired or kids) 2,000 Cabela's employees 1,400 non-Cabela's jobs 59% of all jobs are at Cabela's This is assuming 0% unemployment 2018 500 Cabela's jobs (now 26%... read more

Clueless in Sidney

What a fitting tribute to the legacy! Brown nosed minions that sunk the ship are left to finish the ride to the bottom! Now they will surely start feeding on them selves!
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Out of ideas

Come on folks. You all out of made up stuff to post here? Nobody hear that the post office is closing next yet? Im so disappointed in the lack of creativity lately.

Mr.Positive (ya kno the guy)

has NOT always been honest with everyone on this board. While he says he's only here to be positive and support everyone during this hard time, it seems he has his own agenda. He has a large stake in Sidney real estate and can't leave or... read more

HR Trolls this board

And posts comments pretending to be a regular employee. They will always post overly positive comments and attack anyone who doesn't tow the corporate line. They hate this site because it destroys their BS corporate speak and exposes what's really... read more

March 1st is here

Sooooo? How many people actually turned in their packets? Some of the higher up folks in IT took it. Kinda funny how they were all excited a month ago after the Cabelas CIO became the CIO for the combines company and Cabelas IT people wee jumping for... read more

It's time to act.

D--k's Sporting Goods ends assault-style weapon, high-capacity magazine sales. Hey Bass Pro/Cabelas, get on board or get run over. It's about time to stop selling these!

New Investors

It will be extremely difficult to entice new investors to the BP-Cabelas model. At one time RC would host and fly potential investors to a few locations and wow them with the big beautiful stores that were full of people. Today those stores are empty... read more

What's the word...

with so many people taking the settlement, how will the (Sidney) business continue? How can you plan operations of a business if you have no idea how many people will be left? What are the expectations if you stay? Will there be work to do? Or are... read more

END IS near

Over 90% of CAB employees turned in their letters. Many turning them in on the last day. People would rather look for new jobs and move than stay with the the circus known as bps. They are tired of the rude arrogant nasty people at bps. Also they... read more
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Big Benefits?

As this "buyout" continues I feel good that many Cabela's people are benefiting greatly. Being the company that was bought out it seems that many are doing pretty well with a nice severance, early buyout bonuses, cashing out stock grants, etc. and... read more

One store in Canada closed

They closed Moncton, NB today with no notice. It was open less than 3 years, but too close to a BP location. It is starting.

A question to the moderator.

A question came up about the guy who posted the comment “ I am a bass pro employee and I am so excited about the future “ Was this guy banned from this site for that comment ?


I'm a former Cabela's employee. I visited the store where I used to work recently. While there one of the Outfitters told me that they let the AP manager go and Bass Pro does not permit the apprehension of shoplifters. How can this be?

This is illegal

When I was checking into unemployment benefits someone in HR notified the state that I left the company by my choice instead of telling them they had layoff. Doing this is illegal, no gray zone. I'm not sure what you were told, but if this is true... read more

It's been a while since

i have been on BP site Man, for such a big company, it is so cheesy. it has the feel of a dollar store. The font looks like something out of a comic book. Its so cluttered

Remember this guy?

I am a bass pro employee and I am so excited about the future. My department had a lengthy meeting a while back. My manager explained to me since the merger happen this is a 10 billion companies , bass pro has close to 200 stores. bass pro has close... read more

After march 1, 2018

If you don’t take the buyout by march 1, your severence will be a ham and a membership to the jelly of the month club.

After Sidney Omaha is next.

There is a secondary corporate type office for IT people in Omaha Nebraska consisting of developers, IT security and server admins. Hearing rumors (yes rumors) here in the Hallways and conference rooms of Bass Pro, Omaha will be next on the chopping... read more

A word of wisdom to anyone having to make a tough choice

If you were offered an early retirement- package, take it! Sincerely, JM has been very civil and beyond honest in attempting to be fair - his offer is substantially better than anything that Tommy and crew Ever offered. If you choose to disregard... read more
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What is the latest scoop on more layoffs at Cabela's

I have already been released but curious on what is coming next? Anymore job eliminations in the stores? Is it hitting corporate now? Anybody in the know with details. I'm sure people would like to know and have a heads up with what is coming.

Can we all agree...

That most of the information on this site ends up being truthful and coming to fruition ( rumors about retail store layoffs-happened on the 2/1) and now Sidney retirement offers ie, disguised severance before actual layoffs happen. All you posters... read more

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