Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One

Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One

How does Capone track us?

Does anyone know what software/solution Capone uses to track our activities on our machines? Came over from JPM and they used an internal system (WADU) - any dips in productivity or idle time (cause you know, I gotta eat and use the bathroom) were... — read more 


Is there an inconsistent rating for year end or just below strong? I’ve been out of the office and haven’t had my official year end review yet. Does an inconsistent or below strong get a bonus? Doesn’t an inconsistent or below get PIPed with... — read more 

CP and two weeks notice…

Texan C1 peeps: putting in a two weeks notice to have last day as March 8 during a coaching plan… too risky? Potential to just get fired? Does full PTO get paid out? Do you get to keep health insurance through the remainder of the month (March)? I... — read more 

C1 severance agreements cannot ask for employees to waive their labor rights and freedom of speech in EXCHANGE FOR RECEIVING SEVERANCE AGREEMENT

This is the National Labor Relations Board announcement for federal enforcement in stopping companies from offering severance benefits, in exchange for employees to waive their labor rights and their freedom of speech to talk negatively of the... — read more 

Coaching plan vs PIP

What’s the difference between the two? Is there anyway to get a payout if given a coaching plan? I have no desire to stay or work for this micromanager and you can probably imagine how painful a coaching plan would be with an annoying micromanager... — read more 


I am in the finance rotational program (1st rotation) and honestly I am going to leave when my first rotation ends. This company is a total shitshow and the way they treat their employees is messed up. Total opposite of what I expected. I know... — read more 

stack ranking conundrum

A group of managers were huddled in a meeting to discuss employee feedback and it was a sign of a showdown with the company. Employees described a lack of trust in leadership and poor morale due to random and unjustified firings due to stack... — read more 

Capital One Logic

Hey there, we just laid off a good chunk of people in your department, here’s an insulting $25 gift card. LOL. Keep it and shove it up your @ss or put a couple 0’s behind it. Wanting praise like you’re doing anything. Comical and delusional, but... — read more 

Layoffs in January / February

I was told that we might be having layoffs more towards February by someone close to the process. Crazy right? I swear mgmt literally is going to cull all innovative thinkers from this place bc who wants to stay in this chaos . Can't wait to leave

Stock options

does anyone knows if Capital One includes associates unvested stocks as part of their severance package after pip or layoff? I’m hearing conflicting stories about this.

PIP Opt out

For those who opted out, and didn’t find a job within the 60 days. How are you explaining the “why are you looking to leave or why did you leave your last job” question in interviews? Are you calling it a layoff? I’m outside of the 60 days so I’m... — read more 

The Reality

The Reality (& encouragement for those being asked to leave the company or who are fearful of what is to come). If you are experiencing what feels like a bizarre layoff or an unjustifiable “below strong” / PIP, please recognize that this is actually... — read more 

You know what I realized?

I'm no longer as worried about layoffs as I once was. Part of me is now low-key excited about the prospect of being let go. While I like my work, CapOne has done everything in its power to make it unnecessarily harder and less appealing. What does it... — read more 

Scared of YE results

Really scared of what kind of message I’d get in January and what that might mean…prepping my resume and preparing for interviews but can’t shed this deep sense of dread that’s eating away at me everyday…


Same story — after all VS / Exceptional Ratings and promotions, I was given the heads up from my manager that I was going to receive a BS / PIP at MY. I immediately produced comprehensive documentation (compiled dated and timestamped events... — read more 

Specialty Funding!!!

Hi fourth quarter layoffs!!!!! After being with COAF for 12 years I got laid off a week after my anniversary. We were busy, OT was being offered, they were even training new hires… Little did we know those five back to back training classes were... — read more 

absurd and incompetent

When the Agile Delivery Leads which had over a 1,000 people get fired in January of 2023. The product managers and engineering leads were supposed to take over. NOW THEY ARE ASKING EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS TO MONITOR JIRA BOARDS TO MAKE SURE THEY'RE UP... — read more 

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