Topics regarding layoffs at Canon Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Canon Inc.

Unreported LayoffS

No such family, just bull Advertising hiring while firing in a pandemic is unjust. Do not believe social media at the firm. No family throws you out the door when you have not even packed your bag. A disfunctional family would. Run far from this... —  read more 

Low Class Outfit

The place is a sh-t show. The layoffs that were done at the start of Covid were shameful---done over the phone in a group setting--cold, unprofessional--horribly executed. Treated like criminals. It sounds likes it only downhill from there.

From the pen of Director

Having worked for many years at this once proud and nimble company, it was heartbreaking to witness its rapid decline over the past several years. It would not surprise me if Canon was the next Kodak: a company too hidebound and entrenched in its... —  read more 

Targeting Protected Class

Managers are being told to look for cost-cutting efficiencies - this also means secretly labeling their staff as essential or non-essential. This company is mercilessly massacring their (older) employees which is having an effect on the community and... —  read more 

Toxic Culture

Yes, bullying is very common and allowed. The ex-pat’s sit back and watch it happen with amusement. The American worker is only a necessary evil that the company must hire due to EEOC requirements. My advice is leave when opportunity occurs. There... —  read more 

Cheapskate Canon

For those who survived the layoffs and took on additional assignments and hours worked over the last year, we are confirmed as the s—ers. Get ready for a super weak merit increase. Canon keeps on asking for more from its hard working employees... —  read more 

Rumor has it that Canon USA Reorg Pending early 2021 - alleged to hit IT and administrative groups

They can't possibly sustain the expensive cost centers when the company is not selling product, leasing copiers or generating per-click income. The professional photography segments are decimated with practically no events to shoot. Smartphones have... —  read more 

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Cvi still hiring engineers!!!!

Believe it or not CVI is still hiring engineers!! These are the same people that sit around all day and think of ways to make people’s job more difficult. If CVI doesn’t start using some common sense no one there will have a job

Bizzaro world

CVI also cut PTO carryover limits. This only hurts responsible employees, as canon continues to hold on to employees that continue to call out and have no PTO . Bizzaro world CVI

Layoffs continue

Now hitting most employees that have been there for years. Looking at every aspect of your employment record to see what negative items that they could lay you off for so it will not look age related. Even if it was something 10 years ago and you... —  read more 

No Loyalty

I’ve never worked for a company that turned their back on an employee with no warning like this. So much for family first. I literally went to work Sunday night and get a call Monday afternoon telling me I’m furloughed which a few weeks later turned... —  read more 

More layoffs coming to Canon

Buckle up, this will not be pretty. There will be more layoffs in the next few months, and DC will be hit the hardest. I think we have now entered the stage where job security is a thing of the past for us. At least until the end of the year - if... —  read more 

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