Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)


When I first came to this company, everything looked promising, I thought I would be able to learn a lot there. I realized very quickly that there was none of that here. I was grateful because I managed to get a job without much previous experience... —  read more 

Stepping stone?

To what extent is this company a good stepping stone for something better? I have tried to gain as much experience as possible during the 4 years I have been here, but I clearly doubt that the experience from here has any great value that better... —  read more 

Don't doubt yourself

The people here are worth a lot more than this company makes them believe. The logic is simple: he who doubts himself does not ask for anything better because he thinks he does not deserve better. It took me a long time to apply for a much better... —  read more 

Not looking back

I have the opportunity to move on to another company and I’m taking it. This place has been nothing but an emotional drain for the last year and mentally I just can’t take the anxiety anymore. Management does nothing but bully everyone to make them... —  read more 

Protect your future

Gentlemen and who ever else still works here. I know first hand how hard it is to leave. We are a union shop with less members than Burger King has. There are more Scabs then us running the show. My advice is to get out especially if you’re young... —  read more 

Working conditions

How's everyone getting by with all the poor working conditions due to the company not spending money. Where you from and what are you working without? Nj north here and everything is really bad.


I say this if asstice doesn't give a fck about its customers and system. Then why should it's employees.... More than 3/4 of the field ops that have been replaced with contractors have no meters. How u gonna do a trouble call with no meter... —  read more 

This site is hilarious

Some of the employees of this company are clearly delusional and the elated “go union!/union strong” mentality is pathetic and equally amusing. When are you people going to stop wasting your time on this s––t hole and start looking for better... —  read more 

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