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Just ask yourself this one question: WHY???? Why would Bass Pro have split operations by between two cities. How does that make sense? The word "merger" should be a clue. Why would Johnny Morris travel back and forth between Missouri and Nebraska. It... read more

Sidney Home Valuations Not Going Down

I was in the Cheyenne County Assessor's Office last week and was told that I should expect the 2017 tax valuation of my Sidney home to NOT change, up or down, when new valuations go out next month. Instead, my valuation will remain the same as it has... read more

Just a thought

How many people and which departments of Cabelas do you think BPS will relocate? How many and which departments of Cabelas do you think BPS will get rid of?

This town will never be the same

not to point out the obvious, but the situation employees find themselves in Sidney is somewhat unique. There are a few towns in America that have only one large employer. Most other places when an employer closes down there apply at a nearby city or... read more

Relocation Source

"Cabela’s employs roughly 2,000 of the 6,800 people who live there, but the HEADQUARTERS would move to Springfield, Missouri — Bass Pro’s home — once the deal closes."... read more

What are these sellers thinking?

228 homes for sale only 4 homes have sold that cost more than $100k in the last 6 mos. And now the layoffs are coming.... How is Sidney going to cope with this? THE MAYOR AND THE CITY COUNCIL NEED TO SHOW US A PLAN THEY NEED TO GO TO LINCOLN AND... read more


It looks as though we'll be getting $61.50 per share NOT $65.50

I've always wondered...

...Why none of the children of D & M Cabela want to have anything to do with the business their parents created. Without getting personal, can anybody shed a little light on this? Why are J and M in such a hurry to kill their brand? Seems a lasting... read more

Closing date

Told there is a "new" closing date for the deal in late June, was also informed that there had to be an announcement of the sale 60 days before such date. Is this due to impending layoffs, or is there a regulatory law stating a company must announce... read more

Rather than winging it....

...the City Council should be researching and learning how communities of our size survived a major employer leaving the area. If all the jobs go away at Cabela's, it's going to be felt at every level. The city needs to be ready to act!

lets have a civil discussion on city ordiance

The community I was raised had several volunteer community wide clean up programs, I was in Wellington Colorado and the depressed economic situation in Sidney came up . A man stated his daughter who lives in Greeley used to drive over to Sidney to... read more

Let's have a civil discussion

There's a good amount of nasty post....some deserved........How about some opinions about the sale or no sale....There are obvious pro's and con's for either way it goes......The fate of Sidney is first and foremost...after putting that on the top of... read more

Our fearless leaders

Recent Insider transactions Millner Thomas L, Chief Executive Officer Sale 3/10/2017 63,608 $46.12 $2.9M Millner Thomas L, Chief Executive Officer Buy 3/10/2017 111,720 $8.68 $969.7K Baldwin Charles, Executive Vice President Sale 5/02/2016 14,124... read more

Is there life after getting out of Cabelas?

Looking to get the heck out of my store this spring. Not sure where to go. Who hires ex-Cabelas employees? I don't want another retail job. Had it up to here dealing with customers and how much they act like children.

Jobs listed by March 20th?

Weren't there supposed to be a listing of jobs on the website for those that were laid off to apply for different positions in Sidney? I see a whole whopping 8 jobs at corporate, retail has 4 jobs and the DC has 1. Obviously, the jobs that were... read more

To many coaches

Every Tuesday we have 17 managers and coaches in. And hardly any outfitters. They can't give outfitter hours because of budget, but can have 17 managers and coaches in. A lot of outfitters are getting really pissed off here in the North East.

Cabela's A Dirty Word

Make Cabela's beloved again. Hopefully the DOJ / FTC regect this deal. They certainly should - the two powerhouses - ridiculous. Anyway, hopefully just the bank goes and CAB uses the money to buy their stock back. Then, go out and hire the best and... read more

Department of Justice?

Why hasn't the Department of Justice blessed this deal yet? What's taking so long? Do you think it will eventually be approved?


The only hope for CAB is for BPS take over. BPS knows how to operate lean. They won't be allowing the pissing away money that our SR. so called leadership has allowed. Why did CAB allow almost 100 people to go to SHOT Show? How much did CAB spend on... read more

Merger opinion piece's-merger Cabela's merger shouldn't suffer the same fate as staples-office depot
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Bright Minds? Strong Work Ethic?

To make Director level at Coca Cola, Nike, UA, Caterpillar, Home Depot etc. etc. an MBA is typically required. There isn't one Director at Cabellas with an MBA ... can that be right? Your VP team is also comically undereducated. Nobody's even heard... read more

Who is to blame who is not to blame

Way to much finger pointing going on, yes Sidney is in trouble, so many lives disrupted. Maybe it is time for people to step back take a breath calm down and think rationally. This constant bickering and name calling is not going to help or solve the... read more

Cabala Family & Cabela's Board ... VOTE

Why would the Cabela family & the Cabela's board vote their shares in to approve the sale to Bass Pro? With all the people doing your jobs down in Missouri, Bass Pro is the worst possible buyer for Sidney. Why couldn't they have sold it to a buyer... read more

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