Topics regarding layoffs at Canon Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Canon Inc.


truly disturbing and unwarranted promotions in itcg made. a mix of what could be considered incompetent Japanese and narcissistic others who are bully others while s—ing up to the weak Japanese leaders. What have you seen? It’s not a good luck... —  read more 

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Cheapskate Canon

For those who survived the layoffs and took on additional assignments and hours worked over the last year, we are confirmed as the s—ers. Get ready for a super weak merit increase. Canon keeps on asking for more from its hard working employees... —  read more 

Rumor has it that Canon USA Reorg Pending early 2021 - alleged to hit IT and administrative groups

They can't possibly sustain the expensive cost centers when the company is not selling product, leasing copiers or generating per-click income. The professional photography segments are decimated with practically no events to shoot. Smartphones have... —  read more 

Bizzaro world

CVI also cut PTO carryover limits. This only hurts responsible employees, as canon continues to hold on to employees that continue to call out and have no PTO . Bizzaro world CVI

Cvi still hiring engineers!!!!

Believe it or not CVI is still hiring engineers!! These are the same people that sit around all day and think of ways to make people’s job more difficult. If CVI doesn’t start using some common sense no one there will have a job

Layoffs continue

Now hitting most employees that have been there for years. Looking at every aspect of your employment record to see what negative items that they could lay you off for so it will not look age related. Even if it was something 10 years ago and you... —  read more 

No Loyalty

I’ve never worked for a company that turned their back on an employee with no warning like this. So much for family first. I literally went to work Sunday night and get a call Monday afternoon telling me I’m furloughed which a few weeks later turned... —  read more 

No such family, just bull

Advertising hiring while firing in a pandemic is unjust. Do not believe social media at the firm. No family throws you out the door when you have not even packed your bag. A disfunctional family would. Run far from this company and fast ! —  read more 

Governor Cuomo Reacts to Layoffs

“I don’t believe that this economy just bounces back,” Cuomo said. “Too many small businesses are closed. You’ll see many of these corporation will use this as an opportunity to lay off workers, I believe that.”

CITS Canon, Chesapeake VA

I know of three people laid-off, but no one knows how many. My guess is around a hundred out of 500 people, many with 20+ years. It's the hush-hush part that is disconcerting because they are corporate, so everything goes through hundreds of lawyers... —  read more 


BICG and CSA last week started out with some packages and furlough. Furlough turned in to outright firing. ITCG taking another hit 60+ people today. Let's see what tomorrow brings

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