Topics regarding layoffs at Cameron International Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cameron International Corp.

Layoff targets?

I don’t think it’s unique to this company, but here in Cameron it’s very pronounced. They lay off the best and most talented people. I guess it suits them better to be surrounded by similar mediocrities. Sorry for the harsh words, but this is my... —  read more 

Layoff in Scott,La

Its amazing how we have work but give it to other shops. And then come back and lay us all off. Good job weatherford great way to take care of your employees......NOT!! Yes we all know we can't get material because we have no credit with the... —  read more 


Fresh Layoffs

Schlumberger announces another round of layoffs

R2.1 Any idea what will happen to the R2.1 Cameron Members? Will they be moved to R2.3 or to Pune or thrown out of SLB?

Ville Platte

Praying for a miracle. Ville Platte has some of the most hard working employees I have ever experienced through my many many years in the Oil and Gas industry , but the "good ol boy" favoritism has ruined that facility . It's a shame because many... —  read more 

SLB employees from Cameron

SLB employees from Cameron are Beggars and pleading for work , no work for last 7 months, all my ABAP skills are rusted and our managers are day dreaming in the closed rooms

town Hall Insight

Any Insight about the Town Hall? Most of my SLB friends say this meeting is not a good sign for most of the Cameron employees. I requested 3 weeks vacation to my manager from August 1st week, but it was turned down.

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