Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One

Topics regarding layoffs at Capital One

Job Offer

Received a job offer but wasn't told the COVID 19 protocol, I guess because people are still working from home for now. Is it vaccine requirement? Masking still in the office? Testing weekly?

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I call it Panem

This place is like working in Panem, you're going to be in a Hunger Games contest with your co-workers. It's easily the most backstabbing shithole I've ever worked at.


How come I keep hearing about people who were laid off a week ago, a month ago, two months ago, and so on but from what I can tell, there were no major layoffs since June? Is this about different last dates or are there smaller layoffs happening all... —  read more 

Severance Pay

I was told by someone that the severance pay would be Sept 21-24th. Can anyone confirm this on this page? I haven't gotten anything and wanted to confirm with others

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Super Toxic

I always wondered how much truth is there in the "Toxic?" thread Post from Have experienced it first hand I would say it is definitely not toxic, it is super toxic. The whole system is gamified. Performance management is a joke... —  read more 

Toxic ?

What's the culture like in C1 ? I heard its really toxic. Leadership is really clueless and most of the time is spend in meetings and sniping at each others heels? Is there any truth to these rumors?


As to the question about card leaving SF, this was because card only had a couple dozen people in SF. It is a huge pain in the a– dealing with incremental locations and we just weren't getting the necessary value out of SF given the cost of an extra... —  read more 

Recruiter Layoff - What a Joke

Just let go of all contractor resources that they curned and burned for 6-7 months selling a contract to hire dream. Didn't budget right at the beginning of the year and so people lost their jobs over this mess.

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