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As to the question about card leaving SF, this was because card only had a couple dozen people in SF. It is a huge pain in the a– dealing with incremental locations and we just weren't getting the necessary value out of SF given the cost of an extra... —  read more 

Capital One almost went insolvent in a week

I guess betting on oil futures during a global pandemic wasn't such a smart idea. Don't worry. Rich will still get paid.

Risk management reductions

The expected Q4 layoffs begun. First round was notified individuals in risk management across the company. The one area they need more of, they cut.

CApital One Investing

Rumor. Is COI gone Friday?? Is someone trying to recruit advisors to Woodbury Financial?? Let's check back after a Thursday meeting —  read more 

Recruiter Layoff - What a Joke

Just let go of all contractor resources that they curned and burned for 6-7 months selling a contract to hire dream. Didn't budget right at the beginning of the year and so people lost their jobs over this mess.

Capital One Layoffs 2020

Make a prediction and tell us what you think about Capital One Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Plano campus layoffs?

Rumor mill going around again about big changes coming to plano campus...anyone know which area is having layoffs ?

layoffs and hacking

The recent hacking of 106 million accounts costing the company $160 million will lead to more layoffs.

Can we drop the whole performance review system?

This is becoming ridiculous... Working at Capital One is like being a part of a never-ending competition... You are pitted against all of your coworkers day in day out for the privilege of keeping your job (promotion is just a pipe dream...)... —  read more 

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More Capital One layoffs

I know this leaked over a week ago, but since nobody here is talking about, I thought I'll just remind everybody that Capital One layoffs are ongoing and that the latest hit is Lincoln. From what I've heard, about a third of people there has been... —  read more 

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Capital One Layoffs 2018

I never knew that executives can be so sneaky, to tell you one thing and then to hit you with something else - the mood is pretty bad here in McLean.

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Plano October Layoffs

News says another 246 employees to be laid off in Plano by October 1st... wow what a surprise(not). Any word of which branches will be closing?

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Second wave of layoffs

Has anybody heard about a second wave of people being layed off. Keep hearing it will happen before year ends.

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Capital One layoffs August-October 2018

Plano folks can't seem to catch a break. Nearly 300 people are slated for layoffs in Plano as a continuation of Capital One's exiting mortgage and home equity business. I'm not sure if the people who are being laid off have been notified yet... —  read more 

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Plano Layoffs

I heard there will be more layoffs at the Plano campus around the end of the year / beginning and they are going to rent out some of the buildings. Anyone have any additional details?

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Has anyone heard any layoffs coming to Las Vegas?

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What happened?

What happened on the all retail call this morning? What announcements were made?

Downtown Chicago office? Partner cards?

Is it true they're selling off the partner cards business, or closing a huge part of the downtown Chicago office? This is just something I've heard from a guy who heard it from a guy in McLean.

More. Trimming.

More layoffs are occurring and projected, more Branch closings to,continue. Future acquisition of/by\

More Capital One layoffs in St. Cloud

Capital One is laying off once again in St. Cloud. This seems to be one of the smaller rounds, maybe up to thirty people altogether, although I'm sure those losing their livelihood will not be comforted by that fact. At least they can apply to other... —  read more 

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Coi management bullying

This is not right and I’ve reported to HR on the bullying tactics from management. Has anyone else been threatened from there manager that they will take away there severance if they don’t follow all there BS rules?

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Capital One layoffs February 2018

So now that we all know E-Trade acquired a part of our retail brokerage business, we can all start updating our resumes. I know the company said there will be "some" layoffs, but I am willing to bet that "some" is going to be most of Wilmington... —  read more 

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Nola office

Any word on the Nola corporate offices?

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Capital One system is anything but fair or equitable

Anyone that believes the Capital One system is fair or equitable is not living in reality. The biannual process is a popularity contest not based on any quantitative data or any tangible results and is based on how well your manager and his/her peers... —  read more 

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Capital One pulling out of Chicago

Rumors are flying that Capital One is pulling out of Chicago. The US CARD layoffs announced 2 weeks ago so far have only impacted the business side. Tech is waiting for their turn. Meanwhile the annual performance" manage them out" phase is starting... —  read more 

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Capital one worst company to work BS

Capital one is the worst place to work .Managments are very vindictive. They threatened employee to take away their severance and also small bonus. When u write email to the CEO and the Hr no one helps you for unfair treatment from your District... —  read more 

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