Topics regarding layoffs at Perdoceo (formerly Career Education Corp.)

Topics regarding layoffs at Perdoceo (formerly Career Education Corp.)

Borrower Defense Claims Surpass 750,000. Consumers Empowered. Subprime Colleges and Programs Threatened.

As of January 2023, there are more than ¾ of a million Borrower Defense claims against schools. And each month, about 16,000 new claims are added. Those claims are disproportionately made against a number of for-profit colleges and formerly... —  read more 


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Earnings Call

"With that said, total student enrollments at December 31, 2021 decreased by 5.4% as compared to the prior year end." —  read more 

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Perdoceo Hired Hands

"Perdoceo Education Corp., operator of for-profit colleges that have repeatedly faced law enforcement actions for deceiving and abusing low-income students, announced today that Alan Wheat, a former Democratic congressman representing Missouri, has... —  read more 

Bot U?

"One of our initiatives to expand the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning throughout the academic life cycle is AIU’s AI-based virtual assistant “chatbot” that we have named Lucy. Lucy has streamlined the process for... —  read more 

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Lastly, during the first quarter of 2019, we entered into an agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Trident University International (“Trident”). Trident is a regionally accredited university offering online undergraduate, master’s... —  read more 

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CEO claims all is well

How long before Career Education Corporation is toast?

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The future of Career Education?

Can CECO onload the two remaining schools and do the servicing like Kaplan and Purdue? Or do they get purchased by a large hedge fund like University of Phoenix and Apollo Global Management? Do they slide down to nothing and get purchased like EDMC... —  read more 

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CFO out

"CFO A.J. Cederoth will be leaving his post to pursue other opportunities after September 30. The company says that Cederoth’s departure is not the result of any dispute or disagreement. Career Education will consider both internal and external... —  read more 

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BlackRock, America's largest shadow bank, owns stock in several for-profit colleges: Career Education Corporation 7.9M shares Laureate Education 2.4M shares American Public Education 1.9M shares Capella 1.4M shares Bridgepoint Education 1.2M shares... —  read more 

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Wang sells $2 Million in stock

Last week, Richard Wang, director sold 200,000 shares worth more than $2M. Mr. Wang, 40, is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Tenzing Global Management (“Tenzing Global”).

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Where CECO is going...

Just in case you weren't familiar with CECO's latest board member, she was CFO of Apollo Education.

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Severance package?

I am a financial aid advisor andmay be getting layed off from CEC , I am a bit nervous that I won't be able to make ends meet. Has anyone been offered a severance package? Anyone knows how they calculate it? Any info would be helpful.

I am sorry ...

I am sorry. I have been lying for years. As you will soon find out, I short stocks for a living and have used these discussion boards to support my financial needs. I am nothing more than a liberal hack.

Todd S. Nelson's work is done?

Looks like Todd S. Nelson has done the work he came here for: dismembering Career Education and making it "profitable." After leaving Apollo Group (in scandal), EDMC (in finacial ruin) , where will he go after Career Education? I had thought he might... —  read more 

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