Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One

Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One

Downward path

I don't like what's happening here at all. Cutting institutional knowledge and keeping the greatest mediocrity is completely irrational. I hope that the leadership is not too confident that the best people will be easy to replace or that their jobs... —  read more 

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CAP1 management

CAP1 has been hiring incompetent people in their top positions, they prefer people who look good and talk well and not talent. Card tech will be headed by a joker from Macy, if you look further in his resume he was also in Staples so after bringing... —  read more 

Humane way of downsizing

I feel a humane way of downsizing would have been, to eliminate the Agile job family as that is what they wanted but giving an option to employees impacted to move either to Product Owner, Technical Project Manager(TPM), or just Project Manager... —  read more 

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From my experience the ADLs didn't own the business or technology so didn't add much value. They also used to track metrics that didn't translate to any business meaning.

Layoffs will continue

This was just the opening salvo. Look around you. Both industries we fit in are in crisis. This will not end anytime soon and by the time it does, many more of us will be jobless. My advice is to start looking for a new job right now, even if you're... —  read more 

Are engineers safe?

From what I can understand - and I've asked around quite a bit - no engineers were part of the 1,100 laid of employees. Does this mean we're safe? I'm worried that since none were impacted in this round it's not that we're safe but that our turn is... —  read more 

Severance pay

I am very sorry for everyone who was impacted and I wish you all the best of luck with your new job search. These are very difficult times in general. I am an outsider, but I had a friend who once worked here. I'm interested in what's the severance... —  read more 

More to come?

I am sorry to hear that ADL people got laid off (if it's true) but I would most like to be laid off too. I never thought that one day I would want to be cut, but now I do because it has become unbearably stressful and hard to work here. I'm sure... —  read more 

Most Contractors Laid Off

Most of Capital One contractors have been laid off this past week. Some of them posted about it on social media and some kept quiet. They were laid off despite the fact it’s a dead season on the job market before the holidays. Contractors at Capital... —  read more 

Very demoralizing

I think I looked more shell shocked than some people who were affected. The reason is that these people who were cut were some of the best employees. Is it possible that this company no longer needs talented and capable people? All in all, very... —  read more 

Auto refinance dept got cut

Yesterday 11/9 they called us into a zoom meeting and let us know we were cut. Most of our team was decimated. Recently the apps were slowing down,so perhaps looking back the writing was on the wall. From my experience capOne was full of suck ups who... —  read more 

Originations department here

Today they laid off 5 managers and 4 managers from yesterday. Two associates from another department. Multiple specialty and core funders. They released people based off PIP, below strong and favoritism.

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