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Still business as usual?

Or are there Bass Pro people making regular visits to Sydney? Has there been any announcements about the merger to staff. Not there anymore, just curious.

Merry Christmas

In spite of all the negativity and bickering on this site. As well as the uncertainty of the not so distant future of our community I just want to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a New Year that will hopefully and prayerfully bring healing... read more

How Many EVPs and VPs Left

Besides the former CFO who's now Bass Pro's CFO, how many executive vice-presidents are left milling around? How many vice-presidents are left milling around? I don't get out of my cube much anymore. Waiting for the final shoe to drop. My manager... read more

yendis :(


Any new developments on the hill?

Are executives really worth paying millions of dollars?

Really, please respond honestly, what are your thoughts? I have a feeling if we were to offer them 10% of what they make they'd still do the job with same quality (good or bad). Please keep it civil, otherwise mods delete posts. Thoughts?

TM's House

I see that the price has dropped by $300K. Does anyone know who really owns it now? Why is it so quiet...where did the ALL CAPS person go?

Luke Bryan milking it! Again. How many more product endorsements/failures can this guy endure?

Don't get screwed on your guns.

Forget about selling your guns to cabelas. They will only offer you half of what your gun is worth. You will do better at a pawn shop. Due to the bass pro shop buy out corporate has odered cut in inventory.

The gravy train that was Cabela’s is over

Bass pro has been clear about what’s next. They stated that the headquarters will be in Missouri. The gravy train that was Cabela’s is over. The “stress and scare” will never be over if what you are referring to is a situation where corporate... read more

What's next?

Is it strange that no exempt positions are able to be filled in cabelas. I wonder how !any more will be laid off before they can be filled and if they are going to replace them with bass pro people just like they did to the others. So many people... read more

Nascar in Kansas City

From the victory lane interviews yesterday after the race, it looks like Johnny was in Kansas City. I wonder if he made a swing by the Cabela's across the street from the speedway.

We are going backward instead forward

Here is what I have heard from my husband and his friends who work in IT at the corp office and in another office. Bass Pro is running on some ancient technology as well. It is horrible to work with. They expect cabelas IT to take a 10 year step... read more

Bass Pro Ruined the IT Tech Services Trip

Such BS. Our IT teams have been planning this trip for a while....just a day or 2 for a team that is spread out across the country to meet each other in person, mingle in the great outdoors which is supposed to be the spirit of the new company. Then... read more

Cabela's Layoffs 2018

If you really want to know about layoffs just ask your boss - you'll get a 'no clue answer' and he'll black list you, at least here in Sidney.

Just thought this was interesting.

Just stumbled upon this article and thought I'd share.
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Open enrollment time???

So what's up with health insurance for 2018?? Isn't October normally open enrollment time where you elect if you want any changes or to apply???


Corp email re bump stocks was very condescending. BPS stated they could have sold but didn't like CAB did. BPS communication writer should be fired. Idiot.

This is pure nonsense

There's a poster on this site that keeps insisting that the BP buyout of Cabela's is so complex that it's likely they will never be able to merge these two amazingly different companies. This person states "that there are numerous computer languages... read more

Sidney awaits a fallout

Fourth quarter should be safe

It's the 4th quarter people! There will be very little boat rocking in this quarter. This is retail and the most important quarter of the year! Ya think Bass Pro is going to hack every one now? CAB's systems are different than Pro's. Why ditch those... read more


Is anybody's Cabela's signs coming down yet?

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