Topics regarding layoffs at Canon Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Canon Inc.

Unreported LayoffS

No such family, just bull Advertising hiring while firing in a pandemic is unjust. Do not believe social media at the firm. No family throws you out the door when you have not even packed your bag. A disfunctional family would. Run far from this... —  read more 

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From the pen of Director

Having worked for many years at this once proud and nimble company, it was heartbreaking to witness its rapid decline over the past several years. It would not surprise me if Canon was the next Kodak: a company too hidebound and entrenched in its... —  read more 

Low Class Outfit

The place is a sh-t show. The layoffs that were done at the start of Covid were shameful---done over the phone in a group setting--cold, unprofessional--horribly executed. Treated like criminals. It sounds likes it only downhill from there.

Targeting Protected Class

Managers are being told to look for cost-cutting efficiencies - this also means secretly labeling their staff as essential or non-essential. This company is mercilessly massacring their (older) employees which is having an effect on the community and... —  read more 

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Con Job

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Toxic Culture

Yes, bullying is very common and allowed. The ex-pat’s sit back and watch it happen with amusement. The American worker is only a necessary evil that the company must hire due to EEOC requirements. My advice is leave when opportunity occurs. There... —  read more 


Despite learning of the Canon Data Breach in August 2020, Canon initially downplayed the significance of the breach and did not publicly announce the Canon Data Breach until November 25, 2020, at which time Canon disclosed that the data accessed by... —  read more 

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