Topics regarding layoffs at Cabela's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cabela's Inc.

Club made me give up

Club forced me to put in my two weeks. Even after they offered me a dollar raise (only way to get a raise anymore). The past month has been so aggressive for getting club cards that I gave up. I used to get 2-3 a day most of the time but after... —  read more 


The company is club cards only; freight and customers second; updating technology and inventory accuracy third and employee morale fourth. Get OUT while you still can. Indiana and Ohio Stores-Where is the district managers to hold these GM... —  read more 

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About Done

I work like 15 hours a week just for fun. I enjoy getting out of the house and going in to interact with people, put up freight and straighten things. This week I was told that i was on the zero list-club card. I had no less than three managers... —  read more 

I'm done

I've been wanting to leave for a while now, Lord knows I've been unhappy here for the better part of the past two years, but by the time I finally got my courage up and decided to do something about it the pandemic hit. It took me this long to find a... —  read more 

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Loosing Employees

How are the other stores doing? We are loosing a lot of long time employees to other companies willing to pay more. This is putting a real strain on those of us that are still hanging on. Most people are feeling like most managers dont value them... —  read more 

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AGM let go

I learned today my AGM was let go last friday. Being part time, and having such a slow period where I live (literally bored enough in the afternoons that I walk around the store and just bs with the other employees which doesnt sound great, but it is... —  read more 

Layoffs in Allen, TX

Had some restructuring in North Dallas. We lost our AGM and Front End/Warehouse guy. Management rolls were shuffled including Ft. Worth's GM, who has been helping out, becoming ours, and our GM taking a different, unclear role. Was told this was... —  read more 

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