Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One

Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One


I think we can consolidate all of Capital One's technical projects into one project - One AWS. That we we won't have teams running around building OneService1, OneService2, ... OneServiceN. This will be very efficient too - just ask AWS to create an... —  read more 

Rich strategy sessions

I am curious what is Rich is going to talk about in his strategy session, it is so much waste of time, holding more than 20,000 employees hostage for 20 hours, waste of 400,000 person hours, if on an average cost is $100 per person hour, $40,000,000 ... —  read more 

Quiet quitting at C1

With all the layoffs and back to office cr-p it has created so much low morale that associates are doing quiet quitting working enough to keep their jobs, there are no new ideas being discussed, it has become a really bad place to work.

Journey without ADLs

It has been nearly three months the teams have been operating without ADLs, just want to understand how the journey has been, has the morale and productivity improved, are teams delivering more work and the teams feel empowered and happy. Do the... —  read more 

RTP Bust

In a meeting about return to office for 3 days. A VP living in Virginia complained he moved further away from an office during the pandemic. She was saying the commute fixing to be difficult. As long as everybody goes unto the office it should be no... —  read more 

A drop in productivity

I would have nothing against coming to the office if the reason for it was justified. Do our bosses even care about how it affects our productivity? Since returning to the office many of my colleagues are doing the bare minimum only and if I were... —  read more 

Performance Management

Beware of Cap1's Performance management system. The company states that they want to be a great place to work, but then they have an outdated performance management system that is highly subjective and where your rating is based on your relationship... —  read more 

Hybrid work

Some people have a 2 to 3 hour commute into the office each way even using public transportation. These groups primarily work with virginia people. They're definitely trying to get people to quit by forcing them into 5 hour round trip commutes to... —  read more 

No good news from here

I'm trying to remember the last time some good news came out of here. Unfortunately, this is becoming a less and less tolerable workplace for employees. The problems just keep piling up. What do those at the top think they will achieve by... —  read more 

Nothing but lies

I think the frustrating thing is that Cap One has publicly and internally said they will “help redeployed folks find roles internally” and have even said there are enough internal open roles for folks who want to stay. That messaging combined with... —  read more 

Layoffs clown show

They layoff employees regularly but still do not have process sorted out, do not know if I have to ship only the laptop or the peripherals as well, how to access workday, how to return the phone etc. They have hired jokers as people manager who know... —  read more 

ADLs last day in Cap1

Today was the last day of ADLs in Cap1, attended couple of farewell meetings, teams are really struggling, they are still trying to make sense of the decision. I feel this decision brought the morale down as ADLs were the only people working for the... —  read more 

Redeployment Joke

In one week’s time the laid off ADLs will be terminated, applied to nearly 20 plus positions internally but was rejected, tried to set up meetings with the internal hiring manager and the recruiters nobody responded, never thought that the company... —  read more 

It is a total mess

Someone wrote the other day that when you hire top management who doesn't understand the ground realities you should expect a total mess like this, and that they are doing a poor job cleaning it. It was on a thread about TPMs, but I think the same... —  read more 


I had a newly hired product manager contact me to ask questions about developing a product strategy for an application. I have no involvement in product managment. He told new this is his first product job and wanted me to identify customer... —  read more 

Being Prepared

Something I learned over my career. In a capitalistic society companies will do what is best for their investors. They will hire more people when there is money to be made and they will layoff people when there is a downturn. I think we the employees... —  read more 

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