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Watch out

Bass Pro and Cabelas NOW have real competition! Highby Outdoors launches!
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Who benefited the most from the merger.

Dollars and cents wise it was the stockholders like Jim cabela. However I look at it different on how people was effected more then just the dollar amount. in the word case situation Jim is living in the same house and maybe worth 3,7 billion instead... read more

Cabela's/Bass Pro non-compete lawsuit

Copied from: In Cabela’s, the Court found that Nebraska law would apply in the absence of the Delaware choice of law provision, given... read more

Loss prevention

Came across this article on Yahoo: Can't help but think about the loss in our... read more

what happend

There was a thread posted concerning the possible loss of more positions at what i left of corporate.

Loyal customer

As very loyal past customer I just wanted to make a comment. When Cabela’s was really at the top of their game, pre Tommy days, the highlight of any trip for me was to visit a Cabela’s store or receive their incredible catalogs. What made a trip to... read more

The New Pre Black Friday Ad

How many Cabela's branded items do you see in this 19 page ad? This should tell you what will become of Cabela's products.

Something to think about on this sad anniversary

Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people... read more

status quo

Our bankruptcy is complete and we have nothing left but hate

Pretty quiet around here

I take it from the lack of posts name calling and back biting that things have falllen platued with the downward spiral of Sh--ney and once was Cabela's after the buyout fallout.


Hahaha what?!!? Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris made a recent appearance on reality television show... read more

Glendale's managers

The worse thing about the restructuring was letting these general managers cherry pick their management team. Take a store like Glendale where the untouchable GM has no leadership skills and chooses to retain the boys club rather than competent... read more

More staffing realignment

Everyone should be forewarned that there will probably be another shakeup in terms of staffing when it pertains to Managers, Leads and all full time outfitters. It is quite probable that outfitters in these positions will be told that they have too... read more

Credit card business jobs not so secure Looks like even the ‘safer’ jobs, aren’t.

Ouch, this is gonna leave a scar

Look at price drop. Look at taxes on this. Sidney needs to do something pronto:,-102.600632,40.835632,-103.479538_rect/9_zm/

Salary cut

All Sidney corporate employees will be facing 30% salary cut beginning this week

Sunglass Hut Moving In
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So what’s the latest headcount now? Fall time will probably be the final round I suppose.

Adding to the joy of Sidney

On top of the Cabela's job losses, the farmers are now facing low wheat, soybean and corn prices...and high Diesel costs. Boy, NG

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