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employee turnover @ hamburg store

Does anyone know why they are losing good quality employees at the so called flag ship store? Firearms manager who was very knowledgeable left. 15 yr employee @ firearms left. This along with numerous others has me wondering is it management or the... read more

11 Years / Retired

I have spent 11 years with Cabela’s and I was lucky to have good mentors, managers and I liked people I worked with. I enjoyed every day at work, customers were difficult sometimes but most of the time I was dealing with nice people who were into... read more

What horrible site

If you post facts about bass pro or Cabelas this nut will harassed you non stop and eventually your post which are positive in nature will be taken down. Mean while this nut ask a negative question in nature and of course some will happen to receive... read more

Sidney DC unimportant

Someone keeps posting how the work at the Sidney DC was vital to the success of the company. So if it was so vital why did they just shutter the ENTIRE operation and things are humming along?

This is so funny...

The Bass Pro discussion on this site has had one post in the last 11 months. Everything must be fine from their standpoint to include all the former Cabela's employees that now work for them. Then look at the Cabela's discussion on this site...a... read more

Cabelas Retail Sidney Nebraska

There have been words in the wind that Bass Pro is planning on closing all Retail operations here in Sidney I Truly hope it is nothing but a rumor

I am sure the Cabela hater run's this site.

At every meeting I attended for Cabela's everyone told me this site was run by a ex fired Cabela's who so distributed it was better just to ignore this site. I had doubts somewhat if this was true. However since the last post was taken down it is... read more

GM Turnover

Any truth to the rumors that BP is getting ready to let large amount of Cabela’s GM go?

I would be curious if I was Bass Pro HR?

Wonder why HR sitting in Springfield is not asking questions about Oklahoma City with a 160 percent turn-over rate, the lowest store in the south in club cards, and over 20 positions not filled, while other stores have less than five postion's... read more
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Eligible for re-hire

Bass Pro Cabela’s LLC said we were eligible for re-hire after taking bonus/severance but I have found that to be untrue.

How about this suggestion to the site.

We post statements related to discussions of layoffs at Cabela's . We realize {this is must we respect} the right of individual to discuss and reply's by saying you have posters have no right to post comments like no one cares or no one agrees with... read more

Just curious...

...How many Bass Pro/Cabela's employees are left (DC/Corporate/Retail) in the Sidney area and does everyone feel that this is a "significant" presence? To the one person who always seems to go off the rails...Please, please, do not trash this thread.

Enough with credit cards

I'm so tired of harassing customers all the time with credit card applications. Can we go back to doing our own jobs, please, instead of having to worry we'll be reprimanded if we don't sell enough credit cards? We are not just losing current... read more

The time has come...

Isn't it time for this discussion board to be put to rest. Cabela's is no longer a company. Where is the Herter's discussion board?

Fired GM's?

Does anyone know why two cabelas GM's were let go this week? Was it performance, restructure, or what have you?

From a customer’s point of view...

I'm a customer...I do NOT live anywhere close to Nebraska...but have been following the demise of one of my favorite retailers closely for a few years (and watching this board every now and then). I'm sure that one thing leading to this decision is... read more

Over/Under 3 years and belers will be no more?

More bad news for Sidney. Bass Pro Shops said Thursday that it plans to shutter the Cabela's distribution center in the western Nebraska city in the next couple of months. "This action is being taken as a result of an extensive review of all Bass Pro... read more

Watch out

Bass Pro and Cabelas NOW have real competition! Highby Outdoors launches!
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Who benefited the most from the merger.

Dollars and cents wise it was the stockholders like Jim cabela. However I look at it different on how people was effected more then just the dollar amount. in the word case situation Jim is living in the same house and maybe worth 3,7 billion instead... read more

Cabela's/Bass Pro non-compete lawsuit

Copied from: In Cabela’s, the Court found that Nebraska law would apply in the absence of the Delaware choice of law provision, given... read more

Loss prevention

Came across this article on Yahoo: Can't help but think about the loss in our... read more

what happend

There was a thread posted concerning the possible loss of more positions at what i left of corporate.

Loyal customer

As very loyal past customer I just wanted to make a comment. When Cabela’s was really at the top of their game, pre Tommy days, the highlight of any trip for me was to visit a Cabela’s store or receive their incredible catalogs. What made a trip to... read more

The New Pre Black Friday Ad

How many Cabela's branded items do you see in this 19 page ad? This should tell you what will become of Cabela's products.

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