Canon Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Canon Inc.

Canon Layoffs 2020

Post any information about potential or actual Canon Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

More layoffs coming to Canon

Buckle up, this will not be pretty. There will be more layoffs in the next few months, and DC will be hit the hardest. I think we have now entered the stage where job security is a thing of the past for us. At least until the end of the year - if... —  read more 

Canon Uk

as per the announcements in the local paper and tweeted by the local MP 450 jobs and closure of UK headoffice in surrey, redundancies and a change of director in the last 2 years. is this the end ?

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More layoffs are nearly certain

One in March....a rather large one that hit all regions and closed our service facility. I truly believe there are more to come. Camera/video business was killed by the iphones. Sales have dropped dramatically. Those in the ITCG area are... —  read more 

They Really Don't Care

Whenever a big company lays people off, they say pretty much the same thing. This quote from a Canon spokesperson is the same, old tire rhetorical BS: “is constantly reviewing business needs and organizational structures to help ensure that we are... —  read more 

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March layoffs at Canon

Melville was hit - over fifty people have been shown the door from what we know so far. We are still not sure if this is it or if we can expect even more layoffs sometime before the end of the month. Has any other place been hit or are we special for... —  read more 

Canon Layoffs 2019

Make a prediction and tell us what you think about Canon Layoffs in 2019 -- Thoughts??

Canon Layoffs 2018

How many times do we need to be surprised by executives - do you think that we might have job cuts in corporate again - here in Tokyo.

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