Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Google mini

I received my google mini!!! I am so grateful! Oh wait, my entire house is linked to Amazon show. We have no use for the google mini. Anyone want the google mini?

Altice COO: New tech spinoff to focus on ‘network design, engineering and construction’ by Daniel Frankel | Dec 20, 2016 6:00am

Altice USA COO Hakim Boubazine sent out an employee memo to company tech workers Monday, attempting to summarize the MSO’s plan to spin off the company’s network engineering force into a new company called Altice Technical Services U.S... —  read more 

Don't buy into the hype

This company doesn't care about you or the customer. This company was a ponzi scheme from day one. Start one company to assume debt so they can launch theyre sh*tty IPO and make it seem like Altice was a for profit business. Start ATS put useless... —  read more 

Don’t trust AUSA

Hmmm, we have been punished the the past 4 years for thing out of our control and it will continue. My mo–n Supervisor “control what you can control”. My meter doesn’t work mo–n The Fiber is garbage never trained properly mo–n Altice boxes... —  read more 

News 12 layoffs October 6th

Yep, there were layoffs across the board. News 12 Westchester will be consolidated to Long Island and News 12 Conneticut to New Jersey. News 12 Traffic & Weather will now be fully automatic. No more live reporters in the morning. Really crappy that... —  read more 


With Barry gone, I’m sure his henchmen are very shaken up not knowing where they will land. Now AUSA can do some serious thinking in getting the Company back in to shape. Bring back those loyal employees with enough experience that can bring back... —  read more 

What on earth?

I’ve been having node issues since March. Now Altice magically sends contractors 9 months later to replace the street line to the amplifier. Why did it take engineers 9 months to figure this out? Altice engineers are probably the dumbest....


42 minutes come on a job get off your phone and and ride with a real tech fix a contractor job set up safety devices , do a hip test listen to the 10 minute or more rambling of the costumers issues . 42 minutes equates to 5 jobs to be done in 3.5... —  read more 

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