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Colorado Tech spends little on instruction

Colorado Tech spends $0.08 on instruction for every dollar it collects in tuition. American InterContinental University spends 11 cents.
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NBC News reports on for-profit schools preying on veterans

It's a good thing for CTU that they weren't mentioned last night. Bu they were mentioned in a print version.
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Looking forward to the annual report

The last annual report came out 2-21-2018.
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DOD, VA Get Low Grades for Helping Vets Make College Choices

"According to Student Veterans of America and their NVEST report, 46 percent of all people using the GI Bill do not finish school, and that 25 percent use their hard earned GI Bill on for-profit colleges. In 2017, CBS News also reported that 40... read more
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Enrollment up 5.8%

How does CECO continue to recruit new students?
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How much more degrading can lower ed get?

Just when you thought lower ed was devolving, you find out it's even worse.
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Colorado Tech and American Intercontinental University Accreditation

If you complain to the Higher Learning Commission, chances are that the complaint will go into their cylindrical file.
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CEO claims all is well

How long before Career Education Corporation is toast?

CECO is prime for a downturn

Stock prices up, revenues down. It makes no sense

CTU competitor Trident may be in trouble

Trident University International may be in trouble for disrespecting grieving widows. They also claim to be "Military Friendly" even though they lost that designation from GI Jobs.

Career Education Off ED Radar

"The Department of Education under Secretary Betsy DeVos ended for-profit college investigations, according to an in-depth report published Sunday by The New York Times. The newspaper found that lawyers and investigators working on those... read more

Career Education Stacking the Deck in DC

"Ten Senate Democrats are questioning the role and potential conflict of interest of a recently hired official at the U.S. Department of Education who has ties to the for-profit college industry. Lawmakers sent Education Secretary Betsy DeVos a... read more

Subprime College Crash: Latest Campus Closings

By the end of 2017, several hundred subprime college campuses and sites will have closed. Listed below are some of the subprime college campuses in the US Department of Education's latest monthly School Closings report. The agency reports are... read more
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Sad but true state of Career education

I stopped accepting teaching assignments with CTU and AIU because of this schizophrenic attitude towards grading. The rubrics you have to use are so 'flexible' that you can drive a truck through them. Students are used to getting good grades from... read more

You have to pass everybody to get more classes

I have found if you hold the students actually accountable, you will get less classes to teach. They won't tell you this, it just comes out that way. If you just pass everyone, you get more classes to teach. Has anyone else experienced this? Yup... read more

The future of Career Education?

Can CECO onload the two remaining schools and do the servicing like Kaplan and Purdue? Or do they get purchased by a large hedge fund like University of Phoenix and Apollo Global Management? Do they slide down to nothing and get purchased like EDMC... read more
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BlackRock, America's largest shadow bank, owns stock in several for-profit colleges: Career Education Corporation 7.9M shares Laureate Education 2.4M shares American Public Education 1.9M shares Capella 1.4M shares Bridgepoint Education 1.2M shares... read more
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CFO out

"CFO A.J. Cederoth will be leaving his post to pursue other opportunities after September 30. The company says that Cederoth’s departure is not the result of any dispute or disagreement. Career Education will consider both internal and external... read more
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CTU needs to stop its "Military Friendly" promotions

CTU is going to get in legal trouble if they continue to advertise themselves as a "Military Friendly School." CTU lost this designation more than a year ago, and Victory Media is becoming more protective of their programs as they get rid of many... read more

Campus closings?

Any word on campus closings of schools that were on teach out? Cordon Bleu? Sanford Brown?
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Eitel's plan to deregulate

Anybody have an opinion about the Robert Eitel and his new job of deregulating education? I know he worked for Career Education and Bridgepoint in addition to his work for Bush II... read more

Career Education Continues to Downsize

"For the quarter and year ended December 31, 2016, total revenue was $155.3 million and $704.4 million, respectively, representing a decrease of 22.4 percent and 16.9 percent, respectively, compared to total revenue of $199.9 million and $847.3... read more

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