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At what point can we say that the changes are over?

It’s been a stressful time at the company and after all the changes are implemented and all the people laid off, when can we say that changes are over and that we are at least a little safer. Is there a timeline, is there a list of further changes... —  read more 

Layoffs Looming?

There is a travel freeze coming up along with the August 30th announcement after quarterly earnings. Anyone know anything about upcoming layoffs? —  read more 

Layoffs upcoming

They plan to cut 150 million in cost. Majority of that will come from personal layoffs. This should be completed in the next 30 days.

2015 Layoffs at Campbell Soup

Things are not going in a good directions as our sales are soft. Every time something like that happens we have large layoffs.

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Campbell Soup Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Campbell Soup layoffs in Camden in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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Campbell Soup Layoffs 2017

If you really want to know about layoffs just ask your boss - you'll get a 'no clue answer' and he'll black list you, at least here in Camden.

Are layoffs at Campbell done?

Does anybody know if last week's layoffs are done? There is so little information on it, the company is really good at hiding whenever it has layoffs. Have you seen any media coverage of it? Nope, me neither. I'm hoping at least somebody here knows... —  read more 

Layoffs Completed.

Most layoffs were completed the week of 9/10. Large portion of chefs, R&D, and supply chain. Plants impacted. Selective layoffs from insights and marketing as well. No word on the final numbers. —  read more 

Dont trust Campbells.

They offer a help line with issues worh no repercussions and then they fire you. You ask for an investigation and they investigate you. They lie to the public and shareholders about issues. Stuffing issue was a lie, they waited until last minute and... —  read more 

No job security

Job security is a thing of the past at Campbell Soup Company. In less than a year, the corporate has been hit twice with layoffs - and the way things are looking, we might see another round sooner rather than later. I miss the days when I wasn't... —  read more 

Info on layoffs

They conducted a 25% head reduction a cross the entire company last week, with additional cuts coming again in June. These cuts will definitely be detrimental to there business, resulting in loss and sales and market share. However, it will... —  read more 

Change is not necessarily a good thing

When will our leaders learn that change by definition doesn't mean that things will change for the better? Change only provides the opportunity for a fresh start and to do things in a different way. Our leaders can lay people off all they want but... —  read more 

Not a good place for hard workers

If you are a hard worker who hopes to get ahead, stay away from Campbell’s. If you work hard and show initiative the only thing you’ll be rewarded with will be more work. That’s it. No promotions, no pay increases outside of the usual, just more... —  read more 

Campbell Soup Co

Campbell Soup Co. in Camden N.J., has laid off 100 workers because their "services are being transferred to a foreign country," writes Patric Donovan, Employment and Training Specialist for the state of New Jersey.

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